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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 19th – Mommy Mommy, Janie Stole My Marcy Doll!

James walks around for a few minutes, then lays down to sulk. He’s saying that if BB wants Janelle to win this, then just send the rest of them to sequester and let her win. He doesn’t mind losing, but the game is quite obviously rigged to allow Janelle to win. Heehee – love me some bitter hamsters. He’s really raving now, calling her an effing whore and other assorted profanities. He talked to Allison Grodner in the DR, and she says that they’re looking into it with legal and the footage they have. So maybe Janie’s veto is in jeopardy. Danielle joins in the rant, saying that it should be taken away from Janie.

James keeps going, saying that he’s safe this week anyway so it doesn’t matter to him, but it’s the principal of the thing. Oh boy, he’s going to know how Howie felt when he walks out the door on Thursday! I pity Marcellas in the sequester house once these two get together and start letting off steam.

This stuff goes on for what seems like forever. James yelling that the Prom Queen gets to stay, America must love this, blah blah bitterboy. It doesn’t seem that anyone else saw it, because you gotta know that Danielle and Erika would be all over this like a fat kid on a Smartie if they actually saw Janelle attack James for the doll. Erika is saying that they need to have a house meeting with Allison. James is astounded that they don’t have a single camera angle of the supposed scuffle. He says that he has a cut on his hand from her fingernails.

They’re all being called into the diary room, and I’m assuming that they’re being asked to tell what they saw during the competition. James is upstairs with Will and Booger, cutting up Janelle and complaining. Janelle is depressed, sitting with George in the kitchen saying that it sucks when the whole house is after you.

Danielle confirms my assumption, saying that she told them in the DR that she can’t tell them what she saw, she just wants to see the video and get some closure on the whole thing. Dani is complaining that she’s spent. She’s mentally and physically drained, blah blah. We’ve heard this all before. She’s asking BB for hard liquor now.

Will and Janie are talking now, about future HoH comps and how they’ll have the numbers to take out who they want to. Erika is trying to listen at the door. Janie says that she can’t believe how worked up James is, and infers that it was him who tackled her for the doll. Janelle goes and talks to George, warning him that he might become the replacement nominee. She says to play it cool and not put a target on himself by hanging out with her too much.

George says that he’s really proud of Janie, and asks her to train him for the next HoH. He says that one of them has to win this one, and then the other the next. Janelle agrees, and says she’ll help him.

Janie goes into the bathroom where Erika is showering. Janelle says that she doesn’t know if she should go outside and talk to James yet, and Erika suggests that she give it a try, but be patient if James isn’t ready. Janie says that she doesn’t know why James is so upset. They both struggled over two dolls, and then she ended up with the right one.

Janelle ends up talking to George again, and Will comes along to see what they’re talking about. James is called to the diary room. They discuss how James reacts badly when things don’t go his way (sounds like the talk about Janie last night, doesn’t it?) and then rehash the season so far. Will compares James to a kid jacked up on Pez. Ha.

Janie starts telling them about the weekly meetings in the HoH with S6 and Erica, Marcellas, and Danielle. George and Will had no idea how everything went, so Janie is saying that they were all coming up and suggesting that Chill Town and George had to go. She even mentions that Danielle and James have had an alliance for weeks, which George was clueless about.

While this discussion is going on, most of the other hamsters are going to bed. James is tossing and turning, likely not getting much sleep. Wait until he realizes that he’s the true target this week. We’re in for some good times if he catches on before Thursday.

More talk with Will, Janie, and George. They go over how angry Howie was, and hope that he’s calmed down now. Will says that he feels bad for sending Marcellas out of the house in a 1970’s tuxedo and an afro wig. Heh – I thought about that too when he was evicted. Poor guy didn’t even get a chance to show off any of his designer labels since he spent most of his time in a Land’s End robe.

Janie and Will both want to do The Amazing Race. I’d watch them on it for sure. As long as Booger stayed at home. George finally gets up to go to bed, laughing and thanking them for a great conversation. Will tells Janie that he’s really glad she decided to stay and fight. He’s happy with the way things have worked out. They discuss how angry James is, and how much they hate Erika. Will says that Janie was acting like a toddler last night, and she admits she was bratty and apologizes.

They talk about taking Danielle out, and how they’ll have to blindside her or she’ll come back at them with guns blazing. Janie says that Erika came out to where she works before the game to try and make friends. Will says that she was glomming onto Booger for at least a couple of months before the show started.

These two keep talking for hours. It’s not worth recapping, because we’ve heard it all before. James is dangerous, Erika’s a whore, etc etc. George is unpredictable, but he seems to like Janelle. Will says that James is upset because he’s all about being the Veto King, and he’s only won a single veto this season. Janie tells Will about her best friend Nate, who is a nurse and works with AIDS patients. Will calls him her “pet”, and says she has a lot of pets. She doesn’t like this term for her friends though.

Will slips up and says that Danielle will be pissed at him for voting out James. Janelle calls him out and asks why, and he makes up some excuse about Dani getting pissed over everything. Janie’s on to him though.

After some more flirting and chattering Will and Janie finally head to bed. Will seems to be trying to fit seamlessly into the role that Howie left open in Janelle’s game, and so far it looks like he’s doing a good job of it.

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