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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 26th – Christmas Comes Early

Now it’s prep time for the veto competition. They’ve got two hours, but the showering and makeup-ing has already begun. Will and Danielle decide now that as long as Janelle doesn’t win, they’re fine. Which contradicts their earlier assessment of not wanting George to win it.

Speaking of George, he’s having a bubble bath in the HoH bathtub. Looks like he’s enjoying it, but I’m a little uncomfortable watching Chicken George bathe.

Janelle comes out of the shower and begins her beauty routine. She curls her hair, and then spends an eternity applying her makeup. There’s a brief crisis when she can’t find one of her makeup kits, but Danielle steps in and directs her to it. Because, as we’ve learned by now, Dani knows everything. Janie puts on more makeup than I’ve ever seen her in, and comes out asking people if she looks like a hooker. Heh. They all tell her she looks great, and will look terrific on camera.

Even Danielle has decided to make herself pretty for the veto comp. What’s the world coming to? We’re so used to seeing her look like a homeless person, this’ll be a shock. Janie pulls Will aside quickly and asks him to swear on his brother’s life that he’ll save her with the veto if he wins it. He does. But one has to consider what the chances are that Will is actually going to even attempt to win the veto.

Will now goes to Booger to run through the various scenarios that could play out with the veto. Janelle wins it, they convince Erika to put Dani up and vote her out. George wins it, Will goes up, Janelle goes home. Will wins it, Janie comes off and Danielle goes up and goes home. Etc etc.

Janie now begins to stretch and prepare for the comp. She takes a brief look at the memory wall. Booger and Danielle are sharing stories about their parents and their childhoods, which frankly isn’t all that interesting. The subject matter has potential, but they’re talking about how their parents used to make them eat whatever was on their plates.

Finally, thankfully, we get flames. The veto competition is awn! The flames last for a good two-and-a-half hours. Someone must be taking an awfully long time with the morph-o-matic. My money’s on George.

When they finally come back, the hamsters are all laughing and getting along. But the best part? Janelle is wearing the veto necklace! Yippee! It was indeed the morph game, and George is complaining that he should have worn his glasses. Heh. Danielle, who wants wine of course, is saying that the girls were the top three. Janelle finished it in one minute, and Will says that he couldn’t have done that even if they had given him the answers. Janie says that her advantage was that most of the people evicted were her friends – she recognized them easily. That’s a good point. Everyone seems to be genuinely impressed with Janie’s performance, which is a refreshing change.

Hee – George took 24 minutes to finish. Poor guy. He congratulates Janelle and tells her that he’s proud of her. She apologizes to him, because now he’ll remain on the block. George doesn’t seem too concerned about that though. Even Dani and Erika are hugging her and saying that she did a great job. Wow. I’m impressed.

Danielle goes upstairs to pace, and she’s talking to herself saying that she needs Erika to come up there. She watches the spy screen and just keeps repeating “Erika, come up here. I need you to come up here.” Erika, however, is getting an earful from Chill Town. They’re telling her that now is the time to put up Danielle. They don’t want George to leave yet, and they tell her that if Janelle wins HoH next week, she’ll come after them, not Erika. She’ll be guaranteeing herself final four this way.

Will leaves. Erika won’t make a commitment, and Booger sounds exasperated – he tells her that she’s going to have to pull her weight here and do something bad to someone, even though it’s not in her nature. Erika asks if he’s sure, and wonders if she shouldn’t put Will up instead. Booger says “no no no!”, and insists that it has to be Dani. She asks Boog who he’d take to the final two – her or Will. He fluffs off the question with his circle-talk, and Erika says that she knows his loyalty is to Will.

Danielle finally leaves the HoH room, since her powers of mental persuasion don’t seem too effective in luring Erika up there. They meet up in the storage room, and Dani asks outright if she’s going on the block. Erika says no, but it’s not too convincing. She says that she has to think, and Danielle dejectedly asks her to at least let her know what’s going on when she decides.

The hamsters are begging for booze, saying that it’s Christmas eve and they need it. Will says that if you can’t get drunk at Christmastime, when can you get drunk? Methinks Will would enjoy Christmas with my family. Janie gets called to the DR, and once she’s gone they all start talking again about how ridiculously fast she finished the comp. Someone mentions that it might have been rigged, and Boog insists that they shouldn’t take the James Rhine route on this one – she won it fair and square. Good for you, Booger. Danielle starts yammering about how she’d never vote for Janie in the final two. She adds that this is the first comp win that Janelle has actually earned – all the others were either rigged or given to her by people who weren’t trying. Wow, bitter much?

Booger tells Will that Erika wants to put him up. Boog thinks that they should go to Erika and tell her that they will vote out Chicken George if Will goes up, but Will suggests instead that Boog needs to get up there and work the showmance to get her to nominate Danielle instead. Hey, I’m all for Dani leaving this week, but I don’t want to have to watch all this showmance crap. Will tells Boog that he has to be sweet to Erika, and level with her. That they’ll have a relationship after the show, and Will is his best friend. Booger is complaining that Erika is such an effing floater, she doesn’t want to make anyone mad.

Somehow Erika and Janelle end up together in the HoH room, talking strategy. In other news, hell has frozen over. Erika asks Janie what she thinks she should do. Janie hedges a bit and points out that she only has three options, and wonders if Erika wants her to vote for anyone in particular. Erika avoids the question, and says that she doesn’t think she could beat Danielle in the end. Janie agrees – none of them could. Erika suggests that she takes out Danielle this week, and then the two remaining women work together to evict Boog and Will. Janelle agrees with this. Wow. I wonder if it will actually play out that way? I just can’t see Erika putting Dani on the block, even though she’s telling Janie that she’s realizing what a big threat Danielle is now.

Janelle tells Erika that she has to look forward in the game. She’ll be able to beat Chill Town in competitions, but Danielle will be harder to win against. Janie adds that, if Erika puts up Will, Booger will be mad. If Danielle leaves, no one will be mad at her. That’s the lucky jackpot point, because Erika then sighs and says she has to put Danielle up. This day just keeps getting better and better. Erika asks if Janie will put her up if she wins HoH, and Janie says no, she’s after Chill Town. She says she’s not working with anyone now, but she’s definitely not after Erika. Erika says that she’s happy the two of them are on the same team again.

Janie leaves and Booger comes up. They rehash a little, with Boog trying to play the Dani angle. Erika seems to want some physical comfort from him, but he moves away from her. She says that she doesn’t want to make the same mistake Diane did and end up with it becoming “bro’s before ho’s”. They talk about Janie a bit, and Boog says that Will really does have feelings for Janelle. Well yeah, that’s obvious – but “feelings” don’t have to be romantic, do they?