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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 27th – Doogie Saves Christmas, But Drunk Dani Gets Dramatic

Janelle goes to try on one of her new shirts, and everyone seems to like it. She sits down with Will and the others outside, and says that she made ham roll-ups for everyone. Then she realizes that Erika and Will don’t eat ham, so she apologizes. Erika says that Janie will make a great mommy some day, and points out that it looks like she’s nesting now. Janelle answers that she’s going to be a domestic goddess some day, and Will says softly “yeah, in like six months”. Er, what?

A bit later, Danielle catches up with Janie in the bathroom. She asks Janelle why she voted for James’ eviction, and Janie answers that she knew James had asked George to backdoor her, and that he didn’t even try to win the veto competition when they were first put up together. She knew then that he was acting and not doing a very good job of it. Danielle tells Janie that Erika told her she’s going up. Janelle asks why, and Dani says because Erika doesn’t feel she can beat her in the final two. Janie says she’s sorry, and it sucks.

Danielle goes into the tarantula room, and starts talking to herself again. “I can’t believe I’m leaving because people don’t think they can beat me. Unbelievable! Un-stinking-believable.” She adds that BB needs to call her to the DR right away. Can’t they just go in when they need to?

She returns to the bathroom, and Janie is still in there. Janie asks her if she thinks voting Marcellas out was a bad idea. Heehee. Dani agrees that it was, since she’ll be leaving now. But, of course, now Dani’s talking and the floodgates are open. She takes Janie to the workout room and starts yapping about how it sucks that she finally started to trust someone, and the end up putting her on the block. She thinks this whole thing was just a waste of time. Welcome to Bittertown, population Danielle.

Now Dani’s kissing some serious Janie butt. She’s saying that she’s a big fan of Janelle’s and has been rooting for her, and that she’ll be just fine for the rest of the game. She advises Janelle to team up with Chicken George and not trust anyone other than him. Especially Erika, because she’ll lie. Heh. Dani adds that her jury vote will be for the best player, not just the person who won the most comps. Is that some back-handed way of telling Janie that she won’t vote for her? Or that she will? I’m lost.

Danielle goes on and on and on. Play the game full tilt. Trust only George because he has your back. Don’t trust Erika. Prepare yourself for the jury questions. Blah blah de blah. If I were Janie I’d fake stomach cramps and get the hell out of there. Dani actually says that if she had won the veto, she would have taken Janie off the block. That’s a steaming pile o’ crap right there, folks. They hug.

Dani goes to find George to talk his ear off now. She tells him that Erika lied to her and she’ll be leaving this week. George is saddened by this news, but not exactly surprised. Dani tells him not to trust Erika, and to work with only Janelle. He needs to start studying things with Janie and get sharp for the comps. George agrees. Janie shows up, and Dani keeps pushing for them to work as a team. Then she asks Janie for her vote – but Janelle points out that if Danielle stays, George will leave. Ha! Seems Dani didn’t realize that, because of course George is still right there. Oops. She stutters out an apology.

Finally Janie and George break free, but Janelle’s freedom is short-lived. She ends up playing cards with her new best friend Dani outside, while Erika jumps around on the trampoline in her bikini. She asks Will and Booger if “this is at all sexy”, and they ensure her that it is. Okay, I’m female, so I may be completely wrong here. But from where I’m sitting, I see a stick with two huge boobs that don’t move at all when she bounces. And I don’t think it’s particularly sexy. And no, I’m not jealous. I’m a touch jealous of her hair, I’ll admit that. It’s gorgeous, but she needs to colour the really dark part underneath. Okay, I’ll stop now.

Erika gets off the trampoline and joins the other girls on the couch. Will starts jumping and asks Janelle to join him, but she declines. Danielle leaves after having her ass handed to her a couple of times in cards. The group splits up a bit, and Danielle goes to Will to ask if she has his vote. He assures her that she does, of course. He says the only way to have prevented the situation is to have a time machine, and Danielle suggests that they could have prevented Janelle’s parents from ever meeting each other.

Janelle comes out and she ends up talking to Will, of course. They talk about Danielle going up, and taking Erika out next week. She says she’s fine with that, because Erika is a sneaky player and scumbags people. Will says that he enjoys playing the game with Janie, even if he had to get rid of her whole group to do so. He calls her “sweetheart”, and when she asks what he means by that, he says “I think you know, don’t you?” When she walks away, he says to the camera that he’s the biggest bastard ever. He adds that he’s going to get even crazier now, and that he said on Kaysar’s chat that if anyone goes after him they’ll end up in pain. I thought that wasn’t even him in that chat?

Janie comes back and Will tells her that he enjoyed napping with her earlier. She wants to know why he couldn’t sleep, and he says that he had a lot to think about. Of course Janie wants to know what he was thinking, and he says she’ll find out eventually, when it’s the right time.

He goes to George and tells him that he’s totally safe this week, and not to worry. He gives Georgie one of his “personal guarantees”. George says he’s fine with it – he’s used to being on the block. They talk about how great Janie is, and Will calls her a goddess. He goes upstairs and tells Erika that Danielle thinks she has Chill Town’s votes to stay.

Now it’s time for banal chit-chat. They all talk about past houseguests, how George didn’t think he’d make it on the show (but Dani of course knew he would), their Christmas gifts, etc. Will and Janie get on the trampoline together and hold hands, trying to jump up as high as they can. Will causes Janie to fall, and accuses her of trying to fall on top of him with her tongue in his mouth. They’re talking and laughing, and Will shouts out that kindergarten is fun! He ate chicken nuggets and got presents and Doogie Howser came to visit. Heehee – love it. He tells Janie that she’s adorable. BB warns them to be careful, and Janie apologizes.

Janelle joins Dani on the couch and they both complain that they’re sleepy. Dani is just hanging in there for alcohol now, because she says she needs a few drinks so she can “sleep hard”. Will is still bouncing around on the trampoline, trying to do tricks. Janie and Danielle talk about their cheerleading days in high school.

A little later, Danielle is hiding behind the outdoor couch and having a cigarette. All four feeds show this. Why is she hiding? We’ve seen her smoke in there before. Will tells Janelle about it so that Janie doesn’t say anything out there that Dani might overhear. He goes on to tell Janie that Boog is really tired today because it took so long to convince Erika to put Dani on the block. He’s amazed that they accomplished it, though. Janie says that Danielle knows that she’s leaving, but Will says she doesn’t because she came to him to make sure that they’re all cool with one another.

Will talks about how Booger tries too hard to get Erika to do what he wants her to, and that Will’s own style is to spread it out over time and make people trust him. Take note Janie! They wonder what would happen if George won HoH. Will doesn’t seem to think there will be any more crap shoot comps now that they’re getting so close to the end. He talks about how hard he’s worked to get where they are now.

Danielle joins them as they all walk laps in the backyard. They’re talking about how sick they are of beer and wine. Will wants anything, even a Zima. Hee. Janie says there’s lots of hard liquor in sequester, and Danielle says that she’s going to be drunk every night there. And that would be different from now … how, exactly? More talk about NPH and how awesome he is. I’m dying to meet this guy now, just to figure out why Will thinks he’s so cool.

Erika and George are sitting on the couch together, and Erika says that she’s now officially pissed off a jury member. George replies that at least she doesn’t have someone there who wants to cut off her arms with a light saber. Ha!

The wine and beer has arrived, and Danielle is once again hiding behind the couch having a butt. Will suggests that she hide under the trampoline. Which I suppose is better than under the bus. Will tells Janie that they should just relax together tonight, and then tomorrow they’ll have an extra-good workout. Janie agrees, and they grab a drink. Everyone’s asking for Mike’s Hard Lemonade now. Yum! They’re saying that they’re all happy drunks and that there wouldn’t be any violence or anything. Upon further reflection, however, someone mentions that Boog isn’t a good drunk.