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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 22nd – A Showmance and a Possible Romance

Perhaps it’s nerves, perhaps it’s changing of the guard, or perhaps he just doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to whine to someone, but James is the first one up. He goes outside to play pool on his own, and declares that he lives with pigs. I’m sure Marcellas will sympathize with you on Friday.

Danielle is next up and cleans up the kitchen, then as she’s heading towards the showers, James asks her if she wants to come outside and hang out with him. Instead, he follows her into the bathroom, and says he has an idea on how to smooth things over with Erika. Smooth things over? We all know you aren’t worried if she’s upset with you for any reason, you just want to secure her vote, so just say that. He wants to explain to her about how he’s helped keep her safe, etc. That’s your big plan? James, buddy, you’re losing it.

Once Danielle steps into the shower, James can’t figure out what to do with himself. He goes back outside and pics up some of garbage from the “pigs”, then goes back inside, and back outside. He goes to the weight room, lifts some weights, and then goes outside to gets some of those weights, and brings them inside the weight room to use them. He’s like a little kid not being able to sit still

James goes back into the bathroom to find Danielle who is now out of the shower and brushing her teeth, and is only full of questions. He wants to know if the rest of them had fun last night without him, as it sounded like they were having a party. Danielle explains they were just playing poker. He also wants to know why George was vacuuming at 10:30 at night, and she explains he was just moving it into the SR. It sounds like a lot more of James’ paranoia. Danielle then calls him out on a nerd alert when starts reading her the ingredients on the Oust can. James, that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re sitting on the toilet.

Danielle moves out to the backyard, assumably for some peace from hearing Oust ingredients, and is instead pounced on by Goobie. He starts in with his plan from yesterday of trying to cast doubt in her mind about James by saying he’s concerned about James’ “double-dipping.” When Danielle doesn’t say much, he continues on, saying Will is concerned with James’ relationship, but he himself isn’t because he’s just more of a trusting person. Right.

Danielle isn’t really buying it, though, saying she still sees him as the best person to take to final two because he betrayed his own alliance. Goobie says what he has with her and Will supersedes by far what he has with James, because he’s just a really loyal type of guy, except where Howie was concerned, because they didn’t have a longstanding arrangement with each other. He should have either provided boots or barf bags along with this little story.

Goobie keeps going, saying he had hoped the LOD wouldn’t have had to decide this until final four, but when it comes to playing PoVs and HoHes, he’d rather play against the Chicken Man. He tells her just think about it, and wants her to remember that’s where Will’s line of thinking is. She asks if they’re thinking of voting James out, and he says no, they’re just being cautious. Who is going to buy this load of crap? I think, honestly, that when you go in that house, you start to lose all sense of reason, and it just becomes hard to figure out where the truth is and where it isn’t. And Danielle, there isn’t but a lick of truth in what Goobie laid down for ya.

James joins the conversation and says when George leaves (I think he was trying to pry some info out here), he thinks they should have a house meeting about picking up their own messes. They discuss how messy Janie is, and Danielle points out she has a maid at home. This leads to them talking about her makeup, and all decide she is prettier first thing in the morning without it. Goobie believes she’s prettier this year than last, and says he likes her with a little more weight on her. If we see him feeding Erika ice cream by the bucketfulls, we’ll know why now.

Danielle moves to discussing the vote with Erika, and both are beginning to lean, or so they say to each other, towards keeping George. Erika says she’s love to keep him, but just can’t trust him. Danielle puts it a little differently, and says if she can see the snake, at least she can step on its head, but James is a snake she can’t see. It’s entirely possible that instead of breaking a tie, Goobie will watch James voted out 4-0.

Thinking about the final two vote, and believing she’ll be one of them, Danielle begins to change her mind, and says she would rather take out George. She knows she doesn’t have his final two vote regardless of what happens, thinks if she scumbags James, she’ll lose his vote as well. Erika pleads with her to see it differently. They talk about the beginning of the game, and say they weren’t sad to see any of those other people leave, and say they were alone without alliances. Umm, excuse me? Float Herd? You guys banded together, floated together, voted together, held meetings together … it was an alliance. Just face it. No one in All Stars was alone. Everyone had multiple parachutes.

After everyone is up, they’re shuttled outside for a quick outdoor lockdown. When they’re back inside, Janie and Will go back to lying down, and Janie requests that they start to sleep facing each other. They whisper for a little bit, and Will decides he’s going to take the clay and spell out, “Eat a d***.” Well, that’s creative, and hopefully something you won’t see made with clay in Art class in grade school.


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