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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 29th – Will Gets his Drink On

Erika and Dani make their way up to the HoH room too. I have no idea where poor Georgie is, but here’s another meeting he wasn’t invited to. Oh wait, there he is. Wandering around downstairs and then going back outside. Danielle yaps for a bit and then leaves. Erika thinks that Janie and Will should vacate the room now, but Janie insists that four people can sleep there together. Heh. Erika and Booger leave as Janelle and Will play cards.

Erika and Boog end up in a bed downstairs, making out under the covers. Yuck. It actually looks as if they’re doing the deed. Boog says something about what happens under the covers stays under the covers, and Erika complains that she feels like she’s in high school. Bleh – I can’t watch this any more.

Danielle is outside talking at George about the jury and the votes. It’s all rehash, and I can’t imagine that George is any more interested in it than I am. Erika and Booger are on their way upstairs again – that was quick. Janelle and Dr. Delicious appear to be sleeping, and holding hands under the blanket. Erika and Booger eventually wake them up and send them out of the room.

Will comes out to join Dani and George, and Danielle wants to know if Will kissed Janie. He says no, quite emphatically. They wonder why they’re there, just as I was thinking the exact same thing. Janelle comes out, and Danielle asks her what Howie’s guess for the Coup really was, since they all know that it wasn’t “spool of lies”. She says it was “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

They all sit down and gab about how nice the dinner was and how great Will was as the host. Hee – I wrote “hose” at first, instead of host. We won’t go there. Danielle mentions that she auditioned for The Real World. That would have been … not good. Upstairs, Booger has the earphones on but he looks to be sleeping. Erika gets up and comes downstairs again. And here I thought they were starting to gear up for bedtime.

Will talks about the other shows he’s done, and about all the problems there were with Love Shack. He gets into some details, and I’m wondering how long this will go until the flames show up. Ah, there they are. They last for a while too. We come back to find most of the hamsters in the kitchen. Janie asks Will why he left the HoH room, and he says he was scared of her. He’s had a bit too much to drink, and asks where he should go to throw up when the time comes. Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the bathroom?

Lots of singing, lots of flames, and lots of chatter about past seasons and past houseguests. Erika is making chicken nuggets. Why – did she bring her dinner back up earlier? It’s just after 2 am, and BB turns the lights off. Hee. Will complains that it’s bedtime, when he only got up at 4 pm. He goes through the definitions of “showmance”. A basic showmance is a lot of flirting with three episodes of kissing and one of boob salad. A “homance”, on the other hand, is having sex with a person and then voting them out. Then there’s the “bromance”, which falls under the category of “bro’s before ho’s”, but is purely platonic. Got all that? There’ll be a quiz later.

After a bit more chatter, Janie and Danielle are finally getting ready for bed. Janie wants to know if Danielle ever got the live feeds, and Dani says no because they were too addictive. How would she know that if she never got them? She says that she reads the recaps instead. Hi Dani!

Janelle tries to get Will to play more cards with her, but it seems like he really wants to go to bed now. They’re on the meat diet again tomorrow, which depresses him. It would bother me too. He says that he feels ill, and warns Janie that he might start throwing up so she shouldn’t take it personally.

Will goes off to the bathroom, so Janie heads back outside. Go to bed people! She and Erika talk about getting one of “the boys” out next week. Janelle really wants to break some records, and says she needs another HoH. They agree that if they don’t take one of the guys out next, they’ll both make it to final three. Ya think? Erika asks what George would do, and Janie doesn’t know but she thinks he’d nominate Chill Town.

Will comes out and talks with Erika about how she can get discounts from him for botox and laser treatments. She goes back inside and upstairs, where Booger is still awake. They hunker down for the night, and I’m really hoping we don’t have to pan back up there if they decide to fool around some more. George is sleeping too, so now we’re just waiting on Janie, Will, and Dani.

Janelle asks Will again to play cards. He says he’ll play one hand. Dani says that she can’t sleep, but she gets up and goes to bed anyway. Okay, two more to go. Will tries to play cards with Janie, but he can’t concentrate. He starts mumbling something about not feeling well, and they go inside.

As they’re getting ready for bed, Will says good night to the internet from our favourite couple. Aw. Will says that Dani thinks she’s staying, and warned him that both Janie and Erika are coming after him next week. They laugh. He says that he’ll try to win HoH if she wants him to, but they can’t let George win it. He really wants Janie to get it, and she says she’ll try.

Will again says that he doesn’t feel well, and tells Janie that he needs to walk around a bit by himself before he goes to sleep. They say goodnight to each other and … it looks like we actually have sleeping hamsters! Yay! Will’s in bed rather quickly, and they’re all out for the night.

I’m not sure what to make of Will. He looked like he wanted to stop the whispering, but then he’d get that silly grin on his face and lean in for more sweet nothings with Janelle. Was he faking being drunk? Probably not. But there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind now that something’s going on between them.

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