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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 23rd – Banana Bread and Ramen Noodles

The story of the fictional Will and Janie continues, then the real Will asks where her boyfriend is taking her after the show. She says if he hasn’t broken up with her, they’ll probably be in Detroit. (It’s been thought that her boyfriend plays football for the Detroit Lions). Will tells her he thinks everything will work out the way they are supposed to. Grr. These two drive me crazy.

Goobie finds Will and Janie walking and tells them that Erika and Danielle have just requested a meeting with George, because they’re thinking of dropping James and teaming up with George if he’ll work with them. Janie calls it sick that they would do that, especially after treating him badly all week. Janie leaves to go walk in on the meeting, and Goobie says she’s got balls. Will says that Operation Double Date just became Operation Nightmare.

While waiting for George to get there, Danielle tells Erika that Marcellaas was going to scumbag her and vote her out. George arrives, and before they can even say anything, he tells them that he was beginning to lose perspective of the game, but now he has it back. He’s going with what’s important to him, and that’s who needs the money the most, and whose life the money is going to change around the most. Janie walks in to bust up the meeting right then and asks what they’re doing. They reply just talking. When she leaves George says he’s mad at someone, but doesn’t want to say who. When he leaves, Erika tells Danielle it’s Janie he’s mad at, because she said she’d take out Chill Town, but it clearly working with them.

Will redoes his Beatles analogy from yesterday, saying he’s Paul, Goobie is John, Erika is Yoko, and Janie is Heather Mills, because she’s going to take all the money and divorce him. Goobie tells him not to worry because the pre-nup is ironclad. Janelle comes back in and tells them she walked in on them. Will asks if it was real serious sounding, what they were talking about, and she says it was.

Janelle fills Chill Town in on how Erika would always come into the HoH when BB6 was in power and would do whatever the HoH wanted. Will replies that you don’t need to tell Goobie that. He’s on tonight. Goobie wants to tell Erika to throw HoH to Will, that he’ll win it, but instead it will be Janie winning it again. She wants to hug the guys to celebrate if she wins, but they say she can’t.

Everyone is all over the place with separate meetings tonight. Goobie talks to Erika again, and she tells him she’s not too sure now about voting out Chicken George. He tells her not to let Danielle get to her. He explains again that they need to do it this way, because of Danielle wins HoH, she’s coming after Chill Town. He talks about PoV then, and it takes me a few minutes, but I think he’s trying to say this way they don’t have to worry about James winning veto and leaving them both on the block. I think.

Goobie does a bit while on the staircase about Poison Ivy Idy sliding down the staircase, and he does it in that old movie voice, but it just isn’t the same without Howie talking about Bees Knees. Sniff.

With everyone outside, Goobie says he thinks the wake up songs of Rock With You (“ride the Boogie”) and Rubber Duckie were in reference to his and Erika’s evening the night before in the bathtub. So nice of him to announce it to everyone. Still, I’d rather that than have BB play Stupid Girl for me like they did for JBlo. He also says he tried to do something other than the HoH blog on the computer, and “some guy” took over the keyboard, and told him not to do anything other than type on there. Perhaps it was Mr. Orwell.

Janie comes out of the DR and announces there is more beer and wine, and we all know who is the most excited about this development. Dani goes in to try and open up a bottle, and breaks the opener. She brings it outside for help, and James whacks at it with nailclippers (why does he have those outside with him), but can’t get it. George suggests they try to do it by closing it in a drawer, prompting him to now be called Chicken Drawers.

Chicken Drawers goes to ask the DR if since he is nominated anyway, if he can have a cheeseburger and a beer, and they tell him to wait while they find out. Outside with his water, and the others with their beer and wine, he proposes a toast, saying if he leaves tomorrow, he’s glad to have been there with them and that they accepted him into all of their groups. He then launches into Will’s I hate you all speech, and does that jolly laughing thing of his. Shortly after he gets the official word that he is not allowed to have beer and a cheeseburger. Poor Little Chicken Drawers.

Everyone is playing poker now, after tiring of Rummy, and when Erika wins big on the first hand, they joke that she’s too good for the M&M table. She’ll need to go play at the Skittles table. Imagine the Toblerone bar table. After Janie wins, everyone tires of playing poker, and the game switches to assassin. Janie dies and Erika accuses Will, although it wasn’t him. It was James that was the assassin. Now, doesn’t that just figure? This game makes everyone think of the board game Clue, and Will quips it was Mr. Fart in the kitchen with a bucket of slop.


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