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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 25th – The Birds and the Bees

It could be the start of another of those weird weeks. Danielle isn’t the first one up. The first are the HoH couple, Erika and Goobie, and they’re followed by George. We get flames, making it appear BB is waking up the rest of the house. Nearly an hour later BB is quite insistent that it’s time to get up. This makes Goobie talk about his grandpa leaving the house, and if any of his cousins weren’t ready on time, he’d leave without them. Danielle says she tells her daughters how you look when it’s time to leave, is how you’ll go to school. She says it makes her daughters run around like mad trying to get ready. Man, do I understand that.

More than an hour later, BB is quite insistent that it’s time to get up. They play some scary music, followed by Allison’s and Janelle’s mom’s wake up calls. Janie sits straight up in bed and says, “That’s my mom!” BB tries again, saying Will Will Will Janelle Janelle Janelle. Danielle wanders into the room where they’re sleeping, and Janelle asks what’s going on. Danielle replies she doesn’t know, but it’s something massive. This seems to get a little interest out of Janelle and Will as well.

We lose the feeds for a little, and when we come back Will and Goobie have bumble bee costumes on, Danielle and Janelle are birds, and Erika and George and flowers. The flower costumes are very form-fitting, showing everything they have. Erika tells Will to stop looking at her camel toe. Who … who calls that out? The backyard is more like a garden setting right now, and the HGs are told they have to walk around and gather nectar (representing prizes) along the way. They may get penalties, like slop along the way, though. They had been promised a fun food comp. this time, so I hope they’ll all happy with it.

As for the prizes, there is a get off slop pass included, and everyone talks about trying to win it for George. There’s a trampoline for the house, but you have to put everyone on slop to get it. Will asks everyone if they’d be mad at him. We get flames during the competition itself, it it seems when it’s over, that George got the slop pass, Will got the trampoline for three days, and they also got Christmas on Sunday, whatever that is. They missed winning any dairy, bread, cereal, or desserts, but they do have liquor. Will compares it to being on the Atkins diet and to living in England in the 1500s. They also lost the red room for the week, upsetting George and Danielle, as they just decorated it again.

Shower time is becoming a little dangerous for Will. He asks Janie to hand him a towel, and he thinks she got too close. She then gets in on the other side. Danielle comes in and steals the towel, and danielle tells him she’s not afraid of a little nudity. She walks away with it, and he says “game on”. She does take pity on him some, and brings him the towel back.

Everyone seems a little injured after the comp. Goobie wraps up his knee, and makes mention that at least he doesn’t need ten stitches. Erika has an open wound on her leg, and Danielle talks about having cuts all over. Will tells Goobie he’s worried if they’re hurt about winning PoV. He doesn’t want Janie to win it, as he knows there’s a chance he’d go up, figuring that Erika will make her expected noms of George and Janie. Goobie tells him not a chance this week, but I’m not sure Goobie has as much power with Erika as he thinks, especially when she refused to give it up for him last night.

As George is eating steak today, everyone else but HoH Erika is on slop. Janie tells George it isn’t too bad in the morning, because it’s just like oatmeal. As long as she has honey and brown sugar, she’s fine. George hopes Howie and James wont’ be too mad at him in the sequester house, and Janie tells him Howie won’t be mad too long. I’m not too sure about that …

Will and Erika chat in the HoH behind a locked door. She tells him she is putting up Janie and George, but if Janie gets taken off, Will will be put up, but won’t be in danger of leaving. He’s willing to keep being the hitman around here, and says he would like a final four of himself, Erika, Goobie, and George. She says she’d like that, and he says it’s not that she doesn’t always need to be reassured. He says that Janie can’t win the veto, and that she’s ruining his life. You know what, Will? That’s a situation you created.

They take the strategy session even further, with Will discussing if they get first through third place, they can split all the money and each get $190,000. He talks about being afraid of Danielle, as he’s still working it, trying to get Erika to nominate Janelle. He tells her about the one week deal between Janelle and Danielle. He assumes with this that Janelle will be the one leaving, and says HoH will be the easiest to win next week with Erika also not playing as the outgoing HoH. Erika tells him that Chill Town will have to go after Danielle. She just can’t, since they’ve been together since the beginning of the game. She also says it’s kind of funny because her closest ally is the one person she can’t beat, just like last time with Jack. That’s right, and she sold him down the river to get further in the game. She will sell Danielle too, if she needs to, based on last time. Will suggests that if Janie win PoV, Erika put up Danielle assuring her she’s safe, but Chill Town flips it, and takes her out. It’s not Erika turning on her then. Yeah, except when Erika finds out she knew all along she’d be going. Just like everyone else you scumbagged.

While Will is working Erika, Janie is working George. She asks if he ever promised Kaysar his vote, and George swears he didn’t, and only said he couldn’t tell Kaysar how he would vote. She says she thought James knew Kaysar was going up and that he himself would be safe, because he took the prizes. George said he could figure that out. Janelle says she could, but couldn’t prove it. She says it didn’t matter how Chill Town would have voted then, as she would have broken the tie. George is shocked, and says he never thought about that.


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