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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 29th – Will Gets his Drink On

There’s nothing like starting the day off with a big old sob-fest. At least if you’re Danielle, that it. She gets up, hides behind the couch for a smoke (you’re not fooling anyone Dani – we see you!), and starts to cry. Deep in the pockets of the fuchsia robe she has one of the letters she got when she was HoH, and she pulls this out while sobbing. She says out loud that she misses her mom and dad, and that she can’t believe that no one wants to take her to the end of the game. She then says she’s okay, she’s fine – she just needs to get her cry out in the morning.

I almost feel badly for Danielle. Almost. You know, it’s not fun to watch people cry (well, most of the time it isn’t – watching the Nerd Herd weep last year was pretty entertaining though). Dani seems to be a decent person, and no one can deny that she’s pretty darned good at playing Big Brother. But she seems to be under the impression that she was guaranteed a spot in the final two and now that’s being cruelly taken away from her. Nothing wrong with being emotional, but really, she would have taken anyone else out of that house to get to the end. Even Erika.

Danielle seems to fall asleep outside again, so we’re back to watching four feeds of sleeping houseguests. Will wakes up and tries to see if Janie is awake, but she’s not all that responsive. Erika is up and about in the HoH room, trying to get the spy screen to work. George is the next one out of bed, and he eats his breakfast alone in the kitchen followed by some cleaning. Of himself and the kitchen.

Erika throws on her bathing suit and heads outside, where George and Danielle are talking about how things probably won’t pick up in there until this evening when they get their five-star dinner. Booger is up now, and Erika scurries over to him to ask if they’re still planning to vote Danielle out of the house. Boog confirms this, and says that he told Dani that she was safe because he doesn’t want someone like George to mess up his game now. You know what I want to see? I want George to win HoH on Thursday night and nominate Boog and Erika, with Boog being evicted in a tie-breaker. The same night as Dani leaves. That would be fun, don’t you think?

Lance Showmance and his woman head outside to play the dreaded movie game with Danielle and George. Will and Janie are still asleep. Erika gets bored (as do I) and blows up a beach ball to take in the pool with her. George leaves to go clean the bathroom. It’s gonna be a slow day indeed.

Danielle tells Booger that she thinks Erika will try and get to the final three with Janelle and George so that she has a better chance to win. Booger says that Erika is insane if she thinks she can beat Janie in the competitions. But Danielle has planted the seed of doubt, and as she leaves Booger, she tells him “see you next week”.

George does a very thorough job in the bathroom. How do I know this? Because BB showed me the whole cleaning routine. There isn’t enough caffeine in the world to keep me awake this afternoon. George finishes up and then goes back to the kitchen to get the BB manual. He’s looking at the section entitled “Sequester”. Meanwhile, Danielle is once again puffing on a cigarette in her super-secret hiding spot. That we can see very clearly.

Booger goes and puts lotion on his hands. You know that feeling that you get when your gut tells you something bad is about to happen, but you can’t turn away? Yeah – he gets under the covers and pretty soon the blanket is moving up and down and he’s making icky sounds. Could someone pass me the Q-Tips and bleach so I can clean my eyes and ears? I appear to be blind and deaf.

An outdoor lockdown is called, so Janelle and Will have to get their butts out of bed and head outside. Will is trying to figure out how many days they have left in there, and Danielle is sure it’s about 20. Nope – more like 14. They’ll figure that out on Thursday I’m sure. Bwa-ha-ha. George thinks that they’re locked outside so that BB can put out some clothes for them to wear to their fancy dinner tonight.

Booger is sleeping on the outdoor sofa, and the camera person keeps panning from Boog over to the jack shack, and back to Boog. I love these little artsy bits of coverage – at least the folks behind the cameras have a sense of humour. I guess you’d have to, considering how the summer is being spent. I understand completely.

Booger is sleeping, Janie appears to be smoking, and others are playing cards. George thinks that BB will surprise them by taking them out of the house tonight, maybe to board a yacht, where they’ll be eating their five-star meal. Will disagrees, but George appears to need something to look forward to. The lockdown is over, but now they’re called inside for another one. Once inside, they discover … that nothing has changed. No new clothes or anything. Poor Georgie.

Booger goes to bed, and Erika goes upstairs to watch everyone on the spy screen. She’s getting pretty creepy lately with all of the spying. George mentions again that they’ll be leaving the house tonight, and Will promises him that if that’s true, he’ll carry George there in his back. They talk about how the BB manual says that if they see a stranger in the house they’re supposed to all run to the diary room, but no one did when Neil Patrick Harris showed up. Well yeah, NPH is hardly a “stranger”. Especially for Will. Heh.

Everyone takes off for a nap now. George is sound asleep, snoring up a storm. It’s getting close to 4:30 pm, and everyone’s sleeping. BB needs to find some way to get these people on some kind of routine, because this is exceptionally dull. Oh, wait – looks like Will and Janie are still up. You know, since they only got out of bed an hour ago in the first place. They’re walking through the living room together, but there are no cameras following them. All four are watching George sleep. Argh.

A bit later there’s at least something going on. Danielle has peeked outside to find a tent being set up for their dinner. Aw, George is going to be so disappointed. Will jokes that everyone but Janie will have to dress up as stars and serve Janelle her “five-star” dinner. Heehee. Janie comes out of the DR to tell them that dinner will be served in about three hours. Three hours? Good grief. That’s a long time in feed-land.

Danielle tells Will about Erika’s alliance with Janelle (which Erika admitted to last night). Will acts like he’s shocked (which he’s not – Janie also told him what went down), and says that one of them will have to go next week. Danielle says that she’s totally ready to win the next HoH and stir things up. Er, you’ll be down to the final five by then – how much stirring is actually necessary?

More milling about and card playing in the back yard. Janelle and Erika are in the very early stages of primping for dinner. People are being called to the DR one after the other. Booger, Will, and George are attempting to do some Jedi drilling, but they just don’t have the same level of intensity or fact-retention as Janelle and Howie did.

Erika and Janie are up in the HoH room talking about taking Chill Town out of the game. Janie says she’s worried that one of them will go to sequester and try to offer money to the others for their votes. Erika looks a bit surprised that Janie has caught on to their habit of offering to split the money. Janie says that they convinced her to put up Diane and Marcellas, and now they’ve convinced Erika to put up Danielle. Erika, who must be caught up in an extreme case of denial, says no, she did that herself. Except that the idea hadn’t really occurred to her until Booger suggested it before the veto comp.

Dinner prep is now in full force. Erika is just out of the shower and blow-drying her hair. Damn that thing is loud. Janelle is also drying her hair as Danielle picks at her face in the mirror and Will takes a shower. Janie goes to the workout room to put her makeup on, and Will blow-dries his face and his armpits. Why? George is watching Janie, and tells Will he’s watching Doc’s date get ready. Will tells Chickenman to keep his hands off of her.