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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 22nd – A Showmance and a Possible Romance

Erika and George talk outside, saying they are glad they are doing this experience. George thinks he might like to go on The Amazing Race, and Erika says that she always enjoys meeting new people when she’s working in casting, yet thinks they’re off to do something exciting while she’s stuck there. She might have a casting job lined up for Survivor, and it it will take her about nine months. She also tells George he looks like Drew Carey. I don’t see the resemblance, other than the round face. Someone needs to put together a side by side picture and submit it to our Spoilers Forum

George talks about not having a lot of money growing up, and how his wife gets on him because he’s not very materialistic. While he didn’t get a chance at college, his brother did, and his sister is in the Air Force. Erika confirms for him that she did go to college. He says he and his wife have worked very hard. When his daughter was in college, she was running short on funds, but his baseball check came in (baseball check?) and he was able to help her out so she could finish her education. He gives her a lot of credit for doing well and finishing. George thinks Erika will like his wife. Y’know everyone wants to make this guy out to be some devious player or really stupid. I just find him a very kind-hearted person. I think he would have matched up better in the S6 alliance, as he and Janelle are very similar that way.

Will leaves Janie’s bedside, and joins James and Erika in the kitchen. The get ahold of a box of clay, discuss whether they can eat it, if the person who invented it is rich, then Will and James start to play with it, and follow up with Will’s plans at spelling out, “Eat a d***.” Will is pretty sure the internet will be allowed to see it. Will would rather be playing with shrinky dinks, and Erika wants a pottery wheel. I do not want to see the theme from Ghost recreated on this show with her and Goobie. Please, BB, do not let her have the wheel.

Erika takes the opportunity to make sure the guys know she did not to try to throw the PoV, as she heard a rumor that they believe she did. She says all she did was say, “Good luck,” to Janie. That was it. Will is so concerned, he makes a sandwich. When the naughty boy gets called to the DR, Erika spells out, “Happy B-day, Mom” with the clay, and James spells out, “I (heart) Sarah.”Erika then crafts out Mr. Bill, sings the song, and James makes an airplane and flies it around. The airplane crashes into Mr. Bill, and Erika discusses his head being cut off and all his organs that are now splayed about. Danielle has joined them, and says the two have issues and need Jesus. James then turns his attention on instructing Danielle how to better fold towels, as he would like them tri-folded instead of half-folded. Which issue of his is worse?

James seems to be hinting at wanting someone to tell him that he’s safe this week, but no one is offering anything up. He says he has to win HoH next week, and compares feeling safer this year than he was last year. Right there, that statement is the kiss of death. Erika just wants to keep talking about how she did not throw the PoV. She did it a lot during her season, but never has this season. No one agrees with her, and no one disputes her.

The two women tell James he is like Sawyer on LOST, and he’s never seen the show, so they describe it, and he asks if Sawyer is an entrepreneur. That’s one show I’ve never watched. I thought I was the only one in America, but apparently James and I are the only two. Can someone out there back up the comparison of James and Sawyer?

Others join in now, and the group plays some gin rummy. It has to be explained to James how to play, they discuss rummy was big on the other seasons of BB, but not season six. James goes on to win. I wish these people would pay attention to this stuff. Janie had never played poker, but won. Will had never played chess, but could tell when Janie made a wrong move, and now James has won at rummy, although he’s never played before. If I were in the house, I would either team up with these three or get them out first. Note to Danielle: It’s not luck on Janie’s part. She pays attention, listens, and learns quickly.

George disappears inside and bakes a huge dough boy. He tells Goobie that is walking through that the dough boy is James, and Goobie says he ought to be all cooked by Thursday. I need a rimshot here. He then goes into the red room with Erika and they discuss the game just a little. George seems okay if it’s him leaving, and says he’ll put on the most outrageous outfit yet, just in case. He remembers he forgot about James in the oven, and when he goes to get him, he finds someone has added a “G” to the creation. Hmmm, wonder who?

Erika is told by George that she is a very pretty lady. she proceeds to then talk about her ex cheating on her, and says she found him in bed with another woman. She’s kissed a lot of frogs, she says, waiting for her prince. If she tells me in the next sentence she has found her prince in Goobie, I’ll barf. Instead, George works in what a neat woman his wife is, and how hard-working she is. I have to say, I no longer would mind if George won. He is such a sweet guy. And if the worst thing he’s done is listening in on some people’s conversations? Then he’s done the least of the bad things in the house.

With Goobie laying down the foundation earlier this morning, Will now starts building the pathway to reach Danielle. He says he saw James and Janie talking this morning, and that Janelle is a good actor, but not James. He says he’s already been told by Janie that if she wins HoH she’s putting Chill town up. It’s just hard for him to picture a final three with James there. He points out that James has it good, as he still has his two alliances going. He’s safe with LOD and with Janie. Once again, the conversation drifter walks through, and this conversation dies. Thanks Erika.


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