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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – The Birds and the Bees

Everyone tires of the trampoline and ends up back inside taking and eating slop, waiting for the clock to turn midnight so they can all eat. It’s Will that ends up back outside on the trampoline. He can’t seem to be happy long in any one place. He leaves there and goes in to shower, then wakes Janelle from a nap, asking her if she wants to come outside to play cards. I wonder if he missed her or if he wants to work her a little bit.

Meat and alcohol are delivered to the SR, and guess what Danielle swoops in on. Although it still isn’t midnight yet, so they’re waiting … and waiting. Will can’t figure out why there would be shark in there, but he does want the mahi mahi. They’re also going to cook up some sausages and wings, so they send George to the DR to beg and plead for a knife and bleu cheese salad dressing. I think I’d die with job meat. I need my carbs, man.

George overcooks the fish, and Will is none too happy about it, complaining that everything he cooks is burned and cajun style. Will asks George what the weirdest thing is that he’s ever eaten, and he says turkey nuts. And I think I know where he got ’em. George is originally from Rockford, and there’s a town between here and there (I’m in the Chicago ‘burbs) that has an annual Turkey Testicle Festival. I’m betting that’s where he had them.

Will and Goobie get together and say this PoV is really important. They need to get either George or Janelle taken off, and need to get Danielle up instead, but it could get hairy if one of them wins PoV. They would have to save Janelle, but it would expose everything they’re doing, so they’d hate to do it that way. Their best case scenario is for Janelle to win it herself. No matter what, they don’t want Janelle to win it.

Will comes to get Janelle out of bed once again, and convinces her to go hang out with the others outside, and they walk out holding hands. It’s kind of like watching Shelly Long and Ted Danson on Cheers. Will they or won’t they. Love/hate. Instead she gets together with the other two girls, and they discuss dirty books they’ve read, with Danielle saying she’s read them to her husband before, and Janelle saying she’s gotten hot flashes on an airplane. The subject changes to talking about reading the Bible, with all three saying they do it every day. Janelle let’s everyone know she has PMS, and George thanks her for the warning.

You have to love it when the guy you’re shagging with in the HoH room talks strategy and lies to you while he’s sitting next to you. Goobie and Erika like in the HoH bed, and he starts talking about how Janelle said she’s coming after him and Will next week. He then starts talking about Danielle, saying that she alluded to him that she might go after Erika next week. She told him to expect the unexpected. This starts to worry Erika a little, and she says she guesses there’s a possibility of backdooring her.

Erika still, though, keeps wondering why Danielle would tell the guy that Erika is “with” t hat she might go after him. Again, things aren’t making sense to someone in the house. If they had a huge pow wow, and sat an talked what they all are wondering about, they would figure it out that Chill Town has been promising final three or four to everyone single person in the house … save for George. Erika says she knows Danielle is her tightest ally, but she agrees she needs to go. She just wishes it could be next week at the hands of Chill Town, instead of her.

Will, Janelle, and Danielle have a real good talk, and I find myself thinking these three should be final three. For one, they’re the the best individual players in the game. Will and Danielle understand people to a certain point, and see the game differently than others because of that, and Janelle is in some ways so pure about people and too trusting, that it’s amazing she can ever last this long. Will says the problem with James, Jase, and Marcellas in the house this year was that they were all three bent on revenge. Danielle says Jase showed there was a good guy inside, but the game made the other guy come out, and they kind of fought each other until he imploded.

As for Marcellas, both Will and Danielle tell Janelle how he wanted her evicted earlier in the season, and he would sit and badmouth her all the time, and then brag about it when he did. He followed whoever the HoH was at the time, and they said they’d see a lot of him until after the HoH comp, then they wouldn’t see any more of him for seven days. Janie doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t like her, and wonders if it was jealousy of some type. Danielle tells Janelle she knows the two of them will be friends outside the house. And I think she’s right. They are very similar in some ways. If she can go back and be friends with Beau, she can be friends with Danielle.

Everyone goes to bed after this, and I’m still thinking I’d like to see the women teamed against the men this week. Sooner or later everyone is going to catch on to Will and Goobie, but the question is if it will be sooner or later. I think the game is going to get harder and harder for Chill Town to cover their tracks. And easier and easier, the less people that are there, for the rest to figure out what’s going.

What do you think of the girls teaming up and going against the guys? Tell us what you think in Girls vs Guys? and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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