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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 20th – True Relationship or Just a Secret Alliance?

Just like Old Faithful, Danielle is up first again this morning. It makes you wonder what will happen if she’s evicted at some point here, and doesn’t make the final two again. How would we spend our own mornings without being able to watch her get dressed, do her bathroom routine, eat breakfast and strategize alone? Then again, that’s what she gets for voting to evict Nakomis. She could have kept her and had someone to hang with.

One by one other HGs start to wake up, and when James joins Danielle and Erika in the bathroom, they all talk about BB making the results of the veto comp official. Erika then uses a Chill town code of “flip-flops”, saying she’s going to put on her flip-flops, the ones James hates. Now James hates Janelle and George, so possibly this means if George is going up, he’s getting voted out. Perhaps Erika isn’t in on the plan to evict James.

James goes out to do some laundry, and Danielle follows him out there. They discuss if Janelle stays … if? She won PoV, and I’m confident thinking she’ll use it on herself. Duh. They believe she’ll then go after Erika, as she hates her. They want George to go home now more than ever, since they know she has his vote. James thinks her PoV win has lost her four or five votes to stay. Not from where I’m sitting. He says he’ll talks Marcellas into not voting for her on the jury, but he knows no matter what Howie will vote for her because he’s stupid. Here’s a thought, James, maybe he would vote for her because he’s her true friend, and not only if it will help him win the game. Just a thought.

Just to make sure he doesn’t change up his game plan, James keeps going on and on, talking about Janelle and badmouthing her. He brings up last year and says she cheated then, too, when she wrote the number down twice. He thinks the Nerd Herd had a right to complain. Danielle tries to tell him Janelle is just lucky, as Goobie could have used his coup power to put her up and George could have put her up too. James gives up, and says if that’s all it is, he’s done with the show and wants to be paid like an actor. It’s not a game show, James, it’s a reality show.

The conversation move to who will be going up in Janelle’s place on he block, and James tells Danielle that Goobie is pretty sure he’s putting up George, and not Erika. He says in his speech on Thursday he’ll tell them they have a choice to vote out him or the dishwasher. I’ll take the dishwasher over the whiner any day of the week. Asked who he thinks Janelle will vote for, he says probably not him, as he’s been trying to get rid of her since week one. I have never, ever heard her say that once, but have heard James say it repeatedly about her to anyone that would listen.

This guy is just going off his rocker, and I really think he needs to talk to Dr. Zachary. James says he has been responsible for every eviction so far, outside of Diane and Howie. I see. If he agrees with it, then he alone is responsible. Can you be a little more narcissistic perhaps? They talk about Erika thinking that James will be voted out in order to keep George, and laugh about it. When Danielle says James needs to win the next HoH, he says he knows, but it will probably be “Name eleven small towns in Minnesota.” Can you be more paranoid than this? Danielle begins talking about her DR sessions, and is reprimanded by BB to not do so. James then says, but it’s okay to cheat at the PoV. Argh!

Others finally join them outside, and Goobie mention the best thing to happen to BB since his season is the HoH CD player. Danielle says in BB3 she got Bon Jovi. He tells her she is “so white.” She tells him in reality her parents grew up in Ohio and Motown, and her dad used to make fun of the music she and her brother listened to, saying, “You know you’re negros, right?” The talk switches to the movie game. Haven’t heard that, I don’t think since the spider web comp.

The Legion of Doom has a mini meeting discussing who the replacement nominee will be. They all talk about it having to be George since he has supporters in Janelle and Erika, and want to leave Erika in as a target for Janelle. Goobie starts talking about his relationship with Janelle, saying they weren’t close originally, then became friends, but then he put Marcellas and Howie out, and they can’t go back to their relationship they had. He’s trying to cover it to James and Danielle that they’re working with her this week, but he’s doing a poor job at lying.

Will, Goobie, and Janie now meet up, and Goobie says he’s going to go make a deal with Erika t hat if he keeps her safe this week, she has to agree to take out James. He also wants to talk her into throwing the HoH next week, convincing her that they want to take out Janie. Goobie leaves, and will and Janie stay back, playing cards. I know both of them play each other, but somehow, deep down, there is some genuine caring about each other that has developed I think. As she worries that James won’t talk to her again before the end of the game, Will tells her she’s interesting because she’s a hardass, yet also sensitive about things. She just agrees with him.

Will continues to show he knows people pretty well. In a conversation with Danielle and Goobie, they talk about Howie. It’s Goobie’s belief that he can pick up women pretty well, but he can’t “close the deal” and doesn’t get any in the end run. Danielle disagrees, saying she thinks he gets a lot. Goobie continues, saying he can break the ice with girls, but then gets nervous about it. Will says he thinks that years ago the stripper really broke Howie’s heart, because he’s a big good-looking guy, and used to have a good job, but doesn’t seem to care as much anymore. Danielle agrees that he’s good-looking, and just has something going on internally with him. I like Danielle and Will a little more right now, despite the fact they voted him, but because it seems they took the time to see past that facade, unlike Goobie.


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