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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 30th – Boogie Left Out in the Cold

Goobie finds a compassionate soul in Danielle, as they both bitch about Will and Janelle, how talking to each other all day would be very boring, and how it kills them that people like that can be so lucky. What’s the matter, Goobie? Haven’t gotten a DR call from Will in awhile and it’s eating away at you? Newsflash. You should have been worried the moment Will took Janelle in for their first dual DR. That’s why he did it when you were busy with your own showmance in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Dani still won’t give it a rest about Janie beating her in the last PoV. Okay, the Nerd Herd had a problem with her “luck” too, and accused her of giving sexual favors to the camera guys. Sooner or later people just have to admit that she’s just that good. She’s good at comps; will is incomparable at manipulating people. that’s why these two together are so dangerous. He gets the others to do what he wants, and she wins the comps to secure what he wants.

Danielle leaves to go work on packing and Goobie goes in to see the doctor (not Will) for his ear problem. Once out, he says the doctor didn’t have the instrument that he needed to unblock his ear, but hopes to return tomorrow with one to help him out. Good, I wouldn’t want him to miss it and accidentally miss it if his showmance gets voted out tomorrow at the hands of his buddy.

Will and Erika talk in the HoH room, and he’s telling her that he thinks George could win over Janelle in final two. Well, I’m reading what he’s saying, but is Erika? He’s trying to convince her to vote out George over Janelle if it comes to that. It’s that planting seeds talk again. He then talks about thinking the producers wanted him and Janie at each other’s throats in the beginning, but he knows it comes down to competitions at this point. He knows if Janie wins HoH, he and Goobie are going up. We all know that’s not true, though, and so does he. Erika just hopes Danielle won’t be too mad when she finds out Erika was working with Chill town all this time. Well, Erika, wait til you find out that Dani was too! A little thing called the Legion of Doom.

Think back to the week Janelle won HoH (I know … which one), when Will did his bubble bath strategy with the rubber duckies in the bathtub that night she won. All the people left eventually, and he lined up all the duckies, and plucked them off one by one. The last three ducks standing were the Fanelle duck, Rick Foogie duck, and Dr. McDreamy. He then picked off Fanelle, then Rick Foogie, then Dr. McDreamy. Interesting that they are about to be three of the last five, isn’t it? Although, he might not have a chance if “Fanelle” wins the final HoH. His order might get screwed up a little. Either way, he’s golden. And he knows it. And remember Will had a hand in who he picked out during that HoH comp, too. He intentionally left “Fanelle” in the game.

Still working Erika, Will tells her he is in love with Erin Brody, and that there is nothing Janelle can do to change that. Umm, first off, it’s already happened with Erin. She’s already removed herself from his MySpace. Secondly, we know there is a lot Janelle can do, and she already is. Erika doesn’t know that, but we all do. He says Janelle whispers relationship ending stuff in his ear, but it won’t change his mind. He tells Erika he wants Chill Town to win HoH, but we know he will throw it, and Goobie probably will as well, because he knows Will wants Erika up, and he won’t want to be in that position of choosing.

Will then goes down and wakes up Janelle, and tells her that Erika was asking what Janelle whispers in his ear, and he tells Janelle that he told Erika that Janelle whispers stuff about how bad she wants him out of the house. Argh! with these two. It makes your head spin sometimes.

Downstairs, for some reason, George is wearing someone’s bra on his head, along with a baseball cap. Well, that’s a new look. Please tell me this isn’t his costume for Thursday’s eviction. Erika calmly walks in and tells him he has a bra on his head. He thanks her, says he forgot about it, and takes it off. Oh, that makes it okay then. They sit down to play cards, and they bring up that since James left, they’ve been able to keep sharp knives in the kitchen. George says James only threatened to throw him over the fence one time. Again, that makes it okay then. Will comes out of the DR and asks to be dealt in, as does Danielle. Janelle and Goobie are still sleeping.

The card game breaks up, and outside George and Erika decide what his costume will be for tomorrow. An elf, because he just happens to half elf shoes with him. Great! Will is listening to Coldplay in the HoH. He goes down and watches Janie sleep, and she wakes up when she hears him humming. He goes out and joins Erika, George, and Danielle who are discussing other seasons. Danielle is asked if they had sequester her season if she thought she would have won, and she says no. Interestingly enough, George knows a lot about these other seasons they’re discussing when previously he claimed to not know a thing. The subject changes when Will looks at George who is working on his costume. He is cutting something out of a a light colored sheet. It doesn’t appear to be very elfen, though. Will asks if he is going as the KKK.

As they sit outside, they can hear the building of something going on outside the fence. Will, still bored, yells out there and asks what they’re building. He then says, “For the love of God, man, what are you creating?” Apparently Danielle doesn’t care. She’s busy smoking behind the couch, wondering if they’ll get “libations.” He then gets out a beach ball and plays with it until he kicks it on the roof. He sees Danielle crouched behind the couch, and tells her the camera can obviously see her. He asks if she cares, and she says no. Will goes back to being upset about the ball on the roof, saying it was the only thing left that gave him pleasure. He uses the pool net to try and reach it, but loses that too, as he wishes James was still around to tape some stuff together to reach it.

Will turns to a pink innertube for enjoyment, and joins George in the hot tub. Oh, where is Jase for a rousing round of Blow Up Innertube when we need him? I would kill for am MP3 of that. Will then asks Erika to bring her stuffed bear out to the hot tub. When this guy is bored, he’s bored. But it does makes for great entertainment. He talks about the concerts he’s seen, including Lenny Kravtiz, and says he’s very short. George says he thinks Ceiline Dion is great in Vegas. I’ll pass, until Benji from SYTYCD joins her show. That, I’d like to see.

Will talks about wanting his iPod, saying he could fix it up in here. Normally he doesn’t, and gets other people to do it for him. George says he was impressed when they first came out with the fax machine. I’m old, too, George. I understand. George also talks about the Bee Gees having it all going on. Well, not anymore. They’re missing a G.

Goobie wakes up and joins the masses, but wants to know who took his cookies. He had them hidden in his drawer and left over from his reign as HoH. He asks Will if him and his little friend ate them. Will says no, and Goobie looks at the others, and says it was one of them then. It’s pointed out that they are on food restriction, so it was probably BB that found them and took them. He issues, “They better not have.” I’m sure they’re duly worried. He’s also missing some boxes of Hamburger Helper. I’ll admit; I eat like a kid and love the stuff. But why does he have that hidden away? Maybe it was the Helping Hand that took it.


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