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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 23rd – Banana Bread and Ramen Noodles

First of all, I want to apologize for this being incredibly late. Unforeseen circumstances. Way too many. I took this over this morning for Aurora after she got called out of town. on personal business. Then I drove around for an hour and a half looking for “black” pocket folder for my daughter for school because that’s what her list calls for. Ended up with navy blue. Then I’m finally about to finish it and I get a call that my son hurt his ankle during football practice and was on his way to the hospital. Needless to say, I dropped everything and ran. So I apologize for the lateness of this. Things could be worse I suppose. I could be eating slop for 60 days and bald, or I could locked in a house I’m not allowed to leave from. Or I could be stuck in sequester with an angry gay man and an angry light saber salesman who are about to be joined by an angry whiner.

Not even Danielle was awake when BB woke the HGs shortly after 9:00 AM BB time. After Goobie returns from a very early morning DR session, Will tells him that he and Janie were in the DR together for nearly two hours last night. He says they sat together romantically, but he was totally paying her, and all they did was confirm they were splitting the banana bread, the code word for prize money, when they were all out of the house. Do we believe him? Or was something more going on? I still think he let her know he was attracted to her, and wants to pursue it outside the house, but doesn’t want Goobie to know that there’s a woman coming in between them, so wants Goobie to think it’s just a showmance.

Will then starts talking about Erika and Goobie’s bathtime fun last night in the HoH, and does it right in front of George. He says the DR asked him what went down in the HoH, and he pretended he didn’t know what they were talking about. Yet he says you have to wonder what’s going on what you walk in the DR, and they’re saying it was like PG-13 or R last night in there. He said he didn’t know and figured they were talking about George. The Chicken Man involved in an R-rated bath scene?

Chicken George, Goobie, and James talk about last night being the first time a couple had sex in the house, and then they start to remember all the other times. Goobie says they need to put some younger chicks in there that will give it up. He figures if he would have hooked up with anyone, it would have been Diane. Well, that’s surprising since you were already in a relationship with Erika before you entered the house. James talks about the show showing some things last summer with him and Sarah that were a little racy, like a striptease she did, and peaking over the curtain. George doesn’t offer up anything here other than a few comments about Diane being a great girl.

James talks about being a player before Sarah came along and Goobie is somewhat surprised to hear this. He says he dated three girls at one time, and one of them was only on Thursdays because she was engaged. He says he needs to be careful of what he says because of Sarah, prompting Goobie to ask if he’s married to her. James says he’s not, of course, but he’s very happy with her, and she has all his credit card information. Way to go, Sarah. Keep him on his toes.

Will insinuates to Janie that “someone”, meaning Danielle, came to him and said she wants his help taking out Erika. And if they work together on that, she won’t come after them, and they won’t come after her. She knows James is probably going home, and that’s why she’s trying to line this all up. It’s also why she is doing non-stop crying. It’s certainly a front, as we know she wants Janie and Chill Town out more than anything else, especially if James ends up leaving.

Goobie is looking at James’ feet, and says his big toe “is like long and freaky.” He calls it a beast.Will suggests he get that tattooed on his toe, “like a beast.” I think this is one of those signs that these people have been together far too long.

Even though he knows that she knows, and she knows what he’s planning to do, Will tells Danielle about plans to vote out James. She tells him he can’t can’t do that, but Will is pretty insistent. She wants to talk to James and find out what’s going on, since Will believes he’s double dipping. Will tells her she shouldn’t talk to him just yet, and that she should really talk to Goobie first. Why? What is that going to do, other than keep her from talking to someone that is going to tell her something she shouldn’t know. what? I can’t even figure out what I’m talking about. Danielle promises that James is going to stop throwing HoH and is going to actually start trying to win. I think that’s what they’re afraid of.

Will walks through the kitchen, and finding Erika, he wants her to confirm for him that she’s totally committed to voting out James. She says she is, and satisfied with that answer, and says Goobie will break the tie. He goes over to show Janelle that James and Danielle are still looking awfully chummy withy each other outside. Will and Janelle lay down to nap together, once again facing each other. Meanwhile Erika sits in the kitchen alone, doing dishes and staring at the memory wall, doing Jedi drilling with herself.

Erika then retrieves the HoH camera from the SR and heads outside to snap some fun shots after getting a few of Goobie sleeping. There’s a great staged photo of James strangling George, and I’m pretty sure he was wishing it was Janie’s neck. George seeks his revenge having Erika take pictures of him hanging a veto doll over James’ bed. He also notes he got gypped with his HoH run, as he didn’t get the HoH camera in that full twenty-four hours that he had control of he house.

James, aka Mr. Happy, addresses everyone as F***ers, and wants to know who messed up his “I (heart) Sarah” clay sculpture. Erika apologizes, and says she thought he was done with it. Maybe Mr. Bill did something to it.

After working on getting a picture of the whole Legion of Doom together, and most likely reading the writing on the HoH room wall that James’ departure is all but said and done, Danielle starts sharing her concerns with James. She says if he does leave, she will win HoH and vote out Chill Town, yet do it in a way they don’t know what hit them. First of all, there are no secrets in this house with everyone having a so-called secret relationship with everyone else. Secondly, with only six people left in the house at that time, it will be hard to come after your former alliance and not have them know what hit them.


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