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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 27th – Doogie Saves Christmas, But Drunk Dani Gets Dramatic

Back outside, Erika finally gets up and says she’ll be right back. Sure you will – I’d be running for the hills myself. George goes over and says goodnight to Danielle, who is left alone with her cigarette. Erika goes to find Booger to tell him that Dani is really upset, but Boog doesn’t want to have anything to do with it and tells her to go find Will. What a supportive showmance they have there. Erika does find Will and wakes him up to say that Dani is hysterical. She says that she can’t do this, which I guess means nominating Dani. Will is wide awake now and ready to rebuild Erika. Stronger, faster, better.

Will tells Erika that Dani was after her and promised to take her out next week. He says that if Danielle makes it to the end, she will win against any of them. They don’t have the luxury of waiting it out – they have to get rid of her now. They go up to the HoH room after trying to wake Booger to come with them. He refuses.

Erika tells Will that Dani was crying and yelling, but Will says that she’s just playing on Erika’s emotions because she knows that Erika is an emotional player. Erika is pleading with Will to vote George out this week because she can’t handle this from Danielle. Will says that Danielle just talks and talks until she wears you down and you do what she wants. He can’t understand why Erika would want to keep someone who would try to work her over like that. She promises to put Danielle on the block, but that it’s going to be very hard for her.

Danielle puts the cover on the hot tub and goes inside for a shower. Then she comes upstairs and starts ringing the HoH doorbell. Repeatedly. Will motions for Erika not to answer it. The ringing continues, over and over again. Dani starts banging on the door and ringing at the same time. Over and over, bing bong, bing bong. Will makes crazy motions with his hands. He takes Erika, who is still very upset, into the bathroom. He goes back into the room to look at the spy screen, and says that Dani is listening at the door.

Will starts explaining that Dani is losing her mind, and that she’s a great manipulator. The ringing starts again. Will says “let her do this all night, she’s nuts”. He says he’s sleeping up there with Erika tonight. They talk for a bit, while Danielle just keeps ringing. They’re not even trying to be quiet any longer, but they’re still in the bathroom with the door closed. Constant doorbell ringing continues. Bing bong, bing bong. I swear, she’s pressed that button about three hundred times so far.

Now there’s a shot of Danielle, standing in her nightie trying to adjust something in the front pocket, and just repeatedly pushing the doorbell. Booger and Janie are awake and can hear this, and Janie tells Boog to go up and help Erika. He says he can’t because Dani’s there and the door is locked. Besides, Will is up there with her. Dani’s knocking now and saying “open up. Erika, open up.” She finally goes outside and struggles into her sweater, muttering “stupid girl”. She sits down and lights another cigarette.

Janelle comes out and Danielle rehashes the “conversation” between her and Erika, but she makes it sound like something calm and civil. George joins them. Dani asks them if they think Erika is making a strategic error, and they both say she is. She says that she told Erika that she won’t have her vote, and then says that she’s not someone to threaten people with votes. Er, which is it then? She says that she’s played with honour and that she hasn’t scumbagged people. Except for Kaysar, Marcellas, and Howie, I guess.

Upstairs, Erika has come full circle and agrees that Dani needs to go. She tells Will that this is horrible emotional blackmail that Danielle is trying to pull. Will is upset with Boog, asking how dare he convince both Will and Erika to do the show and then refuse to deal with it when things get out of hand.

Outside, Danielle is repeating herself yet again, saying that Erika will not get her vote, and that Janie and George should consider taking her to the final two because there’s no way she can win now. She says that she’s going to bed, and Janelle hugs her. With Danielle gone, George asks Janie what the hell is going on. She says that Erika must have told Dani that she was going up, and Dani flipped out. They both wonder if Dani was drunk, but don’t think she could have been.

They go inside to make fish sticks, and George goes up to the HoH room to see if they’re hungry. There’s no answer in there. He comes back down and says that Erika and Dani must have been pretty close for this to happen, and compares it to he and Janie playing a board game and then beating the crap out of each other when the game was almost over. Hee.

Will is sleeping in the HoH bed with Erika, and asking her if he can hold her hand. I’m not sure if he’s trying to make her feel better, or trying to downplay the hand-holding with Janelle earlier. They’re both mad at Booger for not being up there with them.

Back in the kitchen, George wants Janie to try and fake everyone out at the veto ceremony and make them think she’s going to take George off the block. She giggles and says sure, she’ll do it. They’re having fun down there, goofing off and eating fish sticks. Janie tries to quiz George on house happenings, but our Georgie is no Jedi. They tidy up the kitchen, say goodnight, and head to bed.

A little while later, Erika gets up and goes downstairs to have a cigarette. She comes back in without closing the door behind her, and goes to curl up in the fetal position on the couch. Brief flames and then Erika’s up and closing the door. Heh. Guess BB caught that one. She goes back to the couch and curls up again. She gets up again and goes back upstairs, where Will asks her if she’s okay. She says she had some anxiety and needed to get some air. They both go back to sleep, with the drama of Christmas day over and done with.

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