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James’ Game is Maimed – Big Brother 7: All Stars, August 24th

Over the past week, another member of the Season Six alliance was sent packing. Howie left the house with about as much grace as a pubescent teenager. For the second eviction in a row, Janelle was stunned. Feeling lied to and betrayed, she began questioning her friendships. Chill Town won their first Head of Household via Mike Boogie, and Janelle mourned the loss of her friend but has played up her emotions to appear weak and vulnerable to the other houseguests. Will lured Janelle to Chill Town by telling her that he owed her for her past sacrifices, and a plan was hatched to fool the rest of the house. Mike and Will told Janelle that Boogie would nominate both her and James for eviction, and at the Power of Veto competition, they would help her win. James and Janelle duked it out for the PoV, and Chill Town’s plan worked perfectly, allowing Janelle to win. While James remained clueless, trusting Chill Town to evict either George or Erika, a pawn (George) was put on the chopping block. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house, James or Chicken George, and will Chill Town blindside another nominee for the third week in a row?

Janelle’s nemesis, James, still believes that Chicken George will be leaving: “Everything’s still on course, Chicken George will leave this week. I will never completely trust anyone until the show’s over, but I feel confident that I will still be here come Thursday evening.” That sounds like trust to me. George is also sure that he will likely go home, but he’s not stressing. “I’m not going to run around here, campaigning for votes. What I’m gonna do is be my normal, everyday self. I’m packing my bags up, and I’m prepared to leave the house. I might as well just have a good time with it, and hope for the best.”

James asks Danielle privately in the green bedroom, “Do you think they’ll vote to keep me?” Danielle admits that she’s concerned. “I’ll talk with them,” she says, “I just wanna make sure.” James begins to wonder if he should be worried also. Outside, Will admits to Danielle, “I’ve got concerns, Danielle.” “I can tell, Will,” she says, sounding very worried. Will wonders if James is actually going to stick with the “L.O.D. plan” or if he’s going to “stick with the Janelle-wins-HoH plan.” Will explains that his Legion alliance is strongest with Danielle and Boogie but realizes that Danielle is much closer to James than he is. He doesn’t trust James to tell the Legionnaires what he (James) has been talking to Janelle about. “I think he’s just double-dipping.” Danielle admits privately, “I think that’s Will’s way of giving me a hint that he may do something to change this game. If Boogie and Will pull something, and James walks out the door, God help them.” I like you Danielle, but really? Just what kind of vengeance could you commit?

In the red room, Erika comes clean to Danielle that she neither believes nor trusts either of the nominees. “James… I understand, he has an allegiance to you. I get that.” Danielle defends James, “It’s not that, Erika. It’s the fact that, that PoV competition [that he threw], he put his neck on the line for (his) alliance.” “For you,” Erika points out, “but not for me.” In the Diary Room, she admits that Danielle will probably vote to keep James, “but it’s very scary keeping George in the game because you don’t know what he’s going to do, so it’s a tough call.” Danielle wants to protect James, “It makes sense for me to protect James for me. I feel like I need to do something.” Outside, she later asks Janelle if she wants “to call a truce… a one-week truce.” After saying okay, Janelle admits, “I paused for what seemed like an eternity [before answering] because I didn’t really know what to say, so I just said yes. If I’ve learned anything in this game, it’s that, y’know, be honest with the people who are trying to be honest to you and lie to the enemy.” Danielle suggests to Janelle that she knows Chill Town are floaters and admits as much later in the Diary Room: “I need to knock Chill Town down. Those two need to be separated eventually, just to help me better in the game.”

James tries to heal old wounds with Janelle, discussing their alliance, “The worst two people from our alliance to be stuck together are you and I, because we always seem to have this rift.” Janelle is holding her bible and bursts into flames! Oh… no, that’s what SHOULD happen. Instead, she just smiles at James and assures him that she doesn’t know how Will will vote and that she will vote to keep him in the house. Lying while holding the Bible. I don’t even know what to say about that. James joins Will outside. “So everything’s still going alright,” he asks, “I’m not going to be a Howie?” Will acts surprised by James’ insecurity, asking, “You have nothing to be worried about; are you worried?” James seems embarrassed, admitting, “You know how it gets. Paranoia just sets in. I think Danielle is a little worried, and that’s what getting me worried.” “Listen, it’s a done deal. Don’t even worry about it. I wouldn’t even concern yourself with that,” Will says. “I’m just lining myself up. Obviously, I trust you guys,” says James. There’s that word again… ‘trust.’

Later, Will talks to Danielle in the bathroom. She is obviously emotional as she warns, “I can’t have you guys do that,” talking about the possibility of Mike and Will voting James out. But Will doesn’t promise her that they will keep James. She cries in the Diary Room, fearing Chill Town will betray her, “It’s imperative that James stay in the house… And I’m trying my best to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen, but it’s frustrating. I don’t know what more I can do.” Will returns to the HoH room, where he tells Boogie that James “has to go because if he stays, he’s really going to be coming after me and, thus, you.” But Boogie worries that without Danielle on board they might not be able to vote James out. Will agrees, “If Danielle is not ok with this, she’s coming after us, she will not support us, and we’re alone.”

Julie Chen checks in with the houseguests in the living room. “Mike, Howie got in your face right before he left the house last week, if James hadn’t gotten in between the two of you, do you think it would’ve come to blows?” Boogie explains that it was just the heat of the moment and takes a stab at Howie, saying that “if I sold light sabers for a living, I’d be full of anger, too.” Julie then asks George, “You were the one who put your Jedi Master up, do you feel any guilt?” He admits that he does a little bit, but that it is a game, and it was meant to be, which doesn’t make any sense to me. Julie also asks Janelle about her crying, “You took Howie’s eviction very hard, how are you coping?” Janelle says she’s a lot better and that it was just a shock to her. What’s more shocking is how anyone fell for those crocodile tears.