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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 24th – No Shagging in This Austin Powers' Room

Here’s how it could go. The house is now split between the sexes three and three. If Erika puts up George and Janelle, everyone plays for the veto this week anyway. The girls help Janie win it, since they’ll be the only ones aside from George trying anyway. Janie wins, takes herself off, and Erika puts Will up. The girls now would have the controlling vote at 2-1. they vote out Will, and Goobie is automatically weaker, making him need Erika even more. What an interesting game that would be!

James tells Danielle if he does end up leaving it’s just because he’s not even in the same league as Chill Town, and that’s okay. She says if he does go, Chill town will have just lost three votes. I think she means Erika, Janelle, and herself, but I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if they really lost those votes. Danielle vows again that if James leaves, she is taking out Will first, and she will try to get Janelle to help her. She tells James Chill town will not be final two. James advises her that Janie can lie to guys, but not usually women. He tells Danielle to approach her when she’s smoking, because that’s when she’s the most frazzled. Danielle starts to cry again, and James comforts her while BB plays Happy Together.

James makes one last attempt at staying. He approaches Goobie who tells him he doesn’t now how Will is going to vote. Who in their right mind believes that? He tells him about the power, and says he had it, and could have put Janelle up before, but didn’t because he was waiting to use it this week. Instead of telling James he had it taken away, he says he couldn’t use it this week because he was HoH. I don’t think that’s true. James asks what will happen in a tie vote, and Goobie says he’s 50/50 right now what he’s going to do. James pleads with him saying that Will won’t go after Janie, but he will. Erika and Danielle would as well, but George wouldn’t. Goobie lies again and says Will told him he’s keeping James, but he doesn’t know if he really will or not. James says if they lose him, they lose Danielle as well, and Goobie admits to knowing those aren’t good odds. Will breezes through quickly and is noncommittal at best.

We lose the feeds for the live show, of course, and when we come back without James, and with an HoH crowned Erika, happy to not have controversy over her win this time, she tells George not to worry as she has his back. He must be going up as a pawn. Goobie acknowledges they have to help Janie win the veto this time since she put their trust in them in voting out James.

Danielle is very confused, knowing the one vote that James got to stay was from her. She approaches Chill Town and lets them know she is not happy with them for decimating the LOD in this way. Perhaps Janie and George are really safe this week, as Danielle is targeting Chill Town and vice versa. It could be a very interesting week. She tells Goobie he’s her target more than Will, but as she walks away, she says to herself, “Will’s ass is mine.” If she can pull this off, she’ll be deserving of final two.

Erika approaches Danielle and tells her she’s sticking to her previous plan of George and Janie on the block, and if Janie comes off, Will goes up. Something tells me Danielle is going to make damn sure Will goes up as a replacement. I see her helping Janie win it.

Dr. Evil goes away for awhile and Dr. Delicious takes his place. He, Erika, and Danielle talk about how neat it would be to have a kitten for the rest of the summer, as long as it had a home to go to at the end of the season. Will says he’s be going out side to be loud, and would be telling everyone else to not wake up the kitten.

After the short and sweet moment, Dr. Evil is back, and tells Danielle he’s sorry for her loss, meaning of James. He says he had to, though, as he just couldn’t trust him. He assures her, though, that they will have the votes to get Janie out this week. Danille tries to tell him again that James had his back. He tells her Goobie is always his number one, but she’s still there at number 2. I think Will is her number one … on her hit list.

Dr. Delicious comes back out and walks with Janie in the backyard. Knowing that they’ll be working on their “story”, he invites Erika to join them, saying they’ll be talking about incest. Soon everyone but the Chicken Man is walking together in the backyard. They talk about books they read growing up like Flowers in the Attic and similar. Will tells them all they must have been really horny girls. You know I never read any of VC Andrews books, so I’m kind of wondering right now what that says about me.

Erika gets her HoH room, and it’s a very happy sunshiny room with flowers, looking very, very groovy. Shagadelic, Baby. When asked about liking flowers, Erika says her mom is a gardener. Guess who was the first to dip into the wine in Erika’s HoH basket. Ten guesses … first nine don’t count.


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