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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, August 19th – Mommy Mommy, Janie Stole My Marcy Doll!

Guess who’s up first this morning? That’s right – Booger and Danielle. They sit in the backyard hashing and rehashing the pros and cons of keeping each person in the house. Danielle wants George gone because she doesn’t understand his game and that scares her. Booger wants James out, and then Erika. They both agree that James and Janelle will go on the block, and if one of them wins the veto then George will go up.

There’s a lot of talk about Will; how he has to start winning comps and how it’s hard for him to trust anyone because he played the game alone last time. The Booger says that he can tell Danielle about the Coup power now. We get intermittent flames, but what comes out is that Booger had certain camera and sound people assigned just to him to make sure he kept the Coup a secret, and they caught him talking about it so they took the power away from him. Bwah-ha-ha! What an idiot. Danielle thinks that he should keep that a secret so that people will be scared to nominate him, but he says that it’ll come out on the show on Thursday anyway. Aw, that’s too bad. Heh.

Boog goes inside and Danielle starts talking to herself, saying that she has to protect James. “What do I do?” she repeats, over and over again. Booger returns to the backyard, followed by Janelle who comes out for a ciggie. Booger heads back upstairs and tells Dani to send James up when she sees him.

Erika, Danielle, and Janie mill about the kitchen silently. Janelle sits to eat her breakfast, not talking to either of the other women. Erika bails and goes upstairs to cuddle with Boog. Every time I type that it makes me shudder. They discuss how Janie complains about being alone in the house, but she doesn’t make an effort to talk to anyone. Erika tells him that they have to go after Janelle, James, and then Danielle. They both consider George a wildcard, but Erika seems to want to keep him around. And then comes the mantra of the day: “Janelle cannot win the power of veto!”

Erika says that James is convinced that she and Boog are boyfriend/girlfriend. They start talking about how they were honest during casting about their relationship, and we get flames. Then they start making fun of Howie again.

George comes out saying that he feels like a new man after a good night’s sleep. Erika, who has let go of Booger for the time being, commiserates with him saying that yesterday was stressful for all of them. Shut up Erika. George mentions that the nominations are today, and Boog says he thinks the veto comp will be today as well so they can get back on schedule. George has plans to “redecorate” the red room today. This oughta be interesting.

In the kitchen, Janelle tells James that she wants to go to sequester now, relax, and go on a diet. She doesn’t want to stay in the house. She wishes him luck in the veto comp, and he replies that he’ll need it playing against her. Janie says not to worry, she’s planning to throw it to James. She tells him that this game makes her feel like a terrible person, and James agrees that the game allows you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Booger tells Will that the Coup power has been taken away from him. This never fails to amuse me. What a flop this Coup thing was. I wish they had done it earlier in the season, to give Nakomis or Kaysar a chance to save themselves. That would have been good TV. Will says that his target this week is James, not Janelle. Boog isn’t happy to hear this. Will wants Chill Town to win the veto and keep the nominations the same, then vote to evict James. At the HoH comp, they’ll help Janelle win it and then she’ll go after Erika and Danielle.

Will works on Booger, telling him that they can trust Janelle, since she has no deals with anyone else in the house. He think Danielle and James are tight, and that Dani also has a side deal with Erika. Erika’s with Dani and also George. Boog seems unsure, but he’s willing to talk to Janelle and hear what she has to say.

Meanwhile, Janie is in the room with the ginormous bed, talking to George. She asks him if he would consider playing the veto for her, and he says he will. He also promises to go all out to win it and take her off the block. George asks her if she’s feeling better today, but Janie still misses Howie. Me too. She tells him that Marcellas was her friend, and she can’t believe she listened to those people and put him up. They promised her that Erika was going. George is surprised to hear this. She says that he reason she didn’t put George up is because they would have voted him out to keep Erika, but she thought that Marcy would have been safe. George seems to finally realize that he’s been played all along, and Janie admits that she has as well. But she’s not doing things for other people any more.

Janelle tells George about Howie, and how he thought he was staying. George is again surprised, and realizes that this is why Howie reacted so badly. He suggests that they work together to shake things up a bit, and Janie seems game. He’s giddy now, saying that he finally has a real alliance. He tells her that she has a real chance at this now, and he’ll do all he can to help her along. George also promises to talk to Marcellas and explain everything to him if he ends up going to sequester. They hug and promise their loyalty to one another.

Will is still talking to Booger about keeping Janelle, saying that James has to go because he’s busy stacking the jury with votes in his favour. They think that the whole house will come after them after this week, so they need Janie to be with them. Will says that Danielle will cry and say that she has no other choice, but she’ll still do it. He also says that Dani and James were talking about nominating Will and Booger to force Boog to use up his Coup power, and now Boog regrets telling Dani that it’s been revoked.

James comes up and Will tells him the plan to put him and Janelle on the block. James isn’t thrilled with the idea, but Will explains that Janie will go and James will look like the good guy because he didn’t vote for her. Wow, Will’s good! He and James head downstairs, but before he goes James offers to tell Janelle about the nominations for Boog. Booger wants to do it himself though, and asks James to send her up.

George is almost finished his red room makeover. Janelle says it looks great. He’s covering up the things that make it look “evil” – the gargoyle and the hate poster, mostly. I don’t see a huge difference. Janie goes upstairs where the conversation is mostly rehash. She points out that everyone but her will be going after them next week, and that Danielle was insisting that someone put Chill Town on the block together so that Boog would have to use his power. The subject of splitting the money comes up, which leads to flames.

They finally decide that Janelle will go up with James, and that Chill Town will try and help Janie win the veto. She wants Danielle to go up in her place, but Boog says no, it’ll be George. Janie says that’s fine, as long as James is the one who leaves.

Outside there’s all kinds of rehash going on. Past seasons, this season’s evictions, blah blah blah. Inside, Janie and George are talking and he’s really excited about his new alliance. He wants to shake things up bigtime. I’m almost hoping that he wins another HoH now, but I still can’t forgive him for ousting Howie.

And now … almost two hours of flames. Oh joy. We get a quick peak of Will and Janie sitting at the table looking depressed in the middle of the fire-fest.

Janelle is acting happy, and she’s wearing her tiara. George is packing. What? Who did Booger nominate? BB announces that the veto competition will be this evening. George is now working on a new t-shirt that reads “Anyone for a alliance?” – yes, I know it should be “an alliance” – the grammar is George’s. In the kitchen, Erika is saying something about losing muscle mass and never being able to get it back. Er, no, that’s not how it works. Oh, here we go – James and Janelle are the nominees. Just as planned.

Janie lays down in the tarantula room, and James comes in telling her she looks good in her tiara. She says thanks – she’s going to start wearing it more often. Hee. They wonder what the veto comp will be like, and James complains that his shoulder is bothering him so he hopes it isn’t too physical.