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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 23rd – Banana Bread and Ramen Noodles

With the additional alcohol, the flirting between Will and Janie picks up. As James tops off everyone’s glasses, Will says he doesn’t want anymore, but James tells him to drink it anyway and start romancing Janie. I don’t think that will help James. It can only be a hinderance to him staying in the game. Danielle then brings him a beer and he asks where it came from. She won’t answer, and he chugs it down, impressing everyone. She fetches him another, and he can’t figure out where this secret stash is of hers. Will winks at the camera, so perhaps he isn’t getting drunk, and is just playing. Can never tell with this guy.

Janie says she can’t do this without Howie, and Will asks if he can fill that role for her. She says she’d like that, and he says he’s like to be more than that. Hey, no on can replace Howie in the Howie/Janie relationship. I think they have a really special relationship with each other. You can tell that she’s just deeply fond of him on a platonic level. Will is so drunk, he even shares a cigarette with Janelle, somewhat against his will, though. Hen then jumps onto the pool table and tightrope walks the edge. this is leading up to an interesting night.

Janelle and Will end up sitting on the couch again, and he uses a pillow in between them as a barrier. Shades of It Happened One Night. He starts to talk about how everything there is fake, and Danielle runs out and says, “Hey, we’re on TV!” Will convinces Danielle and Janelle to put on their suits and join him in the hot tub. Erika decides to get her suit on, too, prompting Will to decide the night is like Baywatch. James, drunk also, joins everyone in the hot tub, his first time in there all season. Danielle is wearing sweat pants, sitting on the edge of the hot tub, while eating ramen noodles once again. She gets pulled in and throws the sweat pants off to the side.

Will suggests the women go topless, but there doesn’t seem to be any takers. He, however, does a cannonball into the hot tub. The guys sit in the hot tub spitting water all over, and Erika tries to come on to Will. They want Goobie to join them, but he’s asleep. Instead, they start a loud matra, “Chicken George. Chicken George. Chicken George!” This doesn’t happen, so they all go inside and bang on the HoH door and ring the doorbell over and over, but Goobie doesn’t budge.

Everyone goes back downstairs, but Janelle sits on the couch while the others are in the tub. Danielle says she thinks she’s sulking because she doesn’t have Will’s undivided attention. Everyone sings You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ to her, but it’s not the same without Tom Cruise. She joins in anyway, and they start playing Spin the Bottle. Janie lunges across the pool at Will to kiss him, while they fall under the water with it. He doesn’t seem very pleased afterwards. Erika kisses James, but only on the cheek.

They switch their fun to the pool, and Will drags over the jack shack to use it as a diving board. Everyone else goes back to the hot tub, leaving Janelle all alone in the pool. Will suggests a group shower, but James says he can’t shower with girls, and Danielle firmly says no. The hot tub cover falls over and hits Danielle and she gets hurt, complains, and goes inside. Everyone else leaves, but a very uncomfortable Janie and Will. He refuses to even say he’s attracted to her, and she wants something from him at least after toying with her all night.

Will does whisper a “secret” to her, then paddles back to his end of the hot tub. He then grabs a plastic water bottle and pours water in Janelle’s mouth, exclaiming that that’s hot. He admits that they’re friendship boundaries are becoming blurred. No kidding. He says he can’t sit here alone with her in the hot tub, and climbs out. She asks for a secret, and he refuses, then asks for her hand. When she gives it to him, he pulls her close and whispers a secret in her ear.

They play like this back and forth her begging him, him refusing, him begging her, her refusing, for quite some time. She ends up getting mad, and asks if Will will talk about it with her in the shower. He agrees, and they both get out of the tub. She goes inside as Danielle comes outside and Will asks for her help keeping Janie away from him. Instead it turns into a strategy talk on who to vote out this week. She tells him not to pull a Howie on her. If James is going home, she needs to know.

James comes outside and tells Will the DR is looking for him, and Will wonders if he sounds pissed. Will leaves, and it was actually a way for James to get Danielle alone to talk to her. He also told Janelle she was wanted in the DR, just to get rid of them for awhile. He tells Danielle he’s staying, and he knows it. He’s going to win HoH, put up Chill Town, then backdoor Janie. Right. Becuase that’s only the what time we’ve heard that this year? We never get to hear anymore strategy, because James is so trashed he needs to be helped to bed by Danielle the beer stasher.

Janelle and Will actually end up in the DR for quite a long time together, for the second night in a row. When they finally emerge, they takes simultaneous shows and hit the hay. Janelle tells him she’s no longer mad at him. That’s good. You should never go to bed angry.

So what exactly is going on with these two? Tell us what you think in Janie and Will and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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