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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 28th – Cat and Mouse Continue to Play

Well, it ought to be an interesting day at the Big Brother house after Danielle appeared to go off the deep end. You know, she wanted us to think she was drunk, so she could use that as an excuse, but she started with this stuff an hour after she started drinking. It’s not really possible, unless she totally slammed a bunch, and they are never given a “bunch.” Along with that, we had Will spending the night in the HoH bed with Erika to protect her from Danielle’s drunken rage. He won’t even share a bed with Janelle, so I wonder if it’s strategy to drive a wedge between the other half of Operation Double Date. Either way, the day kind of ended up like many other Christmases, with a big drunken family fight. Don’t believe me? Ask Jerry Springer.

Danielle is up really early, yet another sign she wasn’t actually that toasted last night. She gets up, does the dishes, does a load of towels, investigates Will’s empty bed, and goes back to bed herself, but she can’t seem to be able to fall asleep and does a lot of tossing and turning. She pops a few pills while laying there, must be OTC pain reliever, then picks up her bottle and sunglasses and heads outside. There she hides behind the couches again for a quick smoke. I know she doesn’t want people to know, but doing it out in the open looks worse than doing something upfront that you know people don’t want you to do. It’s like Jennifer and April hiding behind the couch last year. Everyone knew they were there. It just made them look even worse. She also keeps muttering to herself about being alone and wanting to go home. I feel bad for her, I really do, but why was it always okay to lie to others and blindside them, yet when it happens to her, she feels she has the right to go off on everyone?

BB announces that the veto ceremony will begin in two hours, and the news stirs Will and Erika in the HoH room. They joke about hating each other and Will advises Erika to not take the show too seriously. She says she’s going to venture down the stairs for some coffee, and he tells her to be strong and not allow herself to be emotionally blackmailed. Erika goes outside and talks to herself, saying she hates herself, she hates the game, she hates Boogie, she hates everyone. I think she pretty much covered the whole thing.

Erika finds George sitting outside against the wall of the house, and she goes over to join them. They first discuss Erika’s ex, Josh, who was in BB1 with George, then talk about last night. Erika says she is very disappointed in Danielle and her behavior, and says that two weeks ago, Danielle asked her if she would have ever turned on Jack eventually in BB4, and Erika admitted she would have if she had needed to.

George brings up the fact that there really wasn’t enough booze in the house last night for Danielle to get that trashed, and Erika mulls that over and decides that’s a good point. She says she’s glad she has George in the game with her to point out stuff like that. They discuss how close Danielle’s time was to Janelle’s in the PoV challenge, and decide she’s a good player and needs to leave. Erika says Dani can make her feel guilty, but she can’t make her change her mind. She’s going up. She also points out that she herself had her bags packed for three weeks waiting to go home, and if she went, she went. She never carried on like Danielle. If she is evicted Thursday, I wonder if her ouster will top Howie’s.

George leaves Erika out there by herself, and she returns to talking to herself and wandering around the backyard. She runs through the others, saying she can’t evict George because it would be stupid, and she doesn’t feel she’d have the numbers to take out Will. Danielle is her only choice. She goes up to a camera and says to it that she hates this game, and the camera moves back and forth to disagree with her. I love when the cam operators have a sense of humor.

Erika returns to the HoH to talk to Will, and they go over how much alcohol was in the house last night, trying to decide if there was enough for Danielle to get that trashed. They discuss Danielle’s strategy this time around of being everyone’s friend, and as soon as they win HoH, going up and affirming that they aren’t putting her up before they even have a chance to think about it. That way if they say no, she can call them out on lying later on. Too bad they didn’t have this figured out earlier. They also discuss Goobie and his only child syndrome that appeared last night making Will take care of Erika.

The two of them go down for breakfast, and Will tells Erika to be careful and she says she’ll just follow him around. George is down there, and Janelle joins in as well, as she and Will have some early morning flirting. Erika tells Will she wishes he had his stuff with him so he could inject her zits to get rid of them. He says he did, but BB took it away from him. Will does the cooking, and they all say it’s not his strong point, yet he does an okay job with them.

Will and Janie sit in the bathroom with him filling her in on what she missed outside the HoH last night. He says she was nuts. His story is interrupted by Danielle coming in the bathroom. The conversation switches to Will telling Janie while she brushes her hair that he’ll get her some face products when they’re out of the house. Danielle says nothing, which is a new thing for her. George wanders through talking about wearing his Santa suit for the PoV ceremony and asks Will if it’s too much. Will tells him if you ask if it’s too much, it’s never enough. This certainly satisfies George.

Will finds Goobie who is now awake and crabby as anything as he’s not feeling well. They get angry at each other and argue. First Will is upset with Goobie about not coming upstairs to help Erika and making him do it. Next, they discuss the possibility of sympathy votes. Goobie wants to give Danielle one, and Will says he can’t because Janelle has said she wants to. Goobie gets upset saying if she can do it, why can’t he? Will tells him that’s the point, kind of. You can’t have everyone doing it, so no one should. He has to ask Goobie to settle down here as he starts getting all worked up.


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