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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 27th – Doogie Saves Christmas, But Drunk Dani Gets Dramatic

It’s Christmas day in the Big Brother house! I thought for sure that Will would be up early and running around waiting for Santa to show up, but instead we’ve got sleeping houseguests. It’s about 8:35 am, and suddenly I’m watching flames. Two hours of flames. Merry Christmas to me.

Two quick peeks at what’s going on in there show Neil Patrick Harris (of “Doogie Howser M.D.” and “How I Met Your Mother” fame) sitting with the hamsters (why? I have no idea) and Chicken George dressed up as Santa complete with lots of wrapped gifts. I wonder how much time we have until we hear people complaining about how lame their presents are?

We come back and everyone is very excited about having had Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) in the house. Don’t get me wrong – the guy’s a good actor and I think I’ve seen every episode of “Doogie” several times over – but these people are acting like Johnny Depp just dropped by and asked them all to move into his house and be his best friends forever. Lots of “I can’t believe I just met NPH!” and “NPH was here! In the house!” going on. Then again, if I were living with no outside contact for that long, I’d probably be pretty darned excited too.

Janelle wants to see Shannon Elizabeth, because she’s a big fan of the show too. Will says he doesn’t like her though, because she was rude to him and Theo Von at a party or something. Will says that Janie didn’t flirt much with him yesterday, and wants to know if she will today. She says “Oh yeah!” and guarantees it will be “strong to quite strong”.

It’s hard to tell what all the presents were, but it looks like everyone got clothes, and there’s a digital camera and a Nintendo system there as well. Janelle received a lavender-scented pillow or pillowcase. Danielle has gone back to bed, probably to work off the rest of her hangover. BB calls an indoor lockdown, and asks the hamsters to put the “electronic devices” they received in the storage room. Can’t have hamsters playing with cool new toys when there’s strategy and stuff to discuss!

Will wants Janelle and Erika to jump on the trampoline with him in their new undies. Erika is game (of course), but Janie is afraid that they might reveal too much. The undies, I mean. Will says it’s a personal fantasy of his, and Janelle says that she jumped on a trampoline in a bikini for “The Man Show”.

Will is positively gushing about NPH. Really – you thought Howie had an obsession with Will? You should see this guy go on and on about NPH. Booger is just happy that Will got something he wanted. Actually, this week is working out well for Will. First the trampoline, then NPH. America’s Choice must be just around the corner. They’re all talking about how NPH tried the slop and went into the DR.

Just like real kids at Christmas once the excitement is over, the hamsters decide that it’s nap time. Janelle and Will are resting in the same bed, in the same room as Boog and Danielle. And they’re holding hands! Will decides to flip around so his head is at Janie’s feet. She tells him to get his knee out of her back, and he says “that’s not my knee”. They’re giggling and joking, until George comes in and points out that they’re snuggling. Will gets up and lies on the floor beside the bed, but they’re still holding hands. Janie objects to his getting out of bed, and says that they’re just friends. He says “yeah, but that’s how people get pregnant”. Everyone has a good laugh. Will adds that when he gets out and his girlfriend dumps him, he can sleep in the same bed with Janelle.

Will gets up and goes to the bathroom, and when he comes back to his spot on the floor he reaches his hand up for Janie’s again. He tells her that she’s cute. Things start to quiet down, and eventually everyone’s sleeping.

Sleep doesn’t last long for Will. He gets up and starts fiddling with his new clothes, folding them and checking them out. He tries on a couple of things, then heads out to do some laundry. George gets up and they talk some more about how cool NPH is. Will says that his new pants are too big, but he’s going to try and shrink them. He compliments George’s new shoes, and tells him that they’re expensive ones. George is amazed. They’re enjoying bagels and lox, and Chicken Gorge is just in heaven with all of this food.

Erika wakes up and tells Will and George that she just had a dream that she had her head blown off with a shotgun. That’s what happens when you sleep with the Boogie Man. She comes downstairs and they talk about their seasons of BB. Yawn. Erika points out that they had “real sex” on her season, but Will dismisses it because the people involved were ugly. Heehee. Then it’s time to complain about the clothing that Erika got for Christmas. She doesn’t like the shorts or the shirt that looks like it was made for a “14 year old boy”. But of course she loves what Janie got.

Will joins in, and says that Booger made out well with a sweatshirt and Nintendo. Will got a scarf, which he says is ridiculous because he lives in California. Heh. He says he’ll use it when he goes to Europe. Now it’s back to NPH, and how he did a flip on the trampoline and said something about a “showmance”. Will says that it proves he watches the show, and now Will wants to get the word patented.

Apparently NPH woke them all up this morning, and Will is embarrassed because he woke up with morning wood, and jumped out of bed when he saw NPH. They wonder how that will be edited. Danielle’s up now too. George has the spoon that NPH ate slop from, and it still has some slop on it. He’s going to save it “for the memories”. Ew. Danielle got up so she could have the last bagel, apparently. She grabs it and covers it with the lox, and Will points out that she’s eating a cinnamon bagel with salmon on it. Bleh. She doesn’t care. They argue over the pronunciation of “salmon”, with Dani taking the stance that it’s “saL-mon”. I used to go out with a guy who said it that way. Drove me nuts. Of course he pronounced “iron” as “I-Ron” too, so there you go. Moving on.

Erika is pretty quiet now that Dani has arrived. Dani asks her if she wants to go outside and talk, and Erika shakes her head no. Will and Danielle go outside instead, and she wants to know what’s up with Erika. Will gives her some BS answer about tension between her and Booger, and Erika’s biological clock. Danielle’s main concern right now is making it to the final two and losing again. She says she worries about her family’s reaction to her walking out the door a loser again.

Meanwhile, Erika is in the HoH with Janie, asking her about what her noms would be if she won HoH this week. Janie agrees to put up George and Booger or Will, and then break the tie in the vote and send Booger or Will out of the house. Erika seems excited about this and shouts out “Team Janelle!”

Erika comes downstairs to talk to Danielle. She tells her that Dani is going on the block, because she’s such a strong competitor and Erika can’t beat her in the final two. Erika starts crying and apologizing, explaining that she came here to win and she has to do this. Danielle reacts by saying that it’s fine, she has to do what she has to do. Which is another way of saying “it is what it is”, I guess. She walks away from Erika, leaving her crying by herself.

Danielle starts walking around in the backyard by herself, muttering things like “I need my suitcase so I can pack”, “Thank God this is over”, and “I should have kept Marcellas”. As Dani is having her epiphany of sorts, Janie is talking to George about how her mom sells Mary Kay cosmetics and has the pink Cadillac. She offers to hook George’s wife up with her mom if she’s interested in trying to sell it too.