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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 21st – George Loses … 20 Pounds

Booger meanwhile is browsing through Janie’s Bible, asking Danielle who all the guys are in the story. She fells him in, and says to those that are astonished around her, that she knows they all think she’s evil, but … there ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. Huh? George busts a gut laughing about this, but she almost sounds like she’s talking about body parts of his little friends.

George makes a somewhat out of character comment, and says someone is gonna bust a nut in there. Booger mentions he’s busted a few nuts in there, and Danielle points out the Vaseline that is in his nightstand. Eeeww. Please. I’m still digesting my dinner. Boog continues saying guys have needs, and Erika says she thinks most girls could go the distance of the full eighty days, yet she, too has needs, and she has to admit she’s thought about it. George says he doesn’t believe Howie used the jack shack every time he said he did, probably only about half the time. Does it really matter how often he did it? He then changes to song mode, and sings Brick House. I went and answered my cell phone, as that’s my ring tone.

Will and Janie end the walk for the time being, and while Will is called the DR, Janie decides to do a little cooking. She asks Will how he feels about some chicken and salad. He says that’s fine, but he’s also going to make a grilled cheese. He must have walked through quite a hunger out there. He also asks Janie if she wants to join him for a joint DR. Uh-oh, someone else in the DR without Booger? Will he talk her into doing fake phone calls? This could be interesting. I wonder if Boog will be jealous.

Erika walks in wanting to make cinnamon toast, and now Will has decided once again that he wants the ingredients to make Rick Krispie Treats. Is that my cell phone? No, while buzzing around the kitchen, Erika hums Brick House after hearing George sing it earlier. Danielle joins the others in the kitchen and tells Will which kind of cheese she wants in her grilled cheese. Geez, Lady. It’s a grilled cheese! Of course, she also wants more wine. Janelle offers to make Will some tomato soup to go with his grilled cheese.

Erika would like to play poker while they all eat, and a package of M&Ms is opened and sorted by color to use as poker chips while Janie finishes making Boog a turkey melt. I wonder if he’s still as astonished as he was a few weeks ago that an attractive woman like her could actually cook. She sits down to play with everyone else, minus James, who is conspicuously missing. Probably whining in the DR. Janie keeps winning and refers to herself as a card shark. Being that this game is built around bluffing, I would thing the other HGs should be heeding this warning. Booger jokes that they’re going to go out to the next HoH comp, and it’s going to be a poker game. They all chip in with guesses as to what Janie will get in the game, such as four aces or a royal flush. Will does terribly at the game, so Janie keeps “sponsoring” him.

After the poker game ends, Will and Boog head upstairs to the HoH to discuss strategy. The know they need to give Janelle a little sign of faith that they’re with her. They’re pretty sure they can get Erika to do what they want, but Janelle remains a question. Boog mentions that he “handed” the doll to Janie in the veto comp, so she should realize they trust her. Gee, that’s kind of funny. Hasn’t James been whining the past few days saying Janie kicked him and pulled it from his arms? And now Booger is saying he handed it to her? Will tells him that’s not enough, as they still have to atone for tossing out Kaysar, Marcellas, and Howie. You have to atone to us fans too, I want you to know.

The two guys talk about the scenarios of final two with James and Danie, or final three with Janie, or final three with Dani. They decide it’s best to tell Danielle as close to the voting as possible so that she doesn’t tip off James. It’s also decided that Booger will be the hatchet man and tell Danielle that Will is concerned about James “double dipping”, so they’re deciding that he has to go. Then it changes again, saying that they can’t let her find out, and will just have to smooth it over with her after the fact. They’re too worried it will get back to James, and he’ll be able to talk Janelle into changing her vote. Will tells Boog that he and Janie would react similarly, as they escalate the whole thing when they are threatened. They can’t let it get to James so that he then threatens her. Did you follow that, because I kind of need a map, or a nap, one or the two.

With that part settled, Chill Town discusses which woman has the open invite to join them. Boog can trust Erika more, but Will feels he can trust Janelle more. Will then decides he’s Paul McCartney, Boog is John Lennon, and they’re trying to decide which Yoko Ono to bring in – Janie, Erika, or maybe even Danielle. Either way, James is Ringo Starr, and they’re voting him out. George, they think, is in the Monkees, meaning the band that everyone assumes fakes their way through it, even if they don’t.

Will goes out to talk to Danielle outside and tries to drop some hints about not being able to trust James, but Danielle seems far too focused about destroying Janelle. He then moves to a gin rummy game with Janie. They do their usual flirting with him singing Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. Well, if she doesn’t fall in love with him, I just might have to. I can’t let those efforts go to waste. He asks if he can get her a glass of wine, and she says she’d rather have a backrub. He says he can’t, but she tells him Howie used to.

In other words, you’re the jerk that took out her best friend. Now, if you want her to trust you, you will have to do the things that Howie used to do for her. If James is evicted, though, Howie and James will be fighting over the lynching rights of Will. This departure could be even more interesting than the last.

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