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Marcellas’ Last March – Big Brother 7: All Stars, August 17th

“Who did America vote as Most Intelligent: Will or Danielle? If you think the answer is Will, raise your left hand. If you think the answer is Danielle, raise your right hand.” The correct answer is Will. Everyone except for Erika and Danielle takes one step forward.

“Who did America vote as Biggest Whiner: James or Marcellas?” Marcellas. Everyone except for Will takes one step forward.

“Who did America vote as Worst-Dressed: George or Howie?” George. Only Danielle and James get to take one step.

“Who did America vote as Best-Dressed: Janelle or Marcellas?” Janelle. Everyone except for Mike advances.

“Who did America vote as Life of the Party: Mike or Howie?” Howie. “What?!” exclaims a shocked Boogie. Only Danielle and James get to take one step forward.

“Who did America vote as Most Likely to Break Hearts: Will or Mike?” Will. Everyone except for James takes one step.

“Who did America vote as Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize: Erika or George?” George. George is the only one who advances. “Whadda you know?” says a surprised Chicken Man.

“Who did America vote as Biggest Flirt: Janelle or Howie?” Janelle. Everyone except for Erika and James takes one step forward. George is surprised that he’s gotten so many answers right. He’s even more surprised when everyone takes off their blindfolds, and he sees that he and Danielle are tied for first place. “What?!” he screams. I’m absolutely giddy. Will this little fireplug actually win something?

George and Danielle grab the chalkboards provided for the tie-breaker. The person who provides the number closest to the answer without going over will be the new Head of Household. If they both go over, the one closest to the number will win HoH. “As a result of the ‘Digging Your Own Grave’ PoV competition, how many minutes total did the Big Brother 7 house go without hot water in the bathrooms?” It was a week, right? So, let’s see, some quick math: 7 days times 24 hours times 60 minutes per hour… hmm. Well, I know they don’t have calculators handy, so let’s say they estimated. 7 times 20ish equals 140ish times 60 is 8400ish. Correct answer is 10,080. But Chen says the answer is over 6,000… huh? Was it only five days then? That would be 7200, which is closer to what Julie says… I’m confused. And my “quick math” is a little off. But compared to their answers? George writes down 360, i.e., 6 hours. Danielle writes down 308, which is just over 5 hours. Come on. Neither of their answers makes any sense. But who cares! George won! Whee! George stands in shock and cannot believe that he has just won the HoH competition.

Chen tells the houseguests in the living room that this week is a double eviction week. George is shocked that he has to immediately stand up and nominate two people for eviction. “Oh no!” After only a few seconds of thought, he nominates James and Erika. “Again?” says Erika.

Some people have argued that these are ‘safe’ nominations, considering George could’ve gone after Will and Boogie or Janelle and Howie. But I think his nominations make sense, or at least, Chicken-Sense. Remember the animosity that James openly had for George, and Marcellas’ reminder to him about Erika may have still been fresh in his memory. And yes, it IS true that George does not have a committed relationship with any of the major alliances, so to that effect, I think these are probably the best selections for George. I can’t wait to watch the alliances scramble this week and try to engage their agendas through the Chicken Man. Or perhaps, Boogie will use the Coup d’État to take down his two fellow Legionnaires and put up Janelle and Howie. *rubs hands together* As a Chicken-Lover, I’m hoping and expecting this week to be quite interesting.

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