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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 30th – Boogie Left Out in the Cold

This is beginning to remind me of the show Who’s the Boss. Remember how Tony and Angela had a thing for each other, you just knew, and you just could tell. Yet they did nothing about it, except for a little flirting here and there. It made you want to scream at them, and say, “Just do it already!” Janelle and Will are beginning to remind of that. You cannot convince me any longer than either one of them is just playing the game. They want each other. He gets a different sparkle in his eye when he looks at her, just like the one he had for Neil Patrick Harris. It’s different than the one he had at the beginning of the season, it’s different than the one he used when he was making love to the camera in the back yard. The way he looks at Janelle more resembles the way he looks when he talks about winning the game. When he wants something, he gets a shit-eatin’ grin on his face. And that’s how he looks every day lately when he’s with Janelle.

Goobie and Erika are quite a different thing, though. He doesn’t even seem to want to stay in bed with her any longer than he has to. He gets up from the HoH bed this morning to make breakfast, and Erika came down trying to get him to go back to bed with her. No go. He decides to work out instead.

After his workout, Danielle came outside to chat with him after working on packing for a little while. She wants to be reassured again that she’s staying. Goobie tells her that as far as he knows, she is. Will could always flip the vote and side with Janelle, but he doesn’t think he will. Then again, he does point out those two continue to get closer, and he thinks that it started off being one thing, but they’ve taken it in a new direction. Thank you! I now have Goobie’s confirmation that there is more to Janie and Will than a showmance.

Danielle says Eriks certainly makes it seem like she’s going, and she wants Goobie to make sure he stops Erika and Janie. Yet for him, he admits to wanting to see Will or Janie win it. Is that really the thing you want to tell Danielle at this point? Right after you said she was staying, and after you told her you were trying to get Janelle out this week until she won PoV, and now you say you want her or your best friend to win? If Danielle is smart, she’ll open up her ears here, and realize she wasn’t just played this week by Erika, but by Chill Town and Janelle. Duh Goobie. Danielle tells him that she talked to Erika about her showmance with Goobie, and she admitted they were both playing each other. I realize you’re trying to blow it out of the water here, Danielle, but it’s a bit too late for that. Everyone knows they’re playing each other. I think even George knows that.

And now, after saying he wants Janie to win the game, Goobie sits there and trashes her and says he has to get her out of the game. Ring. Ring. Hi Goobie. It’s me one of the pathetic internet feeders that you think doesn’t have a life. Your buddy and his new girlfriend are about to win the game, and you’re being pushed to the backseat, because you blindly believed him, like everyone else. He’s taken you so out of the game, that you don’t even know what you’re saying to whom at any given time. Bahahahahahaha. Now, that’s a DR phone call I’d like to see.

Danielle says it was hard to listen to Erika say that she wants to win the game. Ummm, yeah. You thought she was here for the second time just for experience? No, she wants the half million, Danielle, just like you and everyone else.

An inside lockdown is called, and mostly everyone is up and in the kitchen, except for Janie and Will. Once Will does get up, he talks about how sick he was feeling last night, and says he was worried he was going to poop in the bed. Well, that’s nice. Thanks for sharing. Goobie is very pissy this morning, and I think it’s because he is beginning to realize he is losing favor with his alliance, as the pretty blonde is taking more control of this game than he is comfortable with her having. Yet, he says the reason he is upset is because he got called to the DR and written up for not wearing his mike this morning. Written up? Did he get a detention? He assures us he gave the DR hell for doing that to him. Rrrrright.

Goobie pulls Will outside for a private convo once the lockdown is over, and he wants to trash Janelle, and has a new strategy from talking to Danielle. He thinks they should let everyone think Danielle is leaving so they’ll tell her stuff, but then keep Danielle and oust George. Ummm, if people are going to be stupid to fall for that, they don’t belong on All Stars. And there is no way you will convince Will to keep Danielle when he knows he is her number one target, outside of Erika. The big talk is interrupted by Janelle, asking if it’s private and they need more time to talk, but Will openly invites her into the strategy. Slam! That was the door on your alliance with Will, Goobie. If you help him to get Erika out as the second person on Thursday night, you are stupid, stupid, stupid. Because it will be you, George, and the two lovebirds. That one has the writing all over it.

Goobie tries to strategize more, but Will interrupts him to tell him how hot Janelle looks. He also works in that Janelle is now solid for final three. Start worrying, Goobie. If Janie wins that last HoH, who do you think she’s taking? There is no way Will is going to win that last HoH and put himself in that position of picking between you and her. Will asks Goobie how his showmance is going, and he says he’s ready to get rid of her. He wants Will to keep playing Janie instead. Will asks what makes him think they’re playing? Ah-ha!

I don’t know what took her this long, but Danielle is in her spot behind the couch smoking, and George is sitting on the couch, making a costume for the show tomorrow night. In what world is this normal? She tells him she is stressed and thinks she has an ulcer. Quit hiding; you won’t be as stressed. Goobie is busy inside bitching about BB. He is not in a good mood today. He is pissed because he didn’t get some shirt he wanted, he seems to want to pinpoint it on Cory, but Will tells him to talk to Jonah.

Will moves outside the HoH room to play cards with Janie, and Erika sits down to join them. She asks if they are playing footsie, and they both emphatically deny it. She points out it’s a glass table. They move to the HoH to play with the HoH camera, the two “showmances”, and Goobie takes a picture of … his testicles. Ummm, I don’t see CBS posting that one with the other HoH pics on their site. Just a hunch.

The game play moves into the HoH room, and the talk revolves around George, and that none of them left would give him a jury vote, since he hasn’t played the game. Will and Janie bring up that you have to give the guy major props, though, for winning a PoV when his butt was on the line and agreeing and sticking to slop for sixty days. Goobie snaps at them, asking why they would give anyone on the jury that info. The others aren’t sure what he’s talking about, but personally, I think he has a touch of James Rhine-itis.


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