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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 21st – George Loses … 20 Pounds

In the red bedroom of the ginormous bed, Erika looks at the camera and asks if it’s looking at her boobs. Well, since her boobs are the only things we can really see of her besides a stick-thin skeleton, I’m guessing yes, he’s looking at her boobs. Danielle comes in and they diss Janie for a while. James arrives and says that no one should ever DOR on the weekend, because you have to wait until Monday to talk to the shrink. Blah blah. Dani agrees, and says she asked the DR if she would still get paid if she got a penalty nom for eating on her 6^th day of slop.

Erika leaves, and it’s Janie-bashing time again. Dani says that Janelle wants to keep George, so James goes off on her and says he’s totally ready to put her up next week. I wasn’t aware you could nominate people from the sequester house. Mwa-ha-ha. They move on to George-bashing, which is only mildly more tolerable. James leaves and Erika comes back. She asks what they were talking about, and Danielle says that she was trying to force James to choose a side and go after Janelle. Erika says that it’s a tough vote for her, because she would love to vote out either or them, but would love to keep them too. That Erika – always such a strong decision-maker.

Janelle is hanging out with Booger, and she’s questioning the deal that Dani offered her. She doesn’t understand why she’d take that deal for one week, when the following week Dani will be right back after her. Maybe because, if you win HoH, you won’t be able to play for it the following week? Just guessing here.

Now Danielle is doing her “internet” voice – the one that she thinks is very funny, and must sound like all of us who watch the feeds and report what’s happening. “Let’s start a thread about why we hate Dani!” Start a thread? Honey, it’s only 20-odd days until the finale. Those threads are nearly at full capacity now.

Booger is in the kitchen with Janie. She’s making banana bread again, since there are old bananas to use up. He tells her that Danielle has alliances with everyone in the house except for her and Chill Town. Hmm, maybe he should keep Will with him at all times when he’s talking strategy and stuff, because the boy doesn’t lie very well. He says that he heard Erika coming upstairs to his room this morning, and quickly locked the door so she couldn’t get in. Looooove it!

Danielle has decided that it’s time to start drinking, because it’s now almost mid-afternoon. She asks Erika to have one with her because it has calories. Heh. Erika refuses at first because she feels shaky (that could be from only eating a couple of pieces of fruit and two mini candy bars for the last few days), but then relents, and George goes to get the ladies their beverages. I need a George in my house to do the cooking, cleaning, and fetching. Then George decides to do a belly flop in the pool to celebrate his nomination.

Another outside lockdown is called. Janelle says that she wants an America’s Choice like the one she won last year to go to the set of Two and a Half Men. She just wants to get out of there for a while. Will agrees, because then Janie could win it and take him.

The lockdown is over pretty quickly, and when they all go back inside they discover that there’s a new, smaller table in place. Much oohing and ahhing ensues, as Will and Booger hop up on the table and dance. And I’m using the term “dance” in it’s loosest possible form here.

Boog and Will head back outside and start talking about what Janie is saying about Dani’s offer of a truce. They think Janelle is lying about it all. What? Why the hell would she make that up when everyone knows how much she hates the woman? They agree that they can’t talk to Janelle about the end game, or promise her final three. Will mentions that he’s worried about Erika flipping on them, but Boog thinks she’s solid. They don’t agree at all on who is more trustworthy – Boog is all about Erika, but Will thinks Janelle is the better option. This isn’t anything new, but it’s interesting that it keeps coming up with them.

Will says that he’s starting to feel bad about voting James out, because James is being so nice to him. He adds that he’s driving a really big bus now. Heh. Booger tells him that he has to start studying things like the Jedi do, and Will agrees. Boog says that it’s like being in school. They think that they’ve made a good case for going on The Amazing Race together now, with how well they’ve played this season. Boog starts drilling Will about BB history and how things happened in the game, but Will gets almost every question wrong. I can’t tell if he’s doing it on purpose, or if he just doesn’t care.

Now Will wants to know when they should tell Danielle that James is leaving. Booger asks why she’s after George so badly, and Will explains that George is the only one she can’t figure out, and that scares her. They decide that they can’t take Janie all the way to final three because she’d probably beat them both in the last HoH comp.

Janelle comes out to join them, and asks if they’re sure that James is leaving this week, because George is starting to get nervous. Will says that as long as Janelle votes for him, James is gone. Janie ensures that Boog would send James home in a tie, which of course he says he would. Will tells Janelle that when they’re married, she can’t smoke in the house. After a bit of back and forth on this topic, Janie finally tells him to shut up.

James and Danielle are back at it now. James says that Will and Boog obviously want Janelle out of the house, but that they’re also the biggest liars in the house. Well yeah – did you not see season 2? James asks if Danielle thinks they’ll keep him this week, and Dani admits that she’s getting concerned about the vote. He asks about Erika, and Dani says that she’s concerned because James won’t make a commitment and keeps going back to Janie. He wants to talk to Erika, but Danielle says no, she’ll handle it. Who lets someone else take over their game for them? James, that’s who.