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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 28th – Cat and Mouse Continue to Play

After waiting all day, Danielle finally gets Erika cornered in the HoH room. After a quick rehash, Danielle changes the subject and talks about the dog she wants to get and her daughter’s braces, of course mentioning how much these will be costing her. Just more of the guilt trip. She also says she should have known that Erika would stab her in the back, since she admitted she would have done it to Jack in BB4. She says with her and Jason there was just never a question even about it. Erika admits to telling Julie Chen she wouldn’t have been able to take out Jack, but says she knows she could have, because no one could have beaten that guy in final two.

Back downstairs, Danielle joins the others in the hot tub, and Will starts talking about Treasure Hunters, and he and Danielle compare notes. He says there was a nerd team, hicks team, and a team of three “Janelles.” They want to find out whatever happened in the the end. Can’t tell ya. I was too caught up with this show. But here’s Matt’s recap for anyone that does want to know. Treasure Hunters Finale).

George doesn’t think they’ll got more booze tonight after what happened last night, but when Danielle goes in to check, sure enough she comes back with wine. George and Janie go in to work on cooking the salmon, and Will leads the charge for the others to trash George’s cooking. He wants to get the house only fruits and veggies tomorrow so that he can’t cook.

The girls and George talk about what they want for date night, like a special white tent with little lights around it, candles, flowers, and champagne. Perhaps a violinist, but George would like Barry Manilow. I read somewhere about him having double hip replacement surgery, so perhaps that won’t happen. Danielle says she doesn’t think ole Bar will appear either, but then again she didn’t expect to see Neil Patrick Harris on Christmas. They discuss how in the dark he kind of looked like Will from BB5. Hmm. Can’t quite make the comparison on that one.

The salmon is out of the oven, and everyone tries it, and decides it’s edible and salty. Not exactly a raving review. Wouldn’t it be funny for George to do a cookbook after this that includes slop recipes and these other things he made that only Howie ever liked? These two need to go into some venture together like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. or something.

Janelle and Will sit staring at each other and Goobie wonders why they never get tired of it. This is all going down while they play poker. He thinks Janelle should hope her boyfriend has a game tomorrow. Will says they’re just friends and keeps staring. Goobie asks if they pretend they are staring in a mirror or something. Will starts to get a little irritated here and just says “something like that.” Wouldn’t it be funny if Will took Janie all the way instead of Goobie? If Goobie was left high and dry for the second time? Goobie is the big winner of the night, then asked himself, what did I win? Jack shit!

After the game Danielle shares with Goobie that Janelle and Erika have a secret alliance. What? That’s news to us that watch the feeds, and it seems a little suspect since Janie put her up repeatedly. Now we know she’s getting desperate to stay. She asks yet again if they’re keeping her, and is assured they are. Goobie goes inside to share the info with Will, and Will says he told Janelle to pretend to be in an alliance with Erika. They still plan to get rid of Erika next week, especially now that they know that Erika can’t keep her mouth shut, but Janelle can.

It’s hard to tell what the heck they are talking about, but as Janelle is washing her face, she asks Will how he found out, and why it happened, but he just says he doesn’t know and will find out in three or four weeks. Ugh! These two are driving me crazy! As they move towards their beds, she wants him to admit that he is more into a final two with Goobie, and she doesn’t have a chance. He talks about Goobie and Erika starting this showmance thing and agrees they are both using each other.

Will brings the conversation yet again to asking Janelle what she is doing after the show, if she is sure she has to go back to Minnesota and can’t hang out in LA for a few days. She asks for what, and he won’t answer. After this they admit that their fight about BB6 today was a fake one. After, they do the cat and mouse thing back and forth, and he writes a message for her on his hand.

The two go to play cards, and he asks why she wasn’t very social with him the first few weeks. She blames it on a chat he did where he referred to her as a fifty cent whore. He claims to not remember that now, and says it was probably his brother. See kids? That’s why you don’t give your password to people. So they can’t pretend they’re you.

As always, I’m more confused than ever about these two, but as always, I continue to have hope, the eternal optimist and hopeless romantic that I am.

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