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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 19th – Mommy Mommy, Janie Stole My Marcy Doll!

It’s late afternoon boring time now, as everyone lays down to mope or nap. Only George is active, puttering around doing laundry and stuff. Eventually they start moving, and it’s like morning all over again with people cooking and showering.

Danielle and James have a quick strategy update. Dani wants to know who Janie’s target would be if she stayed. She asks if Janelle hates Erika, and James confirms she does, with a passion. So Dani must be feeling pretty darned safe now.

Upstairs, Will and Boog are talking strategy as well. Will points out that Dani and James have been in the workout room for half an hour. They feel that Danielle will save James if she wins the veto, and if she does then they’re through with her. They think next week Danielle will cut them loose and try to get Erika, George, or James to nominate Chill Town, then Erika will come up and cry and try to make out with Booger. Boog says that she doesn’t want to look like “the biggest whore in America”, and Will says it’s too late for that. Ha – finally we get to hear this stuff in reference to someone other than Janelle. How refreshing! They’re trying to figure out who to put on the block if Janie wins the veto, and it’ll be either Erika or George. They laugh at how Erika thinks she’s part of Chill Town. Heehee – I hope CBS plays that clip followed by Erika’s dumbass comment about being from a small town called Chill.

Erika arrives, as she tends to do whenever there’s a good conversation going on, and says that she’s having heart palpitations. Here’s an idea Erika – eat something. Will tells her to avoid drinking caffeine. Danielle and James split up before “someone thinks they’re in an alliance”, and Dani joins the HoH crowd as well. Erika talks about possibly putting George on the block if she won HoH next week. Lots of small talk about how quiet it is without Howie.

Janie and James are talking again. James asks her how she feels about Erika, and when Janie answers sincerely and with profanity, James laughs and says that he just wanted to see if she still had it in her. They talk about how fake Erika is and how much they hate the way she’s playing the game. So do I.

Everyone’s gearing up for the veto comp, even though they still don’t know for sure when it’ll happen. Danielle comes upstairs and tells Will and Booger that if she wins, she’ll take James off the block. Oops. Will tells her not to, and says he’ll explain later. Will is bouncing around like a kid who lost his ritalin, saying that he wants a good comp this time, he wants to be in pain afterwards. I’m sure BB can arrange for that, Will. Dani asks Boog about Erika making out with him and then asking if she’s safe. Booger wants to know who told her about that, and she says James did. They all hope that makes the show. Heh. Dani is now pushing hard for George to go this week, while Will and Boog just kind of brush her off.

Lots of random conversations follow. Boog talks about all the celebrities he knows, like Charlie O’Connell from The Bachelor. That’s swell Boog. Will and Janelle flirt, and James is wandering around getting nervous about the comp. Danielle is talking non-stop about herself, her opinions, and her life. BB, if you’re listening, it’s okay with me if you let the batteries in Dani’s microphone go out without being replaced. I’d be fine not hearing another word from her all season.

Janelle gets ready with her athletic clothes and competition gloves. Again, have they been told when the comp will be? George admires how prepared she is. Will is talking about various reality show ideas he’s had, including one where celebrities go back to their old high schools.

It appears that they’ve drawn names for the veto comp now, because George apparently knows that he isn’t playing. James is telling Booger that in his heart, he’s rooting for Janelle to win the veto because she’s at the same point he was last year, having no one left to trust. They both agree that Marcellas did nothing in the game, he just coasted to sequester. James says that “your girl” (Erika) is doing the same thing. Wow, James has balls. Who knew? They revert to Howie-bashing, so I tune out.

It’s time to gather in the living room for the comp. It looks like Janelle, James, Booger, Will, Danielle, and Erika playing. So we’re good for at least an hour of flames now. Make that an hour and a half.

We’re back and … and … Janelle is wearing the veto necklace! Time out for a happy dance! … Okay, that’s better. She asks where everyone is, and is told that James is outside having a fit. Ruh roh. Dani and Erika are complaining in the red room, saying that maybe now is the time to talk to Janelle. Do they really think she’ll make a deal with them? Danielle wants to know what they should offer her, but Erika says that she doesn’t think Janie will come after them anyway – she’s too angry with Chill Town. Heehee – I like this. Erika seems pissed off that Janie won, but Danielle seems rather impressed.

From what I can gather, the competition had something to do with dolls that looked like the houseguests. They were asked questions, and then had to find the right doll to answer with. Or something. They move to the kitchen, where Will and Janelle are talking about medical shows.

The conversation moves to Maggie from BB6, who used to say that she wouldn’t look after people of certain races, ages, or financial status in the ER. Danielle says that’s the reason she didn’t talk to Maggie at all during the wrap party last year. They all agree it’s disgusting.

Janelle takes off and heads upstairs, where she hugs Booger and they start jumping around. They’re talking quickly about the comp and how well it worked out. Janie says that James is royally pissed off at her – he wouldn’t even talk to her and told her not to touch him. She’s saying that they were wrestling over the Howie doll, but Howie wasn’t even the right answer. I’m happy for Janie, but I really wish she wouldn’t hug Booger like that.

Janelle grabs some candy and says that will be her excuse for being up there. James is apparently in the DR now, and they could hear him yelling and ranting in there. George is hanging around the DR door saying that he must have calmed down some because he can’t hear anything now.

Danielle is telling Erika that they should find out how the others are voting and try to force a tie. Then Booger will have to send someone out, and that’ll be one less vote he’d get from the jury. Dani wants to put pressure on James to commit now, rather than playing all sides.

Erika is whining about having to win HoH this week. She pleads with BB to make it something she can win. They talk about how Janelle must have an alliance with George now, because they’ve become chummy all of a sudden. They agree that it’s time for James to go. Dani says that he’s her friend, but so were Marcellas, Kaysar, Diane, etc. They then bring up that Janelle shouldn’t even be there any longer, because she shouldn’t have been allowed to play in the HoH that Erika won and then had to be redone because of technical difficulties. Oh my gawd – they’re still bitter about that? Now they’re saying that Janie will never get their votes at the end, because she shouldn’t even be there. Egads.

Will and Janie whisper to each other, and they plan to tell everyone that Janie is after Chill Town, and Chill Town is after Janie. They celebrate her veto victory and Will says it’ll likely be George going up, and the vote will probably be a tie.

James is out of the diary room now, but he’s still lit up like a Christmas tree. Apparently Janelle grabbed a doll out of his hands and yelled “give it to me!”, and BB doesn’t have a clear shot of footage of this event. There’s a lot of talk about “incidental contact” versus Janie actually attacking him for the doll. He says that it was the Marcellas doll that Janie wanted, and somehow the Howie doll got squashed in the process. Sounds like a fun comp!