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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 20th – True Relationship or Just a Secret Alliance?

Danielle and George have a conversation, and she doesn’t seem to notice, but he keeps trying to get information about final three and how she handles it around the end of the game. They talk about final three last year with Janelle, then in Danielle’s season, and what her strategy was. Pretty crafty there, Chicken Man. The talk moves to the current house, and they both agree they like everyone this year. Danielle makes special mention of Nakomis, saying she liked her and they both got up early, funny, though, because she refused to not vote her out. She also talks about missing Diane.

As George leaves Danielle alone with the cards in the HoH room, she walks around talking to herself, and finally comes to the conclusion she needs to make a final two deal with Janelle. Well, the time for that Dear, was a few weeks back. She tried to make a deal with you, and you refused, delighted with your move to destroy her alliance. You could have been sitting pretty with deals with Chill Town and S6, instead you wanted to keep with the floaters that don’t win comps, and evict the people that do. Now you’re left with one very pissed off person that does well winning the competitions. Not very bright.

Danielle must still be thinking of her plight as she moves to the backyard, and just basically paces around. James gets some stuff out to grill, and tells Danielle he isn’t wearing his microphone as he’s no longer part of the show. BB asks him to put it on and he agrees. With Will and Goobie trying hard to convince BB to give them something to do, James says why should he get excited about playing basketball. He can do that in sequester or at home. He says maybe instead they should have fair comps with no cheating. No one says a thing, and it appears he’s only digging his grave deeper, as even his own alliance is tiring of his complaining and whining. If James does go this week, him, Marcellas, and Howie will be one interesting, angry bunch.

James moves into the kitchen to mix up hamburgers to grill, and keeps up with his complaining. BB asks him to move up his microphone, and he says he will later, as he’s busy right now mixing up the burgers. Will asks if he wants him to do it for him, and James refuses the help. Will sets his attention to kicking a giant beach ball around the house, and kicks himself in the leg so badly that he yells out and writhes in pain. Perhaps this is the real reason he “throws” comps. Maybe he knows he is incapable of physical things like that.

James moves outside with his burgers and keeps whining about the competition to Danielle and Goobie. He wishes he would have gotten a copy of his contract, and he also figures he’ll be destroyed in editing with Janelle looking like the princess. There isn’t many ways to edit badly what he is doing now. He’s whining and pouting nonstop. There’s no way to edit it to make him look worse than he already does. In the most ultimate example of narcissism I’ve ever witness, James says they are pissing off some of the greatest players in BB history. Goobie asks if he’s referring to him. Please! James talking about himself and others as the greatest ever, assuming they are all pissed off as he, then Goobie feeling he must be addressing him!

James then wonders if Dr. Zachary and Allison are going to be in that night, and wonders what happens if it’s Friday night and you want to give your DOR. Do you have to wait until Monday? Goobie assures him he can probably pull the handle any time he wants. That ought to shut the guy up. I mean, put or shut up. Really. They discuss votes for James to stay, but Danielle shows her true colors, as she just wants to make sure they get alcohol tonight. The others in her alliance may be falling, but she wants alcohol. That pretty much tells us she’s siding towards asking Janelle for a final two deal. Could be awesome, like Allison and Jun. James just keeps going, saying he won’t do any DRs until he sees his contract. Magically, we get flames.

Coming back, Will is back to kicking the ball around the house. Erika wakes up from a nap, and apparently isn’t as tired as everyone else about listening to James’ spiel, and she asks if he has heard anything about them redoing the comp. Noooo! Don’t get him started again. Danielle walks through and tells Will to take his ball play outside, and he listens dutifully. He then continues to do his bored child routine, and talks about throwing the grill over the railing of the house on the live show on Thursday. I can’t imagine what sex with this guy is like, as he has to be constantly entertained.

Danielle tells Erika about her anxiety dreams she’s been having. Her family comes to pick her up, but there’s no room for her in the car because Janelle’s sitting in there. Danielle also dreams she wins America’s Choice, and her husband comes for a visit. Janelle’s wins as well, and her mom comes to visit. Danielle asks her husband if the fans like her more now, and he says they hate her even more. All I have to say is this … if Janelle is such a presence in the house that she’s controlling the game enough to enter into people’s anxieties like this when they’re sleeping, then she deserves to win.

Janelle sets to making some chicken and broccoli for dinner, but is dismayed that there is already food burning on the bottom of the oven from someone else when she goes to preheat it. She decides to clean it later, and fries it up in the pan instead, and is upset at the way it turns out. She and Erika try out the self-cleaning option on the oven, and George walks in and says it smells good. I’m not sure whether he means her fried chicken or the oven as it self cleans. For a man on slop, could be either.

It turns out Will was a thief in his younger years. He worked in an AMC movie theatre and stole boxes of Butterfinger candy bars, yet that wasn’t enough. He’d go on to see them to convenience stores. He also took tickets at the ticket counter, and resold them, pocketing the extra. Enterprising in a way, but it’s kind of showing this guy will do whatever to win. He doesn’t have boundaries apparently. Will also worked at KB Toys, Del Taco, and Baskin Robbins.


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