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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 20th – True Relationship or Just a Secret Alliance?

Janie teaches Will to play chess and ends up trying to change her mind about her move after she already called check. He called her out on cheating, and said he can’t learn the game if she’s cheating through it. It’s a little odd, actually, as she was beating him fair and square, then started doing things like this, so maybe it’s one of her chess strategy things to test the intelligence of the guy she’s playing.

Later Will joins Goobie in a conversation already under way with George, asking if he wants to join their alliance secretly. They’ll put him up this week, but he actually won’t be leaving. They’ll do all this to keep him and keep him safe, but he’ll need to work with them in return, and promise not to use PoV if it would put them up on the block if Janelle wins HoH. George agrees and makes a deal with the devil.

Goobie and Will move on to talking game with Janie. They tell her the plan to nominate George and evict James. She’s not happy with this, and says she’s prefer it if Danielle was on the block with James. They say they can’t do that, as James and Danielle are working together, and whichever one didn’t leave would stay and be pissed. She’s fine with this, except she says she doesn’t think she can vote out James; she promised she wouldn’t. They inform her that he wants her out right now the most out of everyone else. They also tell her about the coup power, that is now voided. They say they could have overturned her noms or given her HoH and overturned her noms at any time, but didn’t. She doesn’t want to be betrayed again, like with Marcellas and Howie, but eventually decides to go along with it. It’s about time!

They decide to tell the rest of the house that Janie hates Chill Town and wants them out now, and vice versa. Goobie leaves to go spread this around the house, and Will sends Janelle a very cryptic message. He says he doesn’t know if she is reading what he’s trying to tell her, but he’s giving her something he wants her to get, and he doesn’t want the TV and internet audience to know what he’s talking about. She laughs and says she’s gets it. What? What? What? I want to know!

Will then implies that this moves on past the game, so it’s possible he really is interested in her romantically, but doesn’t want to get into that on TV. Or he just could be playing her … still … but it doesn’t seem so. He tells her he is good at this game because he plays without emotion, but then her “dumb ass” came along and screwed it up, and now his emotions are in the way. She protected him, and he didn’t know why, and now he feels moved to protect her just as much. Perhaps this is the new Romber.

Erika and Danielle are discussing who to vote off out of George and James, and Danielle is adamant that she wants George out, saying she can’t trust him. In reality, she doesn’t want to lose her parachute in James, but can’t say that to Erika. Erika thinks that the coup that Goobie has never expires, and she obviously hasn’t been told he lost it. Danielle almost slips and tells her that, but then says she knows it expires this week. Period.

Will and Janelle runs laps together in the backyard and BB informs them nineteen and a quarter times around the backyard is one mile. Thanks for the public service announcement. Danielle and Erika go to get wine and beer out of the SR, and Danielle hides some for her personal consumption in her dresser drawer. That’s not good, Danielle. That speaks of a serious, serious problem. She asks Will how many he wants, and he tells her he can have her share as he plans on going to bed early. I wonder if she’s planning on drinking all that extra now or stockpiling it?

Not much conversation goes on that is too exciting except for James whining, George asking around about stuff, Erika getting friendly with Goobie in the hot tub, and Will talking about his Kaiser healthcare. But if anyone is interested, Will’s favorite candy bar is Symphony. Janie likes Three Musketeers and Almond Joy, and Erika likes Snickers. That’s how exciting the feeds are tonight.

Danielle, obviously not up with Chill Town’s current plans, tells James he better start making nice with Janie before Thursday. He wants her on their side, and she’s afraid she’ll win HoH and nominate them both. Danielle wonders if Janelle knew all the stuff Marcellas said about her, but James says it doesn’t matter. She still shouldn’t have put him on the block. They decide if either win HoH this week they’ll backdoor her. If she makes it to the end, James he well not vote for her, unless she’s up against Erika. He feels Erika is a waste of space.

Will and Janelle talk in bed before they go to sleep. They discuss the ages of their significant others sand if they really love them. Janie says she hasn’t gone out with her boyfriend by eight or nine times, but Will says he really loves his girlfriend. They discuss the ages, and Will says Erin is the oldest girl he ever dated at 34; usually they need to be half his age plus five or ten years. Sounds like Howie. They decide if they get dumped while on the show they’ll get addicted to something together. You just have to love these two together, whether it’s a friendship only, or something. There’s something genuine about it.

Are they still using each other, or do Will and Janelle have genuine feelings for each other forming? Tell us what you think in the forums: Janie and Will, or email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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