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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 23rd – Banana Bread and Ramen Noodles

George wanders in now and they start talking about his slop. Erika gives him some advice on how to make it taste better, and he’s excited to try it. Before he leaves, he says if he won the game he’d have to first go to the hospital since he hasn’t eaten anything, then to the insane asylum, then to jail because he would have spent all the money getting out of the insane asylum and he wouldn’t be able to pay his taxes. Danielle says she hasn’t even been able to think about winning the money, prompting George to say he’s only thinking about a cheeseburger now. Danielle says she’s still just thinking about getting some ramen noodles. Honestly, I don’t get it. My kids like them a lot too, but how can a $.37 package of noodles with a bag of seasoning that is really just all sodium be that great?

Danielle makes up a song after thinking about the ones they heard the night of the wake up messages, and let’s just say … Danielle could use that trip to the doctor. I couldn’t even follow it enough to transcribe it here.

Will and Janie use their code word phrase of banana bread to refer to the money again, as he’s sure she’s on board with all this. He tells her she can give Sarah all the banana bread she wants, so she must be afraid to kick out James while she takes home 1/3 of the winning dough. She wonders if Kaysar would approve of her kicking James out, and Will says of course he would, as James went up on the block as a pawn all with the intention of getting her out. She’s also worried she won’t be America’s Choice anymore if she kicks out her friend. Mostly Janie’s afraid James won’t ever talk to her again. I wish I could tell her that we know that he has been talking behind her back for week’s now, so she shouldn’t feel badly.

And here they go again to keep confusing us! Will asks Janelle if she’s going back to Miami after the game, and she says she probably will, because she likes it there. He suggests she go visit back at home for a few weeks in Minnesota, then go to Miami. He mentions how it wouldn’t take too much for him to get relicensed in the state of Florida. Alright Will. First you played with us nonstop saying all of us internet people had no life. Now I’m beginning to wonder if this is your new game, to play with us and make us tear our hair out, trying to figure out where your heart is.

Goobie and James have a talk about George, with James saying if he stays this week, they’ll never get rid of him. No one is going to want to put him up now, as it would be a waste this late in the game. No they need to take out the threats that they didn’t before. He also points out that if he can eat slop for sixty days, his ass could last pretty long standing on a log, or whatever the next endurance comp will be. He says everyone is going to assume they can beat the Chicken Man, but then he’s going to pop out the “Kaysar Sensai” :LOL: and get to final two. James says he’d have to vote for him then. The Kaysar Sensai? I’m going to spend hours just trying to figure out what that would look like and the power it would entail.

On an inside lockdown James and Danielle try to strategize a little and discuss the options with the possible vote. He says Chill Town has it good they way they have it all set up, and realizes that he and Kaysar were both played by Chill Town. Wow, Kaysar. that seems like forever ago. James knows he needs to work on Erika for her vote, and pleads with BB to not give them any alcohol tonight. This, of course, doesn’t set too well with Danielle, and he tells her he has a couple of beers stashed away in the fridge. That doesn’t seem to sit too well with her either, that she’s not the only one hiding alcohol.

Goobie and Will talk and decide that things could go horribly wrong during the voting tomorrow, and it’s possible it might not go the way they want. They know they’d rather have George in final four than Danielle, and know that Janelle is unbeatable in a final two. One thing he’s worried about is if Janie and Danielle talk to each other and realize they were both played. He winds up saying if Goobie is going to ruin his summer, his job, and relationship, he at least wants some money for it. Yeah will, I think that was the whole point of the show.

Goobie’s position is he’s already bedded Erika, there isn’t much else he can do. Yes, you’re right, you were doing all you could to sweet talk her while you were farting on her and not being able to close the deal. Will tells Goobie that Janelle had the idea last night that she and Will should go on The Amazing Race. This is the first solid piece of information we have that Will is intentionally keeping information about his relationship with Janie away from Goobie. It wasn’t all her idea.

Janelle comes outside to join them, and they continue to work on her. Will mentions her “Angel’s Kiss” birthmark and says he thinks it’s cute, but they can remove it if she wants. Goobie says he just can’t wait to all party outside the house and split a big ole thing of banana bread. She’s only worried about low popularity, and asks who they believe has the lowest other than Erika. They tell her probably James. Of course they do; they want her to vote him out. Goobie asks what he should say in the HoH chat if Julie Chen asks about Erika, and Janie says to say it’s just a homance. Suddenly Goobie doesn’t feel like bragging about it that way anymore.

James corners Erika and asks her to vote for him, but she tells him she’s between a rock and a hard place as she promised George she’d have his back if he put up Howie or Janie last week. James points out all the times he kept Erika safe so far in the game. I don’t necessarily thing it was him, but more Chill Town wanting someone else out more. He promises to go after Janie if he’s kept, and Erika says she’ll need to talk to George and Danielle first. Sucks when you can’t make decisions on your own, doesn’t it, Erika?

Erika can’t talk to Danielle yet, though, as she’s busy in the DR talking to the BB shrink. The DR must have felt sorry for her, as they gave her her ramen noodles and alcohol on the way out. What a combo. With that you expect it to be a quart of beer. Danielle says she is voting to keep James, because she knows he’ll go after Chill Town. She works on Erika to do the same, but of course that means Erika would be going against the wishes of her homance. She’s trying to convince her that James isn’t the real target and that Chill Town only wants Janie to target Danielle and Erika because of their votes. Suddenly she realizes what’s been going on. This whole time they’ve been trying to get her out, she’s been being saved by Will.

Will is still working to secure Janelle’s vote against James. He goes through everyone’s reason for being here, such as Danielle wanting to avenge BB3, Erika being obsessed with the game, but James can’t get over the way he left the game last year, being backdoored. Janie agrees James came in the house with a chip on his shoulder, and mentions about all his lies last year about stupid stuff like his age and job. I had forgotten all about that! That was a little odd, and then being insistent that Maggie was a cop and not a nurse!


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