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Marcellas’ Last March – Big Brother 7: All Stars, August 17th

Reeling from the eviction of her closest ally, Janelle won HoH for the third time in six weeks, and she clearly had an agenda from the get-go: to get Danielle out of the house. The houseguests were told that a new secret power could be won. They can win this power by figuring out the clues given to them over the next few days to a well-known phrase. The first person to answer correctly will win. But after only two clues were revealed (a sheep with a pink bow on it and an oversized spool of thread and needle), nearly everyone had wagered a guess. At the nomination ceremony, Janelle targeted her biggest threats: Danielle and Erika. Erika felt safe because of her secret relationship with Mike “Boogie,” part of the Chill Town alliance. But Boogie had other plans, planning on voting her out once she was no longer useful. The Legion of Doom set out to save Danielle, planning to throw the competition and letting Danielle win the Power of Veto. At the Veto competition, they put their plan in motion, and Danielle won the Veto, but James’ poor acting skills led Janelle and Howie to believe he had committed the “Ultimate Betrayal” and lost some of their trust in him. To ensure their safety, Chill Town (via Will) made a deal with Janelle: “Nominate [Marcellas]; he will not go home,” and Janelle kept her word, putting her former best friend up on the block next to Erika.

Erika says she was shocked that Janelle nominated Marcellas for eviction but also relieved because she believes she stands a better chance of staying in the house than Marcellas does. Janelle had told Marcellas that she was going to nominate him but ensured him that he would be safe. “The pages of Big Brother history are littered with the corpses of people who thought that they were safe!”

In the red room, Erika asks Marcellas, “Are you going to talk to her?” “No, that’s not my style,” he replies and attests that he won’t campaign against his fellow nominee. But as soon as she leaves the room, he turns to Danielle and says, “D, I still need you to vote for me. I’m gonna fight, and if I stay, all hell is gonna break loose in this bitch, hell yeah.” But Danielle is “stuck between a rock and a hard place,” torn between her promise to Marcellas and her friendship with Erika.

Later in the backyard, James tells the Legion of Doom that they need to get rid of Marcellas this week. Boogie privately admits that Chill Town told Janelle to nominate Marcellas simply as a pawn to eliminate Erika, but “in reality, he is someone that I haven’t trusted from Day One, so we want to vote out Marcellas.” Danielle is concerned: “If we do this, and Marcellas walks out the door, and Janelle realizes she was just bamboozled, there is just no turning back after that.” I, for one, can’t wait for this whiner and sour-grapes moaner to get booted and watch as the alliances declare war. “You are three mean b—ches,” says Will to his Legionnaires. Hee.

In the red room, Erika tells George, “I’m relying on you, Georgie… Do I have your vote?” “Well, I like you… But yeah, you’re covered,” he replies. They leave the bedroom, and later in the bathroom, Marcellas corners George, “I’m not going to assume I have your vote, so I’m going to ask you straight up for it.” Chicken Man’s answer? “I have not made any commitments.” Uh… Mr. George? Did you forget about that little talk you had with Erika? Marcellas reminds George that Erika has targeted him in previous HoH competitions. George is noncommittal though as Marcellas tells him “You have my back; I have yours.”

The red bedroom sees even more action as Janelle assures Marcellas that she believes the house will not evict Marcellas: “You’re not going home. I promise you.” Marcellas heads straight to the backyard, where Will and Mike are hanging out. The doctor reassures him of Chill Town’s intent to support him: “You will absolutely stay this week. You have my personal guarantee.” Marcellas is doubtful (“I’m taking you at your words.”) and leaves, but once Marcellas is out of earshot, Boogie chuckles, “Sucker, you’re going down.”

Julie Chen checks in with the houseguests in the living room. “There have been several blasts from the past this week. Howie, your former housemate from last season—April—returned to the Veto competition. What was it like having the woman you called ‘Busto’ come back?” After spewing a lot of words that don’t really make sense, Howie finishes up with “It was nice to see her. I love her.” Julie teases, “You really do? Or is that… a ‘spool of lies’?” Hee. “Last week, ghosts from seasons past haunted the Big Brother house. Mike, do you believe in the phrase ‘women and children first’?” Heehee. Boogie had shoved Erika and Janelle out of the way as he ran away from one of last week’s “ghosts,” and he now blushes as he jokingly explains that “I was trying to make the females in the house feel comfortable to let them know that guys can be afraid of the dark too.”

And it’s time for the random interview of the week. Today’s guests? More Moms! This time it’s Janelle’s and Danielle’s mothers. Through the commercial break, I’m wondering if Janelle’s mother looks anything like Amy Poehler in her role as Regina’s mom in Mean Girls. Janelle’s mom, Anne, in Grand Rapids, Michigan blossomed at 15 (Look at all that NON-blonde hair!), garnering attention from boys and beginning her “issues with other girls being jealous of her,” which is why she’s so “selective about having [female] friends.” Sure. That’s plausible. Or maybe she’s simply just a b—ch. Danielle’s mom, Rosalind, in Vacaville, California describes her daughter as “a go-getter. She was a spunky little kid.” She is proud of her daughter who had to take on the responsibility of her own child at a young age. Rosalind continues, “Danielle is analytical, and Janelle is emotional.” Anne hands out compliments all around, “I think Danielle knows that Janelle is much smarter than she lets on, playing the buxom blonde role.” Uh… it’s a role? Danielle’s mother proudly states, “Danielle is a leader. She can adapt to any situation.” Anne wonders, “Ideally, the two of them should have teamed up and taken that house by storm.” But “it is what it is,” and Rosalind is “just waiting to see who’s going to win” this war.