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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 22nd – A Showmance and a Possible Romance

The liquor supply has run low, and everyone tries to figure out who the culprit is that drank it all. James says he poured a glass for himself and put it in the fridge for later, but it’s gone. He suspects Janelle, but Danielle, in all seriousness, I ain’t lying to ya, is insulted that he thinks it’s Janie and not her. Goobie and Erika are busy, drunk, and in the HoH tub. I just can’t go there.

James talks to Danielle about how he and the BB6 crew relate to each other. He says they all respect each other on a game level, as they know the others can take them out at any minute. He says that’s why Janie is so worried, because she knows she took out Kaysar, she took out Howie, and she took out Marcellas. Huh? Who was the one telling Chill Town and Danielle to put them up? It was him! Cry-ai-ai. He makes me want to scream.

It’s funny, actually, because Danielle is sticking up for Janelle and the others, while James is sitting there trashing them. She talks about having respect for Howie hanging onto the web and trying to win HoH for his alliance, and she asks James if he thinks he should have told Howie as a friend he was leaving (when he said no, it gave her the freedom to not tell him). James says blames Janelle for all that because she tried to backdoor him. She never did that. The others wanted her to, and she refused. He’s got his head so far up his butt, though, he can’t see past it. Sorry, but it gets a little maddening after awhile, the constant whining and blaming everything but the Cubs losing streak on Janie.

Will, Danielle, and Janie interrupt the lovebirds in the bathtub, and I’ll just add in there that there were some missing hands at the time they walked in. The others leave to go get alcohol, and Goobie blames it all on Will for interrupting them. They get into bed and seem to go back to where they left off. They keep screaming the “Kelly Clarkson” line from the 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Goobie keeps farting on her calling it a Dutch Oven. I am so grossed out. Luckily for us all, he passes out, leaving her in a stink filled room and unsatisfied. Yet for some unknown reason, all four feeds remain on these two as if there is absolutely nothing else going on in the house.

Finally the feeds switch, and it appears Will and Janie are the only two still up. They are returning from their first joint DR, are going to play cards together after side by side showers in the downstairs bathroom. In the showers they discuss that they enjoyed the talk, and that they’re glad they’re both on the same page. … With what? They decide they have both been on the same page the past few weeks. They have to be talking about their relationship, and I’m wondering if he’s serious, and not wanting Goobie to know this is for real and not just for show, and that’s why they did all this in the DR.

Will talks about now remembering what happened on August 22nd. Janie asks if he means for game purposes, and he says no, not for game purposes, and she agrees. Out of the shower Will puts on some of Janie’s lip gloss, and decides he looks gay, while Janie thinks he looks hot. Somehow this segues into Lance Bass, but Bass’ news came after these people were already in the house, so I’m not sure how they worked in this segue.

Playing cards they decide if Will wins, Janie will take him to the Miami, and if she wins, he’ll take her to LA. She wins. Meanwhile, Erika wakes up and tries to get something going again with Goobie. He gets up to pee, then comes back to bed. She tries again unsuccessfully, then leaves to go sleep downstairs. If he’s trying to work her over to be in their alliance and vote the way they want, I think he’s going to have to seal the deal.

Will and Janelle discuss Goobie and Erika, and Will admits they sought each other out before the show and saw each other a few times. According to him Goobie is using her for info, but would dump her in a minute. Nice guy. They then decide one of them has to win HoH, and we know that means Janie, as Will thinks it’s a curse to win. If someone else wins and puts Chill Town up, Janie will win POV, take off Will, and they’ll vote off whoever is against Goobie.

This time the bet is on telling secrets, and Janie wins again. Will starts whispering secrets in her ear, and she says she already knew that. He finally finds one that just makes her giggle. He asks if she could be happy without sponsors, and if she has ever had a regular boyfriend. She answers yes to both. She says she doesn’t need trip to Dubai to be happy. After this, Will goes to bed, and Janie reads her Bible.

So I’m still not sure what is going on between these two. Every time I think I have it figured out, it gets more confusing. I think, though, that he really does have feeling for her now, and that he doesn’t want Goobie to know, so is just pretending to him that it’s all just a game. I think he went into the DR with her while everyone else was in bed or getting it on in the bathtub so that they could speak in private and no one else would know. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

So what exactly is going on with these two? Tell us what you think in Janie and Will and share your thoughts, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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