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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 31st – Tick, Tick Tick

They all go back to trying to figure out the timeline and ask Janelle how it was done last year. She tells them, but says it doesn’t matter, as it wasn’t two evictions in a day like this was. Janie also says the competition they just did for HoH is the same one they did last season for final four. She knows George was really scared tonight, and she felt really bad for him. Despite the fact she was only reigning HoH for less than an hour, I guess since a new one has not be crowned yet, she’s still considered the HoH. She gets no room, but she does get her basket. At this point, I don’t think she even cares anymore, being that it’s her fourth.

The final four get their celebratory sushi, and Will proposes a toast to them, saying it’s been hell, but tolerable because of the other three. Janelle mentions if she wouldn’t have won the original HoH, she thinks she would have been voted off that week. She was leading the polls at the time she entered the house for the first one to be voted off. They talk about whether Danielle was surprised or not to leave, and Will points out that in the DR he was told of the five people now on the jury, you have lied to four. He points out there just wasn’t enough time to lie to George too. They think the people in sequester are going to freak to see both Danielle and George walk in.

As Erika leaves to go to the DR, the other three talk about her, of course. It wouldn’t be BB if they didn’t. Janie apologizes for not winning the PoV, saying she tried. Janelle tells Chill Town they have to win the PoV. She says the next one will probably be the one based on the questionnaires they filled out at the beginning of the show, since they just did the one with the platform divided in pie shapes. Erika rejoins them, and Janelle goes to the DR. Those at the table agree that no one can beat Janelle in final two, and Goobie says if they change the rules to say she can compete in the next HoH, he’s hitting the red button right now. Can’t we just lie to him and say they changed the rules? Please?

Will brings up the possibility of splitting the money four ways and is quickly shushed by the others saying they just must get Janie out. He says no one left in the four rode coat tails to get there, but I disagree. The only two players that could have done it without someone else are Will and Janelle. The others got there because they had strong people in their corner. That’s why Janie and Will need to be final two. They deserve it. They begin to wonder if they’ll be referred to as the shower alliance. Kind of funny, now that they mention it, to think back to that. Who would have that at that moment that we were looking at the final four? Probably not Erin Brody. I wonder if she’s laughing now, saying oh that crazy Will! Or is she digging her nails into the remote, not believing what she’s seeing?

After this we get flames for a long time, so we know the HoH is probably going down. When we return, everyone is dressed in referee outfits. Can I just say I love black and white? Anyway, Janelle was the hostess, and Goobie won. That’s all we know, and all we find out. That, and Will says he came in second, and narrowly missed winning, just like he did on he last PoV. Kind of funny how it changes things when he actually tries, isn’t it? Goobie sits by himself and laughs, saying he just can’t believe it.

In their celebratory mood, the final four decide first that they want alcohol, and they also admit to themselves that at leat they will all get their own ample share now, not having to share with Danielle. Erika suggests they recreate the shower scene in their celebtration, and Janelle happily agrees. She suggests they change Will’s rock song to Final Four Shower.

Will’s thinking at this point that even having a nomination ceremony is pretty stupid. He says he’s just going to pull his key out of the box and walk away. This doesn’t set too well with Erika. As Goobie’s homance, she thinks it should be her key in the box. Does it really matter? I don’t even think they need to do it anyway, no matter who’s up. Basically, the person that wins PoV will be the only person voting, so why not just move straight to PoV, and have the winner then vote the person out on Thursday?

Apparently the second HoH of the night was another one answering questions, as Goobie says he got the last one rigth because he knew Kaysar slept on a cot, but Diane didn’t. They wonder if Danielle would have won it if she had stayed, but Goobie doesn’t think her math would have been up to par. It must have been something about adding the number of people that did this, subtract the number of people that did that, or something. Will gets called to the DR, and he’s hoping it’s to see a doctor for his thumb. He thinks he broke a blood vessel. Ow.

Erka has been left very pensive, assumably not too positive no that if Will or Goobie win PoV she’ll be kept. She gets called to the DR when Will comes out, and the other three then talk about the evening. Janie says Erika still thinks that she is coming after Chill Town, and Will says he told her the reason Janelle didn’t put them up during her short HoH is that he confused her. Will is going to tell Erika that he is voting Janelle out if he wins PoV, but in reality he’s going to leave Janelle on the block, but keep her.

Erika comes out, and Janelle goes in the DR. Erika just laughs sitting down with the guys, saying she knows they’re just going to tell her the same thing they told Janelle. Will says know, Janelle thinks it’s the three of them against Erika in PoV, but they’re obvioulsy coming after her, and they want Erika to says she’s going after them. They do then say the same thing they told Janelle, saying if either of them win, they’ll keep the noms the same, but vote out Janelle.

Erika asks if Goobie is putting her up, and when he says he was considering it, she is none too happy. Will says it’s doesn’t matter, and that he has to put two people up, and can’t put him up. Erika asks why not, and Will thinks quickly, and says it’s better for her to be on the block and let Will evict Janelle and make him the bad guy instead of her. You’re missing the point here, Will. I think Erika wants that job. Plus, Erika says if she goes up, it looks like a homance. Erika says that boy guys can beat her in final two, and that Janelle can beat them all. Janelle comes out and asks what’s going on, and Will says they know it doesn’t matter, but Erika wants Goobie to nominate Janelle and Will.


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