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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 21st – George Loses … 20 Pounds

It appears to be a lazy day in hamster land. Danielle, as always, is up first, but after beginning her morning routine, she ends up falling asleep on the outdoor couch. All is quiet for a few hours, when Erika gets up, makes herself look presentable in the bathroom, and slinks up to the HoH room looking for Boog. Alas, the door is locked (hee!) so she retreats back downstairs. No snuggling for safety this morning!

At 10 am, BB announces that the veto ceremony will take place in two hours. Two hours – who needs that long to get ready to sit on the couch for ten minutes of guaranteed TV time? Erika is still the only one up, so I guess that answers my question.

Eventually George and Will struggle out of bed, and Danielle wakes up outside wrapped in her horrendous pink robe. I don’t know if it’s the colour or the extreme nattiness of that particular garment that makes it so nasty. George weighs himself and is filled with glee to learn that he’s lost 20 pounds and is now under 200. Good for you Georgie! I’m still mad at you for Howiegate, but that’s pretty darned impressive.

James comes into the kitchen and says he’s happy today. He adds that he’s used to being nominated and lied to, and he’ll get to see his contract today. So, I guess when you’re just genetically bitter all the time, learning that you’ll be getting proof that you don’t have a legal leg to stand on is good news. Wow, the snark-o-meter is off the charts today – don’t know why that is, but we’ll try and keep it under control.

Will comes into the kitchen and James goes into brown-nose mode. He’s complimenting Will’s game play, saying that he’s just in awe of the evil doctor. They talk about Janie for a minute, and James says he’s suspicious of her breakdown the other night. James leaves, and Will tells Dani that James is still double-dipping alliance-wise. He doesn’t trust James at all, because he heard that James had apologized to Janelle and that they’re back together as a team. He’s got it set up so that almost anyone left in the house would protect him if they won HoH. Danielle asks what they should do about it, and Will says he’ll talk to Booger. That’s right Will, let Booger plant the seed so that he’ll lose another jury vote. Brilliant!

Danielle asks will if Janie would back off and not try so hard for the HoH or veto if she thought she were safe. Right, because Janelle has all the reason in the world to trust the people left in the house, and I’m sure she wouldn’t go for the veto if you asked her, Dani. For someone who claims to be so smart, Danielle sure isn’t all that bright. James comes back, so Will doesn’t have a chance to answer.

Now Dani’s in the bathroom with Janelle. She asks if James has talked to Janie yet, and says that he just needed a few days to calm down and she’s sure that things will be fine between them. Then Danielle says that if she wins HoH, she won’t go after Janelle if Janie can make the same promise back. Janie simply says, “okay”. Danielle, who has to keep talking, says that she sees what goes on in the house and knows who the true floater is. When asked who the floater is, Dani stutters and says that she just notices who drifts to the power. ~cough~ Erika ~cough~ She adds that they should go after whoever they need to go after, and “play like ladies”. Er … nah, I won’t touch that one.

An outdoor lockdown is called, followed by flames. It’s veto ceremony time. Woot. Then we’re back and it’s indeed George who went up in Janie’s place. That’s unfortunate. I was hoping to see Erika on the block again.

James tells Dani that Janelle thinks he’s going home this week. He also thinks that she’s working with Will and Booger. Apparently he said something about her cheating in the veto competition, and Danielle tells him that there’s no way that will make the show. Dani suggests that they make a truce with Janie and offer her final three. James doesn’t think it will work, since she knows she’d be out at three, and she likely already has that deal with Chill Town. Danielle says that he could work on her, but James refuses to lie to Janelle. Since when? James wishes that Booger was meaner to George when he put him up. Nice. Then he adds that all of Howie’s fans are 14-year-old crack heads. Um, no, not all of us.

Janie tells Will about Danielle’s offer of a truce, and Will suggests that she take it. That way both Erika and Danielle will be throwing the HoH, and that leaves it wide open for Janie to win it. She wants Will to win it though. Why don’t I see that happening? Janie goes to talk with Booger about Dani’s deal, and Boog is all excited about it, thinking it’ll make it easier to take out Erika after James leaves. He gets way to enthused about stuff like this.

George is already planning his outfit for Thursday night’s live show. He’s got those ridiculous clown shoes from Booger so far, and I think he has a yellow feather boa to go with them. Terrific. Maybe he’ll add some foil and sparkles and give us a mish-mash of all of his former ensembles. Just as a precaution, I advise all of you to wear sunglasses when watching the show.

Dani, who seems to be working her butt off to try and save James, asks Erika what she thinks about voting out George. Danielle thinks that keeping James would create a buffer for them for Chill Town, as Will and Booger would go after him before the girls. They sit down to play cards, and Dani pretends that she can’t decide how to vote. She points out that James put Erika up, and he threatened to put Dani up. But on the other hand, George is the ultimate floater and he’s so unpredictable. They decide to go inside where they can dish privately.