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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 22nd – A Showmance and a Possible Romance

James tries to talk to Janie, but she isn’t very communicative. He tells her Erika thinks she’s fake. She doesn’t seem very concerned. He talks about different scenarios of HoHes and who they would put up, and she still isn’t very communicative. She announces she’s going to take a nap, and James notes how interesting that is, since Will had announced a few minutes earlier he was going to do the same. Instead, Janie stays and they discuss sequester. Last year was too ghetto, as they didn’t even have air conditioning. They hope it’s tropical, or Janie would even go with a place like a ranch that has horses. James talks about missing the ocean since he moved from Chicago, and says Lake Michigan is too cold. Everything about Chicago is too cold. I’ve lived here all my life and it’s too cold.

They talk about getting back home and reading all the websites. Janie knows she will, even if it takes awhile, but James isn’t sure if he will or not. They want one with a good synopsis of what’s going on that will tell them where they went wrong. Ahem!

Goobie and Will meet up and try to figure out how to work this thing out with Danielle, and how to convince her to vote out James. They know that now Danielle is trying to convince Erika to change her mind about voting out James. They talk about Erika throwing the veto competition, and Will convinces Goobie his girlfriend might do the same for HoH. They decide to tell Danielle they’ll be the bad guys. She can go ahead and vote out George, but they’ll break the tie and will look like it was their doing. Just when I thought Will and Janie were really falling for each other, Will tells Goobie that Janie is Seabiscuit and he’s riding her to the end. He says he gets tired “working” until 5:00 AM, so Goobie’s going to have to do his part and feed the horse. He follows this by saying Goobie needs to bang Erika tonight. Apparently, she’s the horse.

The wine has finally been delivered for the evening, and Goobie notices a bottle missing, and calls Danielle out on it. She doesn’t admit she took it, but covers by asking if he was going to drink all that. I’m sorry, but this is really beginning to sound like a bigger and bigger problem if she’s doing it every night.

The party really gets started when the HGs are given tie dye and shirts to play with tonight. Will plans on putting Dr. Delicious on his and wants Janie to put Mrs. Dr. Kirby, Team Delicious, or Team Will on hers. Janie suggests Will wear one that says “Where’s My Key” and that Goobie wears, “Boogie is Toast!” when she wins HoH next week and puts them up. Will suggests, “Diagnosis Stress – Treatment Chill.”

Sometimes I just wish Goobie would stay out of it. He’s trying to help Will out with their plan, and going on and on, being very obvious about Janie and Will’s future together, and how fateful it was the two ended up in the house together. Janie calls him out on it, calling it all BS, but Will says he has something important to tell her in three weeks. Goobie says he won’t be surprised to watch his TIVO and see that it’s actually Janie BSing Will. Doesn’t everyone BS everyone on this show, though? Goobie just doesn’t stop, and tells Will he’s met his match with Janie, and says he thinks Will is seriously very taken with Janie. He’s so obvious, and says it all right in front of her.

When Will’s shirt isn’t working out for him the way he wants, Janie tries to fix it for him, and he gets upset with her, saying her job is to handle the cute blonde stuff, and his is to handle the smart guy stuff. Wow, not that’s derogatory. If he’s pressed, would he be like that all the time? He ends up with a blue shirt saying Chill town, and Goobie’s says Veto This with an arrow pointing downward. Of course, with him it has to be disgusting. It must all be getting to Janie, as she asks Will if Goobie was serious when he said Will had met his match. Will acts kind of embarrassed and actually blushes. I”m so confused. does he really like her or is he playing her? Maybe he does, and Goobie doesn’t even know?

Janelle tells Goobie she’ll touch up his roots for him. He’s a little surprised that Erika and Janie actually do their own dye touch-ups at home. Janie asks him if he likes her, and he says he does. He’s still playing, though, as he asks her if she has ever played poker before, obviously thinking back to her beating the pants off all them so convincingly. She says no. That ought to give him lots of pause. When she’s done with his hair, he blow dries it and I swear it looks like he’s doing the Jase Face in the mirror.

Will is busy in the backyard telling everyone Janie ruined all the shirts, and when Erika gets caught looking at others’ cards, he calls her a cheater. James is mopey and pissy because Janie and Chill Town used up all the good colors on their shirts. Sheesh, give it a rest.

Janie and Will go out for their nightly walk and pick up their “story” where they left off last night. Will and Janie are laying in bed together as step brother and sister, deciding to keep their relationship a secret, and agreeing they were in love with each other from the very beginning. Will asks if that’s just part of the story or applicable to real life. She says it could be either. Hmm. These two are really confusing me. In the story Janie’s mom sees what’s going on, and sets Janie up with her boss’ son. She doesn’t want to go, so Will comes along. The real Will sidetracks into a real story about having to hang out with his parents’ friends’ grandkids. He and his brother were dreading it, but then the grandkids ended up being really cute girls the same age as them. James walks through and is asked to join them on their walk, but he declines. Will goes on to asking Janie if he can name their son Chilliam. She isn’t so sure.


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