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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 28th – Cat and Mouse Continue to Play

Goobie, Will, and George discuss life after the show and are shocked that next weekend is Labor Day already. Will and Goobie worry about their businesses in their absense, then wonder if George will move his family out to LA after the show. George says he needs to make sure they’re going to be financially secure first. Goobie asks what his wife does for a living, and upon hearing she’s an accountant, he thinks maybe he can set her up with a job for the Dolce Group. I just hope this type of stuff is serious to Chill Town and they aren’t shitting George about this.

Danielle thinks they should get libations tonight, to the horror of many, then asks Chill Town if she’s staying. Mental Note for Danielle: If you have to ask that question, the answer is no. Remember that for when you ask 1000 times while drunk tonight.

Will takes things a step too far and trashes the whole BB6 alliance that he kicked out, other than Janelle. She is not too happy with him about this. He says James shouldn’t have been on All Stars as all he did was bite his fingernails and worry about the pool. Kaysar was too nice and instead belonged on Iraqi Bachelor. He doesn’t riff on Howie, which is probably good, because as it is, Janie is pissed. She calls Will jealous, and says she doesn’t make fun of Goobie. Will knows he screwed up and tries to fix it. Janie says she’s still mad at him, and when he offers to make it up to her, she asks “How?” and walks away. Meanwhile, Erika sits at the stop of stairs in front of the HoH staring at everyone silently. She can be an odd bird. Why not use the spy screen in HoH?

Janelle talks about being on Street Smarts, and then says she tried out to be one of Barker’s Beauties on Price is Right. Her friend Misty made it on the show, but had to move back to Texas when she became addicted to drugs. Will asks her if Misty is spelled with an I or Y. Umm, if she’s made at you, making fun of her friends isnt’ going to tidy it all up for you. Erika tries to offer up comments from up above, but not one pays attention to her and she pretends to shoot herself in the head. You think that’s bad, Erika, wait until the second eviction Thursday night.

Will talks badly about BB6 again, and Janelle leaves the room. He follows her, but she turns it back on him, asking what he’s said about her in the DR. When he says only good things, she wants to know how he feels about her, and he says actions speak louder than words. He tries to explain his views about BB6 again, but adds in at the end that he can’t seem to figure Janie out at all. And that is why I think his interest lies in the intrigue. She says she forgives him, but she is still mad.

While George and Danielle are in the hot tub, Goobie and Erika are up on the trampoline, and Will goes out to join the, sharing with them what he and Janie talked about. Erika goes into the house for blankets and pillows to bring up to the trampoline. When she comes back with them, Janelle comes out as well. A pillow fight erupts on the trampoline, and Danielle runs up to join them. George declines.

As everyone lies down on the trampoline with the blankets and pillows, Goobie talks about Diane. He talks about what she’d look like with breast augmentation. In front of Erika, mind you. Will defends Diane, and says he doesn’t see her like that. He sees her as a sweet, sensitive girl, so never thought of her in those terms. However, he offers to pull George up and start doing lipo on him. George does join them, but no lipo seems to be going on.

Janelle leaves to play cards, and George joins her. Will tries to stop her, but can’t. Goobie leaves to go pee, leaving Erika, Will, and Danielle on the trampoline together. Danielle then leaves to go inside to see if they’ve gotten any booze yet. Erika leaves to go get something to eat, and Will is all alone with his blankets and pillows on the trampoline. Janelle comes back to the trampoline for awhile, and before she leaves, she tells Will she forgives him and isn’t mad at him anymore.

Janelle then fills in Danielle and George on what the night before sequester is like. She says there is two hotel rooms with the door remaining open between the two, in ccase you are suicidal. Last year, I would have asked why, this year, I’m saying, “Good thing.” In the other room are two cops. You can eat hotel food, but can’t get any news or watch the TV. She then says last time she hadn’t invited her mom to the wrap party, but then changed her mom and called and invited her from sequester. This year, being that they are only allowed two people, she has invited her mom and Naters.

George turns to cooking again, this time salmon. He is outraged at the price on the package, $29, and tries defrosting it in the microwave. Will is upset, as he is sure George is only going to ruin it. He suggests they revoke George’s slop pass so they can get bread and vegetables back for the week.


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