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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 30th – Boogie Left Out in the Cold

Will’s just “on” tonight. He tells George he was really good at the nectar squeezing comp, and it makes George wonder if he could get a job doing that. Will says he could at an orange juice factory, but he wouldn’t be able to “concentrate.” Rim shot! He then starts focusing on burning things, prompting George to wish for Jase and his fire extinguisher. Not until after he sings the blowup innertube song, George. Will wanders in the house looking for things to burn, because he wants the fire department to have to come to the BB house. What? Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t enough?

Janelle wakes up, finally, everyone is outside. They sing Brady Bunch songs and talk about their favorite Saturday Night Live bits. Goobie then shares a story about Paris Hilton making out with him in a bathroom at a club. Even if it is true, you’re never going to get her to corroborate that story, so it’s probably not worth telling. He also claims he used to hang out with Shannen Doherty, and says she wanted to teach him to surf. Again … Erika claims to have been with Matthew McConaughay when she was 26. Somehow that’s more believable.

Again Danielle goes behind the camera to smoke, and is told by both Will and Goobie that the cameras can see her, but she thinks we can only see the back of her head. Right, because if that even was all we were seeing, we would think it was … Janelle’s head? Even if it’s the back of your head, we’d still know it was you! Will suggests she crawl under the couch.

It’s back to talking about what goes on in clubs, and Mike talks about having one night stands. The others all say they don’t do that, with Janelle saying when she goes out with her friends, it’s to have a good time, and they never split up. Besides, she can buy her own drinks. Erika says her friends are all married now, but before they didn’t do it either. Will says he doesn’t take girls home like that either. Goobie doesn’t really believe them all, and says it happens all the time. Perhaps it’s the choice of people that hang out at your clubs, Goobie.

Janelle talks about going to a singles mixer and having to unlock the locks of the single guys. Goobie cracks they all know she did it the fastest, just like PoV. Will says everyone else took an hour to unlock it; Janelle took just one minute. Goobie suggests Will and Janelle get married as a joke in Vegas after the show, and Will says he wouldn’t want to spend the following week trying to get an annulment. On the spot about that statement, he says he’d rather do it for real in Minnesota. Hmmm. He moves the conversation to Erin Brody, and says he doesn’t think she has broken up with him over the show. Goobie asks if both Janie and Will would hook up after the season if they both found themselves single. Will says he would take it one day at a time. Will and Janelle then start whispering to each other. Man, they drive me crazy. Is it so wrong to want a happy ending?

Goobie and Erika argue over the one night stands, because he doesn’t believe her that none of her friends have done it. She gets upset at him implying she is lying. He adds that now Will is claiming to never have done it as well, and comments that Will is just “playing” for the internet camera. After, Danielle tells Goobie that they are the same outside and inside the house. Do you think she hides behind her couch at home too?

Alone outside, Goobie asks George if he can trust him that if he wins HoH to not have “the girls” keys in the box. George agrees, and Goobie says that’s good, because he doesn’t think he could beat Will or the girls in final two. Interesting development. Although it’s pretty sad he’s pinning all his hopes on Chicken Man. Danielle joins them outside, and Goobie shares with them that he’s bothered by Will’s hypocrisy of having a girlfriend, yet snuggling with Janelle when she’s in her PJs and he’s only wearing a pair of jeans. My guess is if he was just using her as a showmance, you’d have no problem at all. You feel threatened; that’s all.

Goobie garners up the cajones and confronts Will, telling him that the relationship he has with Janelle is making him uncomfortable. Will passes it off and maintains that there is nothing going on. He’s still devoted to Erin, but he needs to play with Janelle to get her to go along with him. He says it’s still just show, and that’s all. Erika keeps saying she wants the guys out, but Janelle wants to get rid of Erika and George first. That’s why they need to keep her. Keep talking Will. He then compares Will’s showmance to his his own with Erika, and says last night she called it real and it made him laugh.

Goobie shares the conversation he had with George, except the part about not trusting Will, and they discuss who they want to win HoH. They want one of themselves to win so they can put up both girls, and if one wins PoV, then put up George and vote out the one girl. We all know will will control this to work the way he wants to have Janelle either HoH or PoV winner. When they go back downstairs and mix with the others, Will is called to the DR, and he asks if he can bring Janelle. The two leave, and Goobie tells George how nauseating it’s getting that they have to be together at all times.

Everyone else but the two in the DR go to bed, and after the DR, Will wakes Goobie up to tell him he talked about Goobie masturbating, which is fine with Goobie as long as it was told in an entertaining way. Well, great. Janelle, though, is not happy about what she heard him say in the DR, as he was only flirtmancing her, and she was expecting more.

The three end up back outside, and Goobie and Will sit and trash the BB6 alliance, especially James. At one point, it’s mentioned that James came to them the week Howie was voted out, and asked, “How are we voting.” They seem to cover it up okay, and it doesn’t appear outwardly that Janelle noticed this slip up, hopefully she’s asking herself why James was asking how “we” are voting, as it was never brought to her attention before. To my knowledge, she does not know about the Legion of Doom. I’ve kind of been waiting for Danielle to spill it this week in a drunken rage. Is that wrong?

They have a discussion of the difference between homance/showmance, and Will says he’d never use the term homance because it’s degrading. Since when does he no use the term? Goobie seems to enjoy watching will try to dig himself out. Janelle asks Goobie if he and Erika have had sex yet, and he says fondling and intercourse are the same thing. Coming from a guy that masturbates practically out in public. At least Howie had the decency to go in the shack. Will moves his arm from the back of the couch, to have his hand under the pillow that is sitting between him and Janie. She moves her hand underneath so that they can hold hands. He doesn’t stop this at all. I’m not sure if Goobie can see what’s going on from his angle or not.

They disperse with the guys going to bed, and Janelle washes her face, then goes to bed as well. Erika gets up and paces around the house for quite awhile, making it seem like she can’t sleep. It will be interesting tomorrow, and they have no idea right now how interesting it will be. I don’t think they’ll be able to hide many feelings after that, as they won’t have time to do the coverups. I think true feelings will finally be out in the open.

It always comes back to this. What do you think? Showmance, romance, homance, or flirtmance? Tell us what you think in Janie and Will and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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