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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 31st – Tick, Tick Tick

Goobie gets his HoH key and calls everyone in to see it. The recylcling of the HoH items continues, as some of the decor is the same as it was when Jase and Janelle were co-HoH, and the pictures Goobie gets are the same one he got last time. It’s pretty much a big whoop-dee-doo. It seems the only thing they care about is the wine that he got in his basket. Will calls a hot tub party, and everyone leaves to get their suits one.

But before they head out to the hot tub, Will, plays a little game. He pours two different kinds of wine into paper cups, and has the other three guess if they can tell the difference between the expensive one and the cheap one. Erika and Janie guess correctly, and while they are out of the room waiting for Goobie to make his guess, he slips in quickly to Will that Chill Town is going to final two. Well, one of them is. If either Erika or Janie win the next two comps, they will get their choice of who to get rid of this week, and who to take to final two.

I didn’t catch why, but Erika borrows a swim suit from Janelle. She thinks the top migh be too small for her (oooh, that is a dig!), but then in the next sentence says she has lost her whole body and looks like a stick figure. But your boobs are too big to fit in Janelle’s swim suit top? I know it’s possible and all, it just seems like she’s trying to get in as many digs as she can on Janie. Janie has taken to wearing a one piece lately, and personally, I don’t think they help women look smaller. I think they make women and their tummies look bigger. When the guys join them out in the hot tub, they suggest lingerie instead of swim suits. I could be an interesting week here, Folks.

They all sit around the hot tub saying once again how this is such a great final four, then they start talking about who it would be bad to be stuck in a final four with. Janelle says hers would be Allision, Diane, and Danielle. And we know she’s right. All three of those girls were gunning for her from the get go. Goobie says his would be Marcellas, of course, Howie, and George. Now here’s what I find interesting. Everyone wantas to slam Janelle for only eviciting girls, and she did just name three, but who does Goobie name? Three guys. Will he get slammed? Nope. Erika names, of course, Allison, and also Jase and Howie. Poor Howie. Only when he’s pressed does he name names, and that’s Allison, Danielle, and Marcellas. Wow, Allison’s on three lists. She must be a badass.

This all leads them to start giving their opinions on the other HGs, and at one point they even decide to all decide a TVQ rating for each person. Will says he’d take Howie to LA with him, but would force him to wear what he wanted him to. Janelle doesn’t seem very pleased with that statement. They never can agree on any numbers for anyone. They talk about it being good that Nakomis and Allison left when they did, otherwise they know they might not be here now. Will also brings up for the umpteenth time how James was only fun on his last night here, and had that been different, he would have enjoyed him so much more. They think Kaysar had a great undetected sense of humor, and both guys say they’ll be friends with him after the show, but they got back to James again, saying he had a horrible sense of humor. Actually, he had a good one. It was just very dry and dark.

In the midst of this all, Janie starts to stand, and Will pushes her back with his hand under the water, so we can’t tell what’s going on. She announces, “Will just touched my cooter.” He emphatically denies it, then says he doesn’t even know what that words means. You’re a doctor, Will. If a girl came in and told you something was wrong with the skin on her cooter, you would not have any clue what she was talking about? Gimme a break. He then tells her she’s hot as hell, and asks her to stay on the other side of the hot tub. In other words, he’s afraid he can’t control himself.

Most likely in an attempt to take the heat off himself, Will announces that Erika and Goobie should have a baby together, and they should start trying right now. Janelle tries to tell him you don’t just decide to have a baby; there’s a lot more thought that goes into it. Will argues it’s more thought that many people put into it, and the sad fact is he’s right. He offers that he and Janie can babysit, and says the perfect name will be Chilliam. I like how it includes his first name and the alliance name, but nothing about Goobie. What aabout Goobiam? What about the restaurant? Dolcelliam. Geishelliam. Geishoogie. Dolcoogie. Ericaoogie. Erilliam. I could do this forever. Will also suggests he’ll a baby and name him Herbie Janelle, or Herbie Kirby.

And, the sexist Goobie talks about only wanting a boy, yadda yadda yadda. Erika sits silent it seems, but Will and Janie jump all over him saying you should just hop the baby is healthy, but Goobie insists there is nothing wrong with looking forward to having a song to play ball with. They switch up to Will wanting them to start making babies tonight and asking them to please also get a parrot, because he’s always wanted one. Janie suggests a cockatoo, a white one, and Will moves on to suggesting a macaw. Janie, a little on the inebriated side suggests “A cockatoo! White!” Goobie suggests she could get that tonight if she wanted, and Will says yeah, twice.

Then all hell breaks loose. Apparent Goobie and Erika head upstairs to make a baby HoH, and Janelle and Will are left alone in the hot tub. They do the whispering thing back and forth, and she suggests something that he tells her just to wait on. He tells her to be patient, says she can’t always get everything she wants when she wants it, and backs away. This doesn’t set too well with her, and a fight ensues. He tries to then whisper to her, and she won’t allow it, and goes to the other end of the hot tub.

Will calls Janelle psycho, then cops out when she asks him to repeat, and he says “Sweetheart.” She is not happy with him and even kicks water in his face. He tells her to remove her stuff from the ant room, and she tells him know that’s hers. He should remove HIS stuff from the ant room. Will tells her he is the wrong tree to be barking up, and she says he is too, which makes him accuse her of being a little kid with the way she argues. this isn’t going well. She gets out of the hot tub and sits on the couch, and he sits there alone. They argue a little more, and she goes inside, leaving him alone. He addresses the camera directly and is very angry. He talks about how happy he is with his girlfriend, and says janelle is ruining his life. Honey, she isn’t doing this to you. You have it all set up purposely so that you can enjoy the attention, get further in the game, and when something happens like this, you can say she’s coming after you and you can’t stop her.

Now, I’ve heard from both sides on this issues of are they or are they not for real. I know that this issue will make both sides believe what they see even more, as it does with me. It is my belief he wants her to wait until they’re out of the house to see if there’s anything there, out of the microscope of the BB house. She wants it now, and he’s irritated with the fact she is used to getting what she wants when. Everything was fine and dandy tonight until she accused him of touching her cooter, and whether he did or didn’t, he doesn’t want his reputation ruined for anyone to think he did do that. That’s when he started backing away from her. Regardless, he tells the camera to wrap her in nougat and caramel and drop her in front of the grocery store, because that’s where you get nuts. I watch people and their eyes, and his eyes are so into her. Right now to the camera, he’s … angry and worried that he looks bad because she walked out on him.


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