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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 27th – Doogie Saves Christmas, But Drunk Dani Gets Dramatic

Boog tells a really, really, REALLY long story about how he was renting a room in a mansion somewhere, and there was some weird stuff going on. People having sex in his bed and whatnot, and security guards that wouldn’t let his buddy in. He got in a fight with someone over getting his money back since he wanted to leave (not sure if this is actually Boog or his buddy wanting their money back, but it matters not). So the guy leaves on a business trip and Booger and a couple of his friends rent a U-Haul and ransack the place, taking furniture and whatever else they can get their hands on. They also took their financial records and personal papers. Boog also took their dog, who was abused and used to poop on his bed, and dropped it off at an animal shelter. Janie mentions that the dog was probably killed at the shelter, and Danielle and Erika agree. Boog mopes about this.

I’m not sure why I recapped that, because it really wasn’t a good story. But this is about as animated as you’ll see Booger today, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The discussion is now about dogs, but again, not all that interesting.

Danielle ends up in the hot tub with Chicken George, and she starts crying. She’s telling him that she can’t believe she trusted Erika and now she’s going to be evicted. She says it hurts, because she absolutely had Erika’s back. She’s repeating herself a lot, saying that Erika gave her the spider web HoH to put her in harm’s way by evicting Kaysar. What? Kay wasn’t the target that week. Dani says that she’s going to confront Erika and tell her that she won’t get Dani’s vote in the end. I don’t know how much Danielle has had to drink, but she can’t be loaded already, can she? And should I point out now what a load of garbage this is? Danielle talked with the Legion of Goons repeatedly about taking Erika out, and only changed her mind when she figured out that she could beat her in the final two.

Dani tries to get Will and Booger into the hot tub, and when they refuse she threatens to call out the Legion of Doom. They go upstairs with Erika to the HoH room. They explain to her that Danielle is hammered, but they can’t figure out how she got so drunk because they didn’t have much booze. They start talking about how they have to get Danielle out now, but not to tell her because she’ll flip out. It might be too late for that.

They now discuss how George will put up Boog and Will if he wins HoH. Booger is angry and wonders why not Janelle, but Erika says that he won’t go after Janie because he got a lot of hate mail about what happened to Brittany in his season. Boog threatens that if George messes up his game, he’ll go after him. Whatever. But Boog is seriously worked up now, and shouting. Erika tries to calm him down. Things are getting really weird in there all of a sudden.

Dani is still talking with George in the hot tub, telling him that Janie’s word is good and that if she promised him he’s safe, then he can believe her. Poor George is just listening and adding the occasional comment here and there, when he can get a word in. She says that she’s going to tell him everything he needs to know to win this game, and then goes on and on about strategy and how it’s more important than popularity.

Janelle comes upstairs and they tell her that they’re trying to stay away from Danielle because she’s drunk. Erika suggests a four-way shower, but no one’s interested. Go figure. Booger is in a foul mood now, and he as much as says so. He’s bored and wants to get back into his real life. Now they have four days of doing nothing, even though they know exactly how the vote will go and who’s being evicted. Will and Janie are making eyes at each other and smiling, and Erika says something about them making out. Janie says she has a boyfriend, and Boog wants to know who he is. Janelle tells him privately, all hush hush. No biggie – we’ve already figured out who he is anyway, right?

Will and Janelle are now sitting really close together, playing footsies and staring at each other. Erika is eating and watching them, but I don’t know where Boog escaped to. Erika tells them to just kiss and get it over with. Will says, out of the blue, “A lot or a little?” and Janie replies, “A lot”. They decide to go downstairs, and as he stands up Will says that he’s “semi-hard”, so she’ll have to excuse him. They both giggle.

Will, Janie, and Booger make a run downstairs, trying to avoid Danielle seeing them. They head to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Will asks Janie to come and tuck him in, but she thought he was going to play cards with her. He says he will, in bed. They scurry out and go to sit on Will’s bed. He tells her that Erika said George would put Chill Town on the block if he got HoH. Janie asks if they have a deal with Erika, and Will admits that they have a fake one and that he’s told Erika that Janie is after them and they’re after her.

Outside, Danielle is STILL talking to poor George, who deserves some kind of medal for listening to her drunken ranting for this long. Erika comes outside and sits down, which turns out to be a big mistake. Danielle looks over at her and screams, “What?” Erika says “nothing” very quietly. And so it begins.

Dani gets out of the hot tub and goes over to the couch. Erika says that she only mentioned that it was a possibility that Dani would go up, but now she’s showing her true colours. Dani is screaming that Erika will NOT get her vote at the end, and Erika says she knows that. Erika says that she can’t beat Dani in the final two, but Dani calls bullshit. Dani’s saying that she had her back and believed in her, and hates the fact that she trusted her. Erika says that she trusted Dani too until recently, but she made pacts with people that Erika wasn’t included in. Dani says that she gave Erika her heart, she swore on her children, and now she’s getting nominated and will walk out the door.

They’re both smoking now. Dani is slurring her words and talking fast, while Erika just looks completely exhausted. Dani says “nominate me and you won’t have my vote”. Erika asks how she can not nominate Dani now, after listening to her talking in the hot tub for the last twenty minutes. Dani repeats “It is what it is” and “ultimate betrayal” a few times. She says she would have moved heaven and earth for Erika, that she was her Jason and Dani was Erika’s Jack. Erika points out that Dani did stuff behind Erika’s back without telling her.

This goes on and on and around and around. Dani repeats herself and Erika calmly tries to defend herself. Danielle tells Erika that she’s stupid for thinking that Dani has the jury votes. Now she’s repeating that she’d move heaven and earth again. She says that she’s never said anything against Erika. Wow, get the hip-waders and shovels folks, it’s getting deep in here.

Dani slurs that she could understand if she went out by Chill Town or Janelle, but since it’s Erika, it hurts. She’s going home on Thursday and Erika won’t have her vote because she’s making a stupid error. George is sitting by the hot tub listening to all of this. Erika just keeps saying that she can’t beat Dani in the final two. Danielle starts yelling and crying, saying “it hurts, it hurts! I believed in you!” Erika holds her head in her hands as Dani shouts that she hates herself for believing in anyone. She adds that she never would have even considered putting Erika on the block.

Dani says, “Damn! I got played!” but Erika refutes this. Danielle says that she sat there and said that she knew she couldn’t beat Erika at the end but she’s going to take her anyway. Which of course is a total lie. Erika says that she hasn’t even made the nomination yet, but Dani knows what’s going to happen. She’s swearing a lot now and slurring even more. She says that when she’s gone on Thursday, Erika will be by herself and will have no one else. Dani says that Erika won’t win now, because Dani is the only person who has her back and strategically it doesn’t make sense. Erika is still holding her head in her hands, and Dani demands that she look at her. Dani’s crying again. She gets in Erika’s face and yells that she cried and told her she was putting her up. She lights another smoke. Erika says she hasn’t done anything yet, but Dani doesn’t care. She keeps saying she got bamboozled, and she wishes she would have played by scumbagging everyone. More repetition of “I gave you my word on the love of my kids. What more do I gotta do woman?”

Will and Janelle, oblivious to the fireworks in the backyard, finish up their card game. Will says that, even though they have all kinds of stuff going on in their real lives, he’s happy that they’re playing the game together and both want the same things out of it. Will says goodnight and goes to sleep.