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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 28th – Cat and Mouse Continue to Play

Everyone moves outside, but Janelle, as they’re getting ready for the PoV ceremony. While everyone is sitting around talking on the couches, Danielle pops out from behind them and stuns them all, as they didn’t know she was back there, and neither did the cam operators this time. Or maybe the cam operators knew, but since she’s been doing it so often, it just wasn’t big enough news. Will asks Goobie if he’s aiming to win the sleep championship this year, and right on cue, Goobie answers yes, he’s trying for the Bronze. He has a quick wit like James, you have to give him that.

After the PoV ceremony, it’s as expected with Danielle on the block. She heads straight up to the HoH room, assumably to give Erika a piece of her mind. But she’s not there. She downstairs in the red room with Janelle going over strategy. Will and Goobie are in the SR doing the same thing. They want to have George as number three, Janelle as number four, with Erika leaving next. Well, that will make the double elimination Thursday very interesting. They’ll have to move quickly without really getting a chance to talk to anyone. Erika won’t be able to compete for HoH, Danielle will most likely be gone, and HoH will be between Will, Goobie, George and Janelle. If Janelle wins it who would she put up? Erika and George? What if Erika wins PoV Goobie would go up. Then George would have to leave. if George wins HoH he’d put up Chill Town, and if they took themselves off, it would be interesting whether he would go for Erika or Janelle as a replacement. But if he can put up Howie, he can put up Erika. If Goobie wins it, he’d put up George and … would he really put up Erika? Normally it would be best for him to throw it, but he won’t get time to talk to someone to tell them who to put up. Sorry, I seemed to have veered off the subject here. I got carried away.

BB kicks Erika and Janelle out of the red room, since they’re not supposed to be in there this week, and shortly after they send everyone out on an outdoor lockdown. The three women meet up together outside and look very uncomfortable. Danielle then advises Janelle to take Erika to final two, assuring her win. She then asks Will if he’s going to keep her, and he lies and says yes. She now believes she has both Janelle’s and Will’s votes. Does being in this game mess with you head that much?

Will and Janie go lay down together and continue their cat and mouse game. Alluding to things happening in a few weeks, wanting things out of this time other than just the game, snuggling with each other, etc. Will says he’s insecure and doesn’t think Janelle really likes him, and she says he’s cute. He thinks she’s saying that because he’s the only left in the house to flirt with, and she says he’s the only one she’s flirted with the whole time.

Danielle, Goobie, Erika, and George are outside still. Danielle mutters “unbelievable” over and over, then starts singing All By Myself. Great. She also begs the DR to let her in, saying she has a lot to say. I’m thinking they don’t want to listen. And in a cruel way, not letting her in is only making her conjure up more ideas in her head and get even more upset. She says she has to win every competition to stay, and thinks it will take an America’s Choice for her to go further in the game. Ummmm, yeah. That’s not going to happen.

Will wakes up and admits to Goobie he had a really weird dream. He saw a group of grim reapers and found out that everyone’s goal was to find out which grim reaper was really their family member in a costume. Janelle was there, too. He wanted to protect her, and when he pulled off the hood of one of the reapers, it was this blond guy, Janelle’s brother. Any dream analysts out there that can make sense of this one?

The two non-chefs, Will and the Chicken Man, decide to cook some shrimp, and can’t decide whether they should boil them or grill them. While they peel the shrimp they discuss Will’s practice and the other people in the game. He admits James is a competitor, but questions whether he was interesting on the show, and points out the differences of George, telling him he is only being kept around because he doesn’t win the comps. Of Janelle, Will says she is magic, gorgeous, and the bionic woman. If Will is indeed interested in Janelle for real, I believe much of it is intense intrigue as he’s never met a woman that can go toe to toe with him like that. I think that part is more exciting to him than her looks. With the shrimp peeled, they go back to deciding whether they should boil or grill them, and Danielle pops through and says she always sautes them. Ah-ha. They never thought of that. Personally, I don’t eat shrimp due to fishing with my grandfather and using them as bait. I can never get past the image of putting a hook between their eyes when I see them on a plate.

With the shrimp cooking done, Will movies outside and catches Danielle hiding behind the couches smoking again. Danielle says she doesn’t want to be filmed back there, because she doesn’t want her parents to see her smoking. Umm, Honey? After last night, you’ve got way more things to worry about people seeing, other than you smoking. As a parent I’d be more concerned about my child hoarding alcohol and going off on someone, cornering them, yelling at them, and refusing to let them go, all because they got played, rather than smoking. I suggest you come out of hiding; the gig is up.

Will moves on to a strategy session with Goobie, saying that he wants Janelle to win the next HoH so they can get Erika out. He advises Goobie to step up the showmance with Erika, and goes in without a segue to saying Janelle thinks she’ll be marrying a doctor when she gets out of the house, but it’s not going to happen. Increasingly more each day, I think the show here is for Goobie’s sake, not Janelle’s. I think he started showmancing Janelle, but actually started to fall for her, due to being so intrigued by her, as I said before. I think he is hiding it from Goobie, and wants him to think it’s only a showmance.

I’m not sure who all decided this, but apparently for the five course meal the next evening, it will be date night. Will will pick up Janelle from the ant room, Goobie will pick up Erika in the HoH, and the two married folk will be going together, yet no one mentions where George will be picking up Danielle. Okay, it’s a perfect joke. I have to say it out loud, although I’m sure many are already saying it in their heads. Perhaps he’ll be picking her up from behind her couch. Did you hear the rim shot? Janie will be wearing her red dress, and she is letting Erika borrow her black one.


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