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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – The Birds and the Bees

Danielle comes in to break up the strategy session of Will and Erika. She’s still trying to figure out why Janelle would vote against James, and wonders if she’s working with Chill Town too. Duh. She says she refuses to let George and Janelle strategize with each other. She’s just not going to leave them alone. Too late, as they’re now talking for the second time in the bathroom. George is saying he felt bad with Marcellas being voting out unanimously, saying no one deserves that. He also says how badly he felt doing that to Howie, and they both think that Howie is probably over it by now.

George and Janie discuss that they’re probably going to be nominated together since they’ve both nominated Erika, and Janie says she’s going to go up and tell her that if she gets HoH again, she’s going after Chill Town. George can’t figure out why she’d want to create waves with them right now. Everyone is walking around trying to figure out the next person’s motives. You are all working together and against each other. Your secrets are not very secret. That’s the motive. Janelle brings up after today she’ll have been nominated 9 times between her two seasons. George tells her it’s because she’s a badass. She’s ultra tough in competitions, yet also has a soft side. It’s nice that he recognizes that about her, because not everyone does. They only see the tough side. He also says anyone that brings gloves to BB isn’t bringing them to pull daisies.

Erika and Danielle are still chatting up in the HoH, and Erika is curious as to why Danielle never came to her to ask for an alliance. Danielle says she thought about going to Janelle for an alliance, but then she thought she was already in one with Erika. I don’t think that’s the answer Erika was looking for.

Will tells Janelle that she has to win PoV, but if she does, he’s worried that he might go up in her place. He encourages her, though, to see that it’s all okay. He wants her to go sweet talk Erika a little bit and say she’s not mad at her for wanting to nominate her. When they go to leave, guess who’s on the other side of the door? It’s Chicken George, up to his old tricks. he says he’s trying to figure out where to sleep without the red room. They show him where the empty beds are in the room.

Will takes a bowl of slop up to the HoH and finds Erika and Danielle there. He offers them some, and then they talk about their shared interest in dogs. He mentions being in the DR, and Erika wants to know if he was talking about her camel toe in there. Who in God’s name brings up their own camel toe? He says no, but he did mention that it looked like George was smuggling plums.

We get flames for awhile when everyone is gathered together, and we assume they were waiting to do the nominations. Yet, when we come back the HGs are saying that Don (assumably they mean Don Woman, co-executive producer) sounded really mad. Boogie says there’s no difference between referring to Person A, and we lose the feeds again. Apparently BB doesn’t want us to know what the HGs are in trouble for. When we come back, they’re talking about Ivette. Connection?

We then lose the feeds again, and when we come back the nominations are set. George and Janie have been put up on the block, as expected. Janie, Goobie, and Will talk privately and the guys feed her a line of BS about how they have to make sure she wins PoV. They tell her to be sure Danielle doesn’t win it. I so want to see the girls band together on this one.

Erika stages a complaint that her pectoral muscle is hurting under her arm. Will asks if she’d like him to feel it, and she says yes. for a minute I thought he was being rude; then I remembered he was a doctor. He tells her he figures it’s a muscle ache. When she asks if maybe she just slept on it wrong, he saw yes, that it was probably a spooning accident. Okay, so he couldn’t keep it totally professional.

Everyone is on an inside lockdown while they tear down the food comp outside. They are bored out of the minds, as they left both decks of cards outside. Will stays on the stairs and does pull-ups intermittently. When they start discussing the comp, Goobie says his summer is complete. He went on BB. He saw Talladega Nights. Check. Voted out BB6. Check. He had a 215 pound man jump up and down on him in a bee suit (wasn’t it a flower?). Check.

George and Goobie decide that the person that would have been perfect at the comp is Howie. He would have been a beast. Will poinsts out he would have yelled at George then, and beaten Goobie’s ass. That’s why they had to get rid of him. They know, Will, but it’s still fun to speculate the what ifs.

The lockdown is over, and they find out why they were locked inside. Will’s trampoline is there. He is most excited. There’s a variety of different people on it, but mostly we see Will. And the feed is flocused close in, so you see this huge body bobbing up and down. He gets yelled at when he tries to do it double along with George, as everyone tells him that’s too much weight at once. Will gets back on alone, and brings a badminton racquet with him as a fake guitar. I think his season could end right here, and he’d be okay with it. He shares that when he was 12 he saved his money from mowing lawns to buy his own trampoline … then he charged other kids $1 to jump on it.


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