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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 21st – George Loses … 20 Pounds

Danielle says that, if Chill Town takes out James this week, then they’ve lost two more jury votes. James tells her that she has some work to do, and she agrees. James you wuss, get out there and do this yourself!

Wow, did he hear me? James heads out to work on Janelle, and tells her that she did actually kick him in the comp, but she probably doesn’t remember it because it was all so crazy. He says he’s not angry that she won it, he’s just upset about how it all unfolded. I call BS. He asks her who she’ll go after next week, and she says Chill Town because those two will never turn on each other. James says that Danielle wants to go after Booger and Erika. Then he asks her how she’s voting this week, and she says “to keep you”.

Satisfied for now, James heads out to find Will, and asks him if he’s going to be another Howie this week. He assures James that they have the votes, and he’s staying. Will goes on to say that Erika is kissing Boog’s butt big time, and that he wants her out next. But he adds that if they don’t take Janie out next week, she’ll get all the way to the finals. Will says that this upcoming HoH will be important, because if Janelle wins it James will be safe. James says that Booger has lost a lot of jury votes already, and promises Will his vote if it comes down to that.

Erika is upstairs with Booger making sure that James is actually going this week. Seems that she was spying on him and Janelle when they were talking a little while ago, and she heard them talking about what to do next week. She thinks that Janelle is playing them and that she’ll hook back up with James after this week. Booger agrees and whips out the old standby, “We have to win HoH next week!” Boog wants to know who the bigger threat is, Janie or Danielle. Erika throws out that Dani is more loyal, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one for Booger, who is dumping part of his alliance this week without consulting Dani.

Erika leaves and Boog frantically calls Will upstairs. They lock the door and Booger spills that Erika heard James talking to Janelle and thinks they’re being set up. Do these morons not remember that they TOLD Janie to tell people that she’s going after Chill Town? And that they would tell people they were going after her? Good grief. Will says that everyone is after them, just like they thought. He confirms that Danielle did indeed offer Janie a truce for one week. Boog wants to call Dani upstairs, but Erika drifts back in to foil that plan.

Will tells them both that the only people he trusts in the house are the two of them. Which is total crap, because he’s been working Boog to get rid of Erika for at least a couple of weeks now. He adds that Janelle has been honest and told him that she’s coming after Chill Town. Erika says it doesn’t matter, because they have the numbers. Why does no one on this show seem to realize that “having the numbers” doesn’t matter at all when two of your own are on the block? The only thing you can do is choose which one of them goes.

The group splits up and Will goes outside, where Danielle and James are STILL talking about the vote but not saying anything new. Obsess much? Dani goes over to Will and asks if James is safe, which Will of course confirms. They both think that being nervous is good for James, because it might shock him into actually sticking with them because they will keep him safe.

Will asks Danielle who she would put on the block next week, and she says Erika and one of Chill Town. Then put Janie up when the veto is used, or, if no veto, then vote Erika out. Will says he would have to put up Erika and either Dani or James, and then pull Erika off with the veto. James comes by and says no, you would take ME off with the veto. Heh. Right.

The Legion of Goons is now together, and they’re talking about what their individual character names should be. Gah. Danielle is Mother Doom, Will is Doctor Doom, Boog is the Boogie Man, but they’re stuck on James. He says something about using the word “veto” in his title, but Dani says no, he hasn’t won that many this season. Snap! Somehow he decides he should be called El Diablo. Okay then.

George is moping in the kitchen. He’s made some kind of dryish mixture of slop and honey, and he’s eating bits of it with a knife. Kind of pathetic and sad, really. Will comes in to make a snack, and apologizes to George, saying that he bets they’ll let him eat again next week. He asks George if he’s worried about being on the block, but he isn’t. Will gives him his personal guarantee that he’s safe this week. George says that he wants to get down to 190 pounds, but he can’t exercise because he has no energy from the slop. Will offers to let him walk around the backyard with him and Janie this evening.

Will goes outside, and apparently gets just a little too bored. He starts talking to the camera, making kissing faces and saying that he needs us to start up a fund for him so that he can get a haircut. Then he’s saying that he wants a relationship, and that if we want to have an internet romance with a hunky doctor, here he is. This is hilarious – he’s sticking his face right up into the camera. He goes on and on, saying he didn’t mean all that stuff he said before, he loves us, yadda yadda. Then he asks for us to vote for him in an America’s Choice because he’s bored out of his mind. As if we couldn’t tell.