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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 23rd – Banana Bread and Ramen Noodles

Okay … last night, Will’s and Janie’s talk of what happened in the DR made it seem like they were discussing their personal relationship, then he goes on to tell Goobie it was all just talk about splitting the money. Yet now, with no one to impress, he is in the bedroom and folding Janie’s clothes for her while she sleeps. There’s some genuine caring going on to do something like that. I’m just a romantic at heart, and … well … I just gotta believe!

Erika shares with Danielle that she was so drunk last night, she doesn’t even remember getting out of the tub. Well, it’s probably good for her, then, that she doesn’t remember practically begging Goobie to have sex with her, and him only farting on her. She vaguely remembers wearing the orange hat in the tub, says that when she was taping her goodbye messages this morning for George and James, she was still somewhat tipsy.

Danielle is much more serious, saying she just can’t stop crying and says she wasn’t like this in her season. She feels like the new Bunky. She even had a dream about Howie crying, so she must be feeling guilty and responsible for his ouster. If wonder if she’d still be feeling responsible, though, if she didn’t know that her boy, James, was probably leaving. She tells Erika they’re probably going to need to get Dr. Zachary for her to help lift her out of the funk. She would also like some ramen noodles. Must be comfort food; I hear ya.

James seems to be missing his Sarah today more than others, even sharing a story that they used to have their mattress and box spring on the hardwood floor, as when it was on the regular bed, it would move all the way across the room, prompting Danielle to tell him that’s some “good lovin’.” He knows she’ll be upset with him for telling that story, then says by the time he gets to sequester even Marcellas will be looking good to him. Frankly I’m a little worried about Marcellas and Howie alone in there all week. And knowing Howie, he would have needed some way to relieve all that anger and frustration he left with.

Janie finally wakes up from her long nap and would like mozzarella and ricotta, because she would like to make a lasagna. This gets my vote for comfort food over the ramen noodles. James comes in to ask her how the vote is going to go down tomorrow, but it’s hard to hear what they’re saying, as they’re whispering. He leaves to go lift weights, and finds his sore shoulder for something to complain about, as he hasn’t complained or whined in at least an hour.

George spots James while he’s lifting and they do some game talk. James fills George in on how many of the people on the show he knew before it even started. He met Danielle at the wrap party last year, he and Sarah hung out with Marcellas every time he came to Chicago, Erika he had met a few times. Jase, Allison, Nakomis, and Chill Town he didn’t know previously, but Diane he had talked to a few times on the phone. He says if any of his friends had won the money he would have been happy for them, yet he still preferred to win himself. He talks about why everyone but BB6 wanted Nakomis out, and says it’s because she’s know for winning comps and being incredibly smart. Wow, think of how different the show could be right now had she stayed.

Will and Janie are playing gin rummy and he accuses her of changing the rules as she goes along and cheating. She tells him he’s just mad being she’s winning, and also tells him he’s annoying. He says if by annoying she means he’s attractive to her, then he understands. She asks if he wants to play again, and he says no, because she cheats, and he’ll only play if there’s a third party to watch her. Janie tells Will to shut up and says again again does not cheat. It’s this type of stuff that makes me believe they really are into each other.

I also think Will is trying to destroy this fourth obvious person to him. I think he wants Erika out, leaving final three to be him, Janie and Goobie. He calls out Erika and Goobie on their showmance, and when she tries to throw his and Janie’s showmance at him, he says they don’t bathe together. She brings up the infamous shower, and he doesn’t want to go there. Will then comes back saying he and Janie don’t sleep together, but admits Janie would like to. He says he doesn’t want to get “ho’ed out.”

Janie tries to give Will a hard time about the way he has shirt tied at the bottom, and he says it’s the most productive thing he’s done today other than folding the Chicken Man’s underwear. She asks if he folded her clothes, too, and he admits he did, along with many other people’s. I think it was cute the camera showed us him folding her clothes, but I think it would have been hysterical if they also would have shown him folding George’s underwear. You have to really have some nervous energy you can’t contain to walk around and fold other people’s underwear.

Danielle still can’t get it together today, and tells Erika maybe she’s just not meant to be in the game. Erika suggests she talk to the doctor in the DR. Danielle says she gets her feelings hurt too easily, and that just kind of hit me. Sometimes we forgot in the scope of the game that even if these are hard-edged controlling people, they can get hurt. Although, she has to talk her own lumps here and realize who she has hurt as well. It’s not like she’s a total innocent in this game. She’s also thinking about George and how badly he feels for sending Howie home, as he’s telling her it should have been Janelle, since she’s mean to him and Howie is more of a friend. Well, this is just one time Danielle should take her lumps. She was one that talked him into getting rid of Howie.

Erika and Danielle are also wondering about Goobie’s power. They figure he has it and because of the wording, it must be that he can change the nominees any time he wants. They can’t figure out why he hasn’t used it to take Janelle out. Ummm, that would be because they’re playing you and don’t really want her out. They also wonder when and if it will expire. The odd thing here is that Danielle knows what the power is and that Goobie had it taken away from him, but she’s not telling Erika. What would Erika think if she knew Daniele knew about all this but she, the woman who lets Goobie fart on her then rubs her body all over him, doesn’t?

James comes in and interrupts them, and when he leaves Danielle asks Erika to tell her one more time why she should vote him out. She says both he and George are dangerous, but she knows that had James won Hoh this time, she and George would have been on the block. Danielle tells her it would have been Janie on the block, and Erika explains James is too worried about votes to do something like put Janelle up. Erika may look like she’s not doing anything in the game, but she definitely is.


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