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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 26th – Christmas Comes Early

When this season started, the biggest threats in the game were Chill Town and Janelle. It amazes and impresses me that all three of them are still there. Love them or hate them, you have to give them the respect they’ve earned. They made alliances, worked the house, and in Janelle’s case (and to a lesser extent, Booger’s), won competitions and power. Will’s charisma has transformed not only the houseguests, but also the viewers once again. Sure, he had lots of fans going in, but those of us who weren’t exactly down with Chill Town in the beginning are now conceding that they’ve outplayed and outwitted (to borrow a phrase from another show) everyone else in the house. Will they make it to the end together?

Predictable Danielle is up first this morning, and busies herself with domestic chores. She cleans the kitchen, and even moves the appliances to clean under them. Will gets up and joins her in the kitchen, but of course he sits and watches her clean rather than pitching in. I would too. Who cleans as soon as they get up in the morning? Will asks what time Janelle went to bed last night, but Dani doesn’t know. She’d already passed out in a drunken stupor by that time. They joke that the veto comp will be held in the wee hours of the morning to give Janie an advantage. I’m down with that.

Will mentions that everything will be fine this week as long as George doesn’t win the veto. Danielle agrees, but warns that the competition will be a crap shoot, so they’ll all have an equal chance to win. How many comps have been “crap shoots” so far this season? The golf thing is the only one that comes to mind, and even that might be pushing it a little. George is up now too, in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

Erika and Booger arrive in the kitchen, and Erika remarks that she slept well. I don’t know how, with Booger right beside her, but whatever. There’s much milling about, and not much else going on. Bathroom trips, breakfast prep – that sort of thing. Boog tries out the trampoline for a bit. This is riveting. Will mentions to Danielle and Erika that he kept Janie up really late so that she’s be tired for the veto comp.

Erika and Danielle head upstairs to chat about dogs and families and photos. Boog pulls Will aside and mentions that he’s been trying to plant the seed in Erika’s wee brain to nominate Danielle, and that Erika came up with an idea that Will could win the veto and use it on George, then Erika would have no choice but to nominate Danielle. This is pretty funny, because neither one of these guys thought this up themselves. A bit later, as Dani and Erika are talking trash about other houseguests, Booger tries to figure out how the jury votes will go. Will tells him not to worry about that – they just have to get to the end.

Will points out that Janie went up to the HoH and told Erika that they need to target Chill Town, but Erika never mentioned that conversation to Booger. This concerns Will. He wants Booger to really work Erika in bed about putting Dani on the block. I was going to point out that nominations don’t exactly make for good pillow talk, but then I remembered Erika getting all hot and heavy with Boog and then asking him if she was safe that week, so on second ponder it’ll probably work just fine. Blech. Anyway, Booger says that it won’t be a problem.

George tells Boog that he once got struck by lightening. This explains so very much. He was hanging onto something, and the lightening hit either him or the pole he was hanging onto, and when he came to, his body was smoking. He says that the lightening exited his body through his knees, and they were all burned. His body was very pale for a long time afterwards.

Back upstairs, Danielle is asking Erika to let her win the veto. Erika wants to know what’s going on, but Dani insists that it’ll be fine and she’ll explain everything after she wins it. Who exactly would fall for this? “Just let me have some power to mess up your nominations, but I’m not telling you what I’ll do. It’ll be good, I promise.” Er, they’re at the final six now – the folks who came into the game armed with weapons-grade stupidity have already left the building.

Now Dani’s on a rant, apparently. She’s going after Chill Town like it’s her job, yo. BB3 Dani is back, and she’s out for revenge, no more trying to play the game with honour. Wait, she was playing with honour before? I must have missed that. Chill Town blindsided her pet Jamesy, and she’s going to get them back. Yeah yeah, okay. We’ve heard this before, yet … nothing’s really come of it. She’s planning to win the next HoH and do some damage. I love how they all think that all they need to do to win a comp is to decide that they have to. Dani refers to Janelle and Will as the “Rob and Amber” of Big Brother All Stars. Wow, that’s wrong on so many levels. If I were Janelle I’d be fuming about being compared to Amber, who played Survivor All Stars like a piece of driftwood. This of course leads to Janie-bashing, which I won’t dignify by recapping.

Danielle somehow thinks that she can convince everyone to throw the HoH comp so she can win it. This woman makes my brain hurt. If she’s not nominated this week, I hope she ends up being the extra person evicted. There’s no way I can handle recapping her when there are only three other people in the house to distract me.

The little HoH bitch-fest and laughable strategy session breaks up, and Danielle claims that she’ll tell people she was just sleeping up there. And Erika was doing what, watching you sleep? These are clever ladies, aren’t they? Erika goes out to the landing and lays down on the floor, peering out and watching the people downstairs. Weird, weird, weird. She keeps rolling over on her side and looking at them through the railing, then rolling on her back and just listening. Downstairs, Will and Janelle are sharing a waffle, while Booger and George are chatting about nothing in particular.

Booger joins Erika upstairs and lays on the floor too. Eventually Will comes up, and so does Janie. George is busy cleaning the bathroom. Not much going on here. Will asks Janelle when exactly she fell in love with him, and she tells him repeatedly that she hates him. They laugh and Janie says that she likes hanging out with him because he’s funny. Talk turns to what they asked for for Christmas, since tomorrow will be the Christmas day that they won in the food comp. They speculate about how things will work, and if they’ll end up having to compete for the presents.

Booger grabs some lotion and heads into the bathroom. Danielle walks in on him, and rushes out to tell everyone what she just caught Boog doing in there. I’d be blind and mute, so I give the girl props for being able to function after witnessing that. George complains that he just cleaned the bathroom. Heehee. He thinks it’s weird that Booger can do this like it’s nothing, with five other people in the house. The camera person gets all art-filmy with us, panning around to the toilet paper, the lotion, the sign on the bathroom door, and then the pictures on the memory wall.

We get a quick shot of the backyard, and it’s the morph-o-matic competition that’s all set up. Woo – Janie definitely has an advantage in this one!

Meanwhile, Erika is upstairs losing her active brain cells. She’s talking to the camera, wondering what to do. She says she’s got herself mixed up in a tangled web of lies (like a spool of lies, perhaps?) and now she doesn’t know what she should do. Wow, she might actually have to make a decision in the game. No wonder she’s flipping her lid. She grabs her teddy bear and tells him that she has to win the veto.

Will and Janie are in the bug room, and Will is encouraging Janelle to fight for the veto. She’s worried that, if she wins it, Will is going up in her place. He tells her not to be concerned about that, and she agrees that she’ll try her best to win it. Janie goes out to the kitchen and finds Danielle there. They start talking about how their families are watching, and Boog is embarrassing them with his bathroom activities. He really is worse than Howie with this. Janie shares that she woke up this morning and her boob was exposed. They laugh over their shared encounters with accidental nudity on camera.

Janie and Dani talk about past houseguests for a while. Janelle mentions that Maggie is married now. I guess the S6 weren’t invited to that particular ceremony. Lucky them.