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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 24th – No Shagging in This Austin Powers' Room

Yet another apology for this feed recap being late again today. It was another busy day, as my son wanted to go to school today, but the school nurse advised against it, so he was home after collecting his homework for the day. Then it was determined by the x-ray report that he did indeed have a fracture on his ankle. It looks like his season of football might be over before it even started. making it worse, we can’t get in to see the orthopedic surgeon until Monday, because they wouldn’t want to make it convenient for anybody by having weekend or evening hours. I wish we could have gotten the radiologist’s report earlier in the day so we could have gotten him in cast today instead of waiting. It looks like we were a day late and a dollar short.

It might end up being a day late and a dollar short for James as well. After a raucous time last night with lots of booze and lots of fun, he wakes up today deciding he’s been playing the game all wrong this year. He wasn’t having any fun, as he was treating it more like a job than a fun game. If he’s still here tomorrow, and survives tonight’s vote, he vows to have more fun. The problem is he’s already created alliances and rifts within them with the no-fun James. Fun James might not get that second chance he’s looking for.

Everyone teases Goobie for missing a good time last night when they were all drinking and having fun in the hot tub and pool. He refused to get up when they were banging on his door, but it seems like he was awake and listening to them, as he says the “Betcha Can’t Sleep” thing was fun. This refers to everyone singing the song they call can’t forget from one of the wakeup calls.

Will and Goobie discuss what is said to them in the DR. Will says they ask him rather leading questions, like are you sure the others aren’t playing you? He is sure after the past few days that Janelle especially is not playing him. Goobie, on the other hand, says he can’t be that sure about Erika. All they need to do is look at the individual game play of both the two women to figure out this one. Erika has floated, clung, and lied since the beginning to everyone, but Janelle was always extremely loyal within her own alliance. They decide it would be best if Janelle won HoH, and they at first think of going for it themselves, even Will, but they eventually decide it wouldn’t be good to be put in the spot of nominating people this week and becoming a target themselves.

Will leaves the HOH, puts on his chief cook and bottlewasher hat and does the dishes, working on that enormous song catalog of his, singing Stand By Me. Perhaps it’s a message to his girlfriend, as he and Goobie then talk to Danielle, and finally confirm they are voting out James, and tell her that the reason is because James will work with Janelle, and Janelle is ruining Will’s relationship with his girlfriend ,and his game as well, and he doesn’t want James helping her do it. Well, that’s the biggest load of crap I think this guy has perhaps ever tossed out. It will be interesting to see if she buys it. We all know he only makes decisions in this game that help him. Period. Danielle worries about not looking good to the people on jury as this is the third person being scumbagged, but they assure her she’s okay, as she’s not the one sending them there.

Will and Goobie find out it’s a high/low step and answer HoH game, and Will asks Goobie to act mad about Will losing when he throws it. Is there really anyone out there that will believe that? I think everyone by now knows these guys throw HoHes and PoVs. Meanwhile George is busy packing his belongings in a garbage bag. Now everyone always talks about it being hard the day before eviction when they see the suitcase sitting out waiting for them. Why does George only have a garbage bag? Many all his extra costumes wouldn’t fit, but how’d he get them in there? When he’s done he puts it on a stick for the hobo look. Ah-ha. I should have known there was a purposes somewhere for this.

I think it’s kind of interesting that Danielle and Janelle are starting to learn a respect for each other, and learning that they’re more alike than different. I mean, if Danielle had thought of bringing her own competition gloves, she would have. Danielle, Erika, and James do some Jedi drilling, and neither of them can remember the pit stop times for the Talladega Nights luxury comp. Janie is just waking from a nap, and they ask her, but she pleads being too tired. Erika gets pissed at Janie for not helping them, and Danielle actually defends her, saying she wouldn’t have either.

Danielle knows James is leaving no matter what she does, but she still has to vote to keep him, just for appearances’ sake. Yet, it worries her what George will think of her for doing that, so she asks Erika to talk to him and explain why. You’re sending Amber to do that? I think she’d be better off doing that herself. However, then she turns it around again, and says how mad she still is that Janelle was given wine after her PoV win. Several of them went into the DR to ask for it, and Janelle was told only she gets it. It makes Danielle feel like even BB is trying to help Janie win. It does make you wonder why that would happen, but maybe that’s not exactly the way it went down.

I’m not sure why the feeds weren’t cut to the flames, but when Danielle has moved on to the bathroom to primp for the show, and James is packing his stuff, BB plays the Macarena. The two break into the dance spontaneously, but I have to say neither are very good at it. They end up looking like the majority of the people that do it on the floor at a wedding. When they’re done dancing, James asks Danielle what her gut is telling her, and she says that James is going home. He advises her to go to Janelle now and sell the final two idea. I really do think that would be awesome if these two pulled a coup like that.


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