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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 21st – George Loses … 20 Pounds

After some flames, Will is back asking his brother to water his plants and telling us that all fan mail can be sent to Dolce. He asks for a visit from his girlfriend if she hasn’t dumped him already (and it actually looks like she may have). He also wants a robot dog and a haircut. He mentions his Coffee Bean Bears site, of course.

The camera finally turns away, and Will goes to lay down. Thanks Will, that was much more entertaining than watching people sleep. Oh wait, he’s not done. Now he’s saying that he knows Janie and George are our favourites. Then he’s asking for a trampoline. Now he’s instructing the “kids of America” on how to make the headgear that he’s wearing. If you’re curious, you cut the sleeve off a large t-shirt and pop it on your noggin. And now parents of America, hide your t-shirts.

Will asks how long they’ve been there, and when he realizes they still have another month to go, he throws himself under the lounge chair like he’s crushing himself to death. Heehee. He says, “This show is killing me! Call the doctor!” He asks for a meteor to come flying into the backyard to crush him to death, and then the cast of BB8 can play comps around his dead body. Booger’s asking BB to wrap this show up earlier, ’cause they can’t take another month. Way ahead of you, Booger Man.

This is all followed by what they thought this season would be like versus how dull it actually is. Apparently the idea of teams was widespread among the houseguests, just like it was among fans. They thought it would be Survivor-style, where the losing team would have to evict one of their own.

James mentions that he had a good long talk with Dr. Zachary today, and that he’ll be doing his DR’s again as usual. Danielle is talking to Booger, and somehow she knows that Janie knows about Booger losing the Coup D’etat power. Knowing that he blew it still makes me giggle. Booger mumbles something incoherent and leaves. Good defense, buddy. Now James is telling Dani how much he hates Erika. Danielle walks around the backyard alone, mumbling about her only chance at winning is to take Erika to the final two with her because of the jury votes. No! Dani and Erika in the final two? That would SUCK. Then again, Booger and Erika in the final two would suck even more.

Will is playing with his inflatable ball, and he breaks one of those discs that are hanging upstairs. Then he starts kicking the ball into the memory wall, and BB scolds him. He switches to pool cues now, whacking the walls with them. Good times. He gets called to the DR, and when he comes out, he says, “no more ball in the house”. Cool. He’s already grounded, so to speak, and now BB is taking his toys away. Pretty soon he’ll be sitting in time out.

Janelle tells Booger that Dani told Will about their truce. There’s no clearer way to phrase that sentence, but it just seems odd. Moving on. Janie adds that Dani will nominate Erika and Booger if she gets HoH, so Boog says “bring it on”. ‘Cause he’s tough like that.

Janie and Will start walking laps in the backyard, talking about celebrity couples. Will says that he’s a d-list celeb in Canada. Really Will? I think that might be pushing it a bit. He says that he’s completely committed to Booger and Janie now, and he thinks Danielle will lose it when James leaves, and come after them.

Danielle and James are at it again talking about votes and who’s going after whom. Ridiculous. These two never let it drop – they have the exact same conversation over and over again. Danielle says that the HoH will be between her and Erika, and James says, “And me!” Oops. They think Janelle will throw it because she feels safe. Wow these two are clueless. Danielle tells him that Erika heard his conversation with Janelle today, and James is stressed about this bit of news.

Outside, Will is saying that they should tell Erika that Janelle is going after Chill Town, and that Chill Town is going after Erika. That way, Erika will feel safe and throw the HoH. Sound familiar? The plan, according to Will, is to take out Erika, then Danielle, then George at final four, and then Will is out, leaving Janie and Boog as the final 2. They talk about splitting the money again, and Will convinces her that they can do it legally. I wonder how that will work.

As they continue to walk, they talk about all kinds of things. Janie’s boyfriend, Will’s practice and investments, what Janie wants to bake, etc. Although sometimes when they mention banana bread, they mean what Janie bakes, and other times it’s another way to disguise the fact that they’re talking about splitting the money, so it’s hard to keep up with the conversation, but they’re playful and flirty with each other, as usual.