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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 26th – Christmas Comes Early

Erika admits that Boog and Will saved her on several occasions when they could have voted her out. She calls Will up to join them. Will reassures her that once she nominates Danielle, her job is done and they will do the dirty work. If it ends up being Chill Town and Erika in the final three, Will plans to leave and join the jury. Erika asks Booger one more time if he would take her to the final two, and Will tells him it’s okay, he can say it. Boog promises.

Janie and Will jump on the trampoline for a bit, and then Janelle goes to talk with Dani. Dani lies through her teeth and tells Janie that she’s been rooting for her in the DR. They talk about who they thought would win at the beginning of the season, and they agree that most people thought a sleeper would take it – Diane, Erika, or Marcellas. I did too.

Upstairs, George is now in the conference room with Erika. She ensures his safety this week and asks him who he thinks needs to go up to be sure he’ll be safe. He suggests Danielle. He goes on to say that Erika is in exactly the same situation that he was in as HoH, and that he had to put Howie up even though he was close to him. She doesn’t really have much of a choice.

Janelle, Will, and Dani are walking laps in the backyard. Janie drops out to have a glass of wine, but the other two keep walking. Booger has returned to the HoH room, and tells Erika that Dani was asking him what they were talking about up there earlier. Erika mentions that George didn’t even offer up Boog or Will as the replacement nominee – he went straight for Danielle. Boog calls him smart. Heh – when it serves your own purposes, sure. Boog tells Erika that he told Danielle that Erika is in a real tight spot now, and that things are tense between the two of them. She confirms that Danielle is going, and Booger says that she’s doing the right thing.

Erika now begs Boog to spend the night with her, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea because he’s told Danielle that they’re not getting along real well. She wants to know what she should tell Dani, and they think on this one a little. Finally they decide to tell her that she’s going up, but that Boog and Will are planning to vote out George, so she shouldn’t worry. Right, because it’s not like they haven’t told all three jury members the same thing.

Boog leaves and finds Will to tell him about how George inadvertently helped them out with Erika. They’re giddy with excitement, and can’t believe that George came through like that. The Chickenman enters and says he’s going to bed because tomorrow is Christmas. He thinks they’ll all get new cars.

Will goes to the door and says that he wants the backyard full of snow and presents in the morning. They’re all pretty excited about this Christmas thing – I sure hope there’s something waiting for them in the morning, or we’re gonna have disappointed hamsters on our hands. Upstairs, Booger tells Erika that this is their last chance to make out tonight, so they start kissing. Ew – time to switch feeds.

Will tells Janie about what’s going to happen with Danielle. She’s pretty happy, of course. She puts cranberry lotion on her arms, and Will is admiring the scent. She asks him if he wants to smell her arm, and he does, but he doesn’t. He says he doesn’t want to start something that he can’t stop, and Janie just laughs him off. Dani comes in , and they talk about food. Will wants egg nog for Christmas. Then they discuss how they miss physical intimacy. Not sex, of course, just the cuddling and stuff.

It finally starts to look like everyone is down and sleeping for the night, but Will and Janelle are both rather restless. About an hour later, Will gets up and goes to the kitchen. Erika is there – wow, I didn’t even see her. They start talking about the veto competition, and how Will thought she had it. It’s about 5 in the morning now, by the way. They rehash the fact that Janelle will be coming after Chill Town. Will says that if Janelle continues to dominate in the competitions, he’ll have to vote for her in the end because she’s so good.

Talk turns to Booger, and how he’s not ready for a serious relationship. I don’t know if Will is throwing Boog under the proverbial bus here or trying to warn Erika, but he says that Boog works 80 hours a week, parties with people who are much younger than him, and meets a lot of shallow, money-hungry women. Quick shot of Janelle in the bedroom – she’s still awake. Now Will is saying that Erika just needs to give Booger a bit of time, because he obviously does care for her. Okay, maybe I misunderstood the first bit.

Will talks about his relationship with Erin. He says it’s a problem that he’s in LA and will be there for another year doing his residency, and she’s in New York. He thinks that if they’re still together when he gets out of the house, they’ll be together forever. He’s worried though, because he asked about being out of the house in time for a wedding, and was told that it wasn’t something he needed to be concerned about because Jonah talked with Erin. He’s not sure if that means that everything is taken care of, or that he’s single and not going to the wedding.

They talk for a couple of hours, about how they will adjust to life on the outside once they get out, and what they think the BB Christmas will be like. It almost seems that Will doesn’t want to expect anything good so he won’t be disappointed. Finally, at just after 7 am, they both decide to try and get some sleep. I have a feeling there will be a lot of napping houseguests on Christmas day.

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