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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 24th – No Shagging in This Austin Powers' Room

Erika plays cards for awhile with Danielle, then gets in the hot tub with George and Goobie. When Goobie gets called to the DR, Erika talks with George, and he knows what’s coming already. She says she thinks she should go after Janelle, and the only one that would be a good pawn is George. She wants him to be sure he knows she’s not betraying him and guarantees his safety.

Danielle talks to the other HGs in disgust, telling them there is “poo” on the lid of the toilet. Eeew. No one lays claim to it, but they discuss George bringing out the plunger that Howie had used and also discuss James being on the toilet for thirty minutes last night when he was drunk. Goobie talks yet again about the coup power that he had. He says he “almost” lost it because BB had cameras following him around to be sure he didn’t screw up with it.

They all put together a shopping list of items they would like. On the list is berries, light carb yogurt, stuffed crust pizza, turkey burbers, cheese that is real and not the fake veggie cheese that 18 year old production assistants this is healthy, and bagged salad. Danielle wants ramen noodles (she sounds pregnant with craving or something the way she’s been mentioning it the past few days) and Pine Sol. The Pine Sol is for the dirty toilets. Will thinks he might like a corn row kit for his growing like a weed hair.

The moves in a much more comfortable direction, depending on how you look at it, as they discuss Howie’s big eviction. They laugh at Howie threatening Goobie, and Janie asks what if Howie had actually hit Goobie. As for herself, she thinks it would have been awesome, and Danielle high fives her for that one. Goobie is just proud of his light saber salesman comment that he made to Julie Chen. Janelle talks about the round table at the finale last year, and says they were all drunk and hiding drinks under their chairs. They kept yelling at Maggie that she sucked, and Rachel was yelling things to Ivette. Then this one ought to be real interesting.

Danielle and Janelle try to explain what went down last season to Will and Goobie who apparently never saw any of it. They try to explain the thing between Kaysar and Eric, and how it created the two disparate sides. They point out that you would expect American to sympathize with the fireman, but instead they sympathized with the Iraqi, and he became the hero. You would have thought they would sympathize with the nurse, but instead they sympathized with the cocktail waitress. And the reason it the nerd herd became so hated was because they sat and said such mean, hurtful things.

While Danielle and Janelle get in a small argument over which guy is better, Jason or Kaysar, Goobie goes up to do Will’s dirty work with Erika in the HoH room. While she is kissing him, she says she’s putting up George and Janelle, and if the PoV is used, Will will go up. He asks if she would consider Danielle, and she says she would, but it would seem like scumbagging at this point. She asks if he still doesn’t want to send Will to the jury, and he says he does, just not yet. As they move to the bed, the camera keeps focusing on the HO in the HOH sign. You have to love the humor in that one.

George must be in bed, Will and Janie are playing cards, and Danielle is cleaning the bathroom. Goobie asks her to take off her swimsuit, saying she knows she wants to (gag me!), and she says no, and goes downstairs to get her pajamas. So she gives it up when someone else is HoH, but not when she doesn’t have to, because she’s HoH. Interesting. When she comes back, she’s been locked out of the HoH, and he won’t let her back in. For some reason BB takes pity on her and leaves a spark key in the SR for her. Damn them. I wish they would have let this one carry out a little.

Janie and Will continue their flirting, continuing the question of how innocent it really is. Danielle joins them and they all smoke, with Will blowing smoke rings. He also talks about how gross Kaysar’s hookah was. Will gets ready to go to bed, but Daniele wants to keep playing cards. Instead they go back and forth on who should tell a bedtime story. Danielle says she’s not that type of mom.

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