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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 31st – Tick, Tick Tick

The HGs were allowed to sleep way past when they normally would on a live show day. And even Danielle is taking advantage of it, which is odd. Once they get up, there’s very theatrical music playing loudly in the background. We also see a quick flash of the comp being set up outside, and it looks very similar to the one they used with final four least season. A big huge circular platform, partitioned off. Before it was partitioned into three, not it must be four. I am absolutely giddy with excitement over what will or could happen tonight.

Not much else goes on today before the live show, or at least that we can see. BB blocks a large portion of it out and sends us to flames. We see Will doing pullups on the stairs and George cleaning. Later we get George packing, and trying to figure out what to do with all his extra costume stuff. He gets it figured out, and later he’s sitting in the living room with Danielle, and as Janelle sits there as well, she asks if they have all their stuff packed and ready. Nothing much else to say or do, I guess. Goobie is worried about not keeping the bed he wants, and pretty much marks it for himself by saying he’s masturbated too much in it. Ummm, yeah. Do you think you could at least wash the sheets? At least Howie did it into a little zip lock with a paper towel. No muss; no fuss.

As for Erika, she’s a new woman thanks to Will and Metamucil. I’ll spare you the non-juicy details (I mean that figuratively and literally), but will suggested it to her for this week being their weird diet. Just so you know, a guy at Dolce tried it after eavesdropping on Will’s conversation with someone else, and it changed his life too. Perhaps these people should do a commercial. As for Goobie, he still has the ear problem going on, so he’s digging away at his ear wax. I bet you people without the feeds are now really wishing you could have the glamour of watching them every day too.

Janelle, Danielle and Erika get all dressed up, and Will and Goobie decide they’re hot enough to work in one of their establishments. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what has kept these two up all night, worrying if they’re hot enough to work in Goobie’s restaurants and bars. Will and Goobie decide they all rate over 8.5. This is exciting and degrading stuff. Danielle lets it be known she has lost fifteen pounds while in the BB house. Probably all the smoking you’re doing.

Will is looking for the Garnier Fructis shampoo he has been stealing and using every day and can’t find it. Janelle wonders if it’s hers, but he assures her it’s cheaper and not real expensive. It turns out it’s Danielle’s. She lets him steal it again. Might as well leave it there for him to use on your way out the door tonight.

We lose our feeds to flames for awhile again, and when we come back, no one is dressed up anymore. Assumably the found out they shouldn’t be dressed up for the competition(s) that are coming up tonight. Danielle is wearing that same God awful hoodie she’s been wearing since she found out she was going up on the block. Please don’t let her get evicted in that. George, though, dresses up for the occasion. He puts on the green skintight sunflower leotard and the Santa hat. Goobie talks him into addng the flower petals around his head to make him a happy sunshiny elf. He borrows red lipstick from someone and adds big rosy cheeks. Please don’t let him get evicted in that. These two look like quite the pair sitting next to each other.

Danielle corners Goobie and wants his confirmation yet again that she’s staying. He lies through his teeth, as he is wan to do, and says he doesn’t know how Will is voting. He’s voting to keep her, but he just can’t be too sure about Will. No one asks or brings up how Janelle will vote. He says if she’s evicted 2-1 that means something else is going on, and he’ll see her in a week.

Despite the fact that many people started out the season desiring that George would get evicted, as they thought he didn’t deserve to be there, I think by this point in the season the opinion had changed. We’d warmed up to him, realizing he wasn’t all that sneaky, and he was just a nice, sweet guy. Regardless, he’s gone now after the show, as is Danielle, and the people left are all hardasses. You’ve got the competition queen, the great manipulator, the great liar, and the great coattail rider. The show probably couldn’t ask for a better final four. However, it was still hard to see the George leave, and now it opens up strategy and possibilities we didn’t want to think about.

We figured we’d see the beginning of the HoH competition as the show ended, but we didn’t. Those that don’t have the feeds or don’t read the spoilers will be sitting there in limbo until Sunday night not even knowing what type of competition it was, let alone who won. Even those of us with the feeds aren’t sure what’s going on

The absolute worst part is after the rush, rush, rush of the the live show, we now sit. It is so slow-going on the feeds after that, just like it was before the live show. Will complains more about his thumb, and wraps it up himself. He and Goobie try to figure out what they’ll do with all this extra time in the show, then they start to put it together that it’s probably ending sooner than originally thought. They strategize it out, and figure out with Janie not playing in the next HoH, if Erika wins HoH, and Janelle wins the PoV, one of them is done for.


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