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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 29th – Will Gets his Drink On

Will wants to know what Janie said about him and their showmance in the DR. She assures him that she downplayed everything and didn’t say anything bad about him, but admits that she said she thinks Booger has been getting some “boob salad” from Erika. There are a few responses that could be inserted here, but none of them are appropriate. Let’s just move on.

Will goes in to see Janie, and starts playing around with the stuff in her makeup bag. She tells him to help himself, so he grabs the eyelash curlers. Am I the only one who is a bit disturbed that he knows how to use these? He curls his lashes, and Janie puts powder on his face. He then gets the mascara treatment, and Danielle tells him he needs lip gloss. Will seems to be having fun, but keeps asking how gay he looks. Then he asks if he needs something for under his eyes. Janelle tells him he looks dreamy, and he walks out.

Janie goes upstairs to finish getting ready with Erika. The boys are apparently supposed to pick them up in the HoH room for their date. Special. Janie tells Erika that Will looks a bit “fruity” in his makeup. Lots of small talk everywhere as they all wait to be called out for dinner. Dani is still in her hoodie – surely she’s not planning on wearing that to dinner? George has had a brief wardrobe crisis, but decides to borrow Booger’s baby blue jacket. They’re apparently the same size. How is that possible?

Janelle decides to wear her tiara to dinner, and Erika is suffering from crown envy. They’re both wearing the same dress – Janie’s in red, and Erika’s in black. The black one is the same dress that Janelle wore to the margarita party, I think. Erika puts her borrowed dress on and tells Janie she feels like a stick figure. Heh – sometimes the hamsters write the jokes for me. Janelle is concerned that she’s not going to fit into her dress. She does, but it’s pretty tight. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing.

BB finally announces that dinner will be in five minutes, so Will, Booger, and Danielle all fly out of the kitchen to throw their clothes on. Not that they were sitting around naked, mind you, because yuck. Will’s in jeans and a white shirt/black jacket combo. Booger is also in jeans, but he’s sporting the mango jacket this evening. And Danielle actually puts a black dress on, which she says she got during BB3. Way to recycle.

Janelle asks Erika who she thinks the bigger liar is, Will or Booger. Erika doesn’t even hesitate in saying Will, because “Booger doesn’t lie”. Ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oooooh, that’s a good one! Snort.

Will starts singing Lady in Red. Cheesy. The boys go upstairs to collect their dates. They head outside, with Danielle/George and Janie/Will both still arm in arm, but Boog has distanced himself from Erika quite quickly. In the backyard, the tent is set up with a nicely laid table. Of course, all of the food is out there for them to serve themselves. This would have been the perfect time to bring back Mime, don’t you think? They’re having steak, lobster, potatoes and veggies, and they have lots of salad. There are two bottles of Dom Perignon (did I spell that right?) and a couple of bottles of wine. Danielle takes inventory of the booze before she even sits down.

Will whispers to Janie that she looks hot. She does look really good. Dinner itself is really and truly dull. Honestly, they’re making small talk that isn’t even interesting enough to listen to, let alone recap. They wonder if the “internet” is on, and decide probably not. Hi hamsters! You’re on!

Someone asks Booger how a restaurant gets the “five-star” designation. Boog doesn’t know, but he pretends that he does. He says that it’s all BS anyway, and the ratings are arbitrary. Then he says that all the real five-star spots are in Europe. I wonder if any of them are believing this load of bull.

Janelle starts talking about Ashlea having no interest in the game last season, and Will respects that she left sequester instead of vying to get back into the house. Will suddenly says that he saw someone inside waving a cell phone around in the window. Nothing comes of this though.

Now it’s time for Will and Janelle to get their flirt on. He asks her if she has any plans after dinner, and when the answer is no, he suggests that they make some. They’ve both had their fair share of champagne by now. They’re winking and making eyes at each other, and it doesn’t take long for the others to notice. Will says something about Thanksgiving in Aspen, and hints that Janie might be there too. Then he tells of a trip he has planned to go to Paris, and Danielle assumes that he’s going with Erin. Will looks annoyed and says no, he’ll be traveling with his brother.

Time for dessert. Danielle rushes inside to grab some containers to put the leftover food into. Booger feeds Erika, and Will feeds Janelle. It’s almost cute. Will and Janie are whispering into each others’ ears, and I hear Janie say “here’s to maybe”. They’re talking about going inside to the DR together. Danielle says that she’s figured out their little staring game – they’re both thinking “Don’t you just love looking at me?” Hee – Dani made a funny.

Dinner and dessert is done now, and Will and Janie go inside to brush their teeth together. They head off to the diary room, where Erika and Booger want to go in with them. They insist that they need to go in alone first. What the heck do they do in there? Erika wonders out loud if she and Boog should be worried about Will and Janie, but Boog says no way, Will wouldn’t do that to him again. They kiss for a bit and then head back outside.

The rest of the group (besides Will and Janie) are outside talking about … Will and Janie. Boog says he can’t figure out what’s more annoying, Will’s constant singing or his flirting with Janelle. They’re doing their impressions of the two of them, and they’re actually pretty funny.

Will and Janie come back out and announce to everyone that if they all come inside and let BB clean up out there, then they’ll get more booze. Dani’s down with that. Will and Janelle then go into one of the bedrooms, and Will suggests going into the hot tub. Janie is embarrassed and says she can’t – she whispers something into his ear, and he tells her it’s okay. She was saying earlier that it’s her time of the month, so I’m assuming that’s the problem. Sorry if that’s too much information.

Janelle is now wrapping her arms around Will and telling him that he has great abs. Will hugs her back and kisses the top of her head. If either one of these two is faking it, then they’re really, really good. They decide to play cards, and head upstairs. They end up on the couch outside the HoH room. Booger and Erika come in and ask them to come downstairs and go in the hot tub with them, but Will tells them to just not worry about them. He tells Janie quietly that he wishes the rest of them would just leave.

They’re still leaning into each other and whispering things. I can’t catch much, but Janie does say that she wants to kiss him, and he agrees. She asks about his girlfriend, and then says that she thinks they’re “already broken up”. Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty good guess. Which is why I think there’s more to this than game, because why risk a real relationship for Big Brother?

They go into the HoH room and lie down on the bed. They’re not doing anything, and there are pillows in between them. They’re listening to Erika’s Coldplay CD, and it’s pretty loud. Outside, Danielle and Erika are in Dani’s secret smoking spot, having a cig and talking about how they understand and forgive each other. Danielle, of course, never would have done this to Erika, but she understands.

Booger heads upstairs to find Will. He’s pretty annoyed with the two of them, and says so. Janie and Will are still staring at each other and whispering though, and Booger demands to know if these are secrets from him, or from the cameras. They try to brush it off as nothing, but Boog isn’t happy. They talk about unimportant things, like Chicken George’s laugh and the wrap party. Boog asks if they’re jamming their tongues into each other’s ears when they whisper. Ugh.