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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 24th – No Shagging in This Austin Powers' Room

Looking at pictures of Erika’s dogs, she, Janelle, and Danielle bond over their love of dogs. Erika says Danielle came to her house for a wrap party and ended up rolling on the floor with her dogs. Janie says when she moves back to Minnesota she’ll have ten. She also says she thinks her Bear looks like her. He’s gay, she thinks, because he was humping a male chihuahua. I’ve always heard that it’s a dominance thing, showing they are in power over the others. If that’s the case, and after listening to Danielle after James was evicted, I expect her to start humping Will. Instead, she says she has a French bulldog that cost $1600. Will asks Erika about her dog that died. Well, that’s a real mood killer.

Downstairs playing pool, Will tries to convince Goobie to talk to Erika to get her to nominate Danielle. Goobie thinks he’s asking for the moon, as if they get Janelle up, it should be enough. Danielle is still sitting with Erika trying to figure out what’s going on. We know her, and know she isn’t going to let this thing drop. Aside from wanting to know why Janelle would vote against james, she also wants to know why Will told her that James leaving was his fault. She wants to know why he would take on that as his responsibility. It’s burning a serious hole right through her. Perhaps she’ll realize the LOD was nothing more than a hoax to get her and James to help them eliminate the other big threats in the house, and that he didn’t want Janelle out anymore than Howie did.

Many had said they didn’t care what food they got tonight, as long as it wasn’t pizza. Goobie wanted some free publicity by getting sushi from his restaurant. As the food arrives, it’s not pizza, but it’s not from a Goobie restaurant either, and Will isn’t happy. It’s Baja Fresh, Mexican, and Will hated it the last time they had Mexican. Even wore, George finds out they aren’t going to let him eat. Will says if George isn’t eating, then he isn’t either. Then says he’s just kidding. Of course he’s going to eat. Janie tells him to stop it, because it’s just rude. Will apologizes and says if he wins a slop pass, he’ll give it to George.

After dinner, Will and Goobie go over HoH comp while they take in another game of pool. Will says he just stayed even with Danielle. He could tell whether she was moving up or down, so just followed her, thinking either they’d both go to the end in a tie, or both be out. Goobie mention how Erika hesitated over the last answer she won on, almost answered wrongly like the others, then when pushed for an answer, answered the right way. Will says he can’t work on Erika to do what they want, as he never has talked much with her, and it would just seem odd now. Goobie says he hates to go work her even more, as he’d hate to look like Will and Janelle. Will says even he doesn’t want to look like him and Janelle. Goobie admits that Will’s name already came up as a pawn, but he refused, saying the last three pawns have left the house.

Janie joins the guys at the pool table and asks if her trial membership to Chill Town is over, if she’s finally in with them for real. She and Will then reconstruct part of their DR last night. They did a Will/Goobie phone call, with her in in it instead. She “called” him and asked if it was Dr. D. She said she was looking to see how much it would cost to buy into Chill Town. She wondered if three alliance members were enough. I admit it’s funny, but it’s going to make her look like a bitch when they show it on TV, which is probably what Will was going for.

As for strategy, Goobie is told he better be “Joe Vance Romance” up in the HoH tonight. I guess that means no Dutch Oven tonight for him. Janelle is told to go to Danielle and tell her that she heard from George that James was planning on backdooring her. Upstairs in the HoH, Danielle is wondering why George never talks to her. Erika tells her it’s because he’s scared. They both agree he is going to wind up winning the whole thing.

Oh wow. Will suggests to Janelle that she do my plan; ask Daniele to go for a guys vs. girls thing. The talk switches to the missing BB6 members, and Janie wishes Howie were still around. Will points out he would have ruined everything and told everyone about their secret alliance. The talk then turns to James, and Will says it was too bad he didn’t get cool until his last night in the house. The says he should have been drinking and partying since the beginning. Will regrets being somewhat mean in his goodbye message to James. If he would have known James could be so cool, he wouldn’t have done that.

For a little non-game talk, Janelle says she can play Nothing Else Matters by Metallica on the guitar. will says in 8th grade he played the bass in orchestra so that he wouldn’t have to bring it home to practice. Wow, he could be that calculating even at 13 years old. that’s a little frightening, if you ask me. Janelle is then goaded into going to get Erika to invite her into the hot tub, and to ask BB for alcohol so that she can work it for a little girl power thing together. As she leaves, will says if you get the soliders to do the work, it’s not so hard on the general.

Janie goes up to the HoH and makes the invite. Erika upsets, and while she walks around HoH looking for her swim suit, she begs BB for alcohol, saying if she gets it, she’ll give them more sex scenes, because sex sells. Ewwww. She then says they do promote her by calling her sexy Erika. Should we count how many things there are that are wrong with what she has just said? Never mind. I just can’t get past her whoring herself out like that. That’s just … I can’t even put it into words.


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